2 System

    Denilson began to tremble with excitement.

    "That can not be, hehe."

    I, your father always dreamed about this but did not expect to be possible. He was confident his guess was right. After all he always read novels and watched anime so he knew that normally when a protagonist transmigrated to another world he gained a system.

    At this moment, he suddenly felt a pain in his head. And after the pain passed, he heard a calm but cool voice in his mind.

    "Ding ... ... found a host! Scan, 50%, 100%, full scan! The host is able to own the system. 'Unimaginable Fantasy System' successfully connected, host Ling Tian.

    "So it's really a system."

    Denilson was extremely happy when he knew his guess was right. Denilson immediately closed his eyes and focused on his mind to try to visualize the system.

    Inside his mind he saw an interface as a computer at the top of the interface there were some tabs available for him to access. He focused even more on trying to see the available tabs and then saw the tabs marked 'Status', 'Inventory', 'Shop', 'Recycling', 'Missions'.

    Looking at the tabs he decided to open the Status tab. He could see a window appear before him, while the information could be seen scattered across the screen.

    Host: Ling Tian

    Stage of Cultivation: 2nd stage of the Earth Kingdom

    Experience Points: 45000/55000

    Lineages: None

    Pets: None

    Equipment: None

    Culture technique: Ancient Ling Arts

    Skills: Intermediate swordsman (0/100 - when reaching 100 the skill advances to the advanced level), Shadow pitch (Maximum level), Illusory sword technique (Maximum level).

    "Haha ha!!!"

    Denilson needed to take a deep breath to calm his laughter.

    "It seems that this body in which I was reincarnated already possessed some powerful techniques, haha!"

    "Ding ... A gift is given to the host for successfully merging with the system."

    "Wow, looks like today's my lucky day, hehe."

    Denilson immediately opened the gift given to him by the system. A flash of light could be seen in his eyes as he opened the gift he had received from the system.

    "Congratulations, host 'Ling Tian' by getting 1000 fantasy points. Can be used in system store.

    "Congratulations, host 'Ling Tian' for obtaining the Divine Escape Emblem. Using this badge would allow the host to teleport to a random location 100 kilometers away.

    "Congratulations, host" Ling Tian 'for obtaining the Samehada sword.

    "Congratulations, host" Ling Tian 'for getting the <Ancient Yin-Yang Elemental Arts> beginner. The rest of the chapters should be bought in the store. "

    "Ding! It was detected that the host already has a cultivation technique. Starting exchange ... 50%, 100%. Success Stored.

    Denilson immediately felt a pain running through his body, probably because of the exchange of cultivation technique. After the pain had passed, he felt extreme comfort. The pores of his body opened wide, devouring all the Qi that was around him.


    He could feel her body undergoing a tremendous transformation, approaching nature. It was as if he were one with nature. He knew that this transformation was extremely beneficial to his body.

    "Ding! The cultivation level of the host 'Ling Tian' fell to the 10th stage of the Spiritual Kingdom. "

    "Ding! The level of cultivation of the host 'Ling Tian' fell to the 9th stage of the Spiritual Kingdom. "

    "Ding! The level of cultivation of the host 'Ling Tian' fell to the 8th stage of the Spiritual Kingdom. "

    His cultivation began to fall rapidly which made him open his eyes quickly as he displayed a concerned expression on his face.

    "Why is my crop falling? I've never heard that cultivation falls when you switch technique. "

    What Denilson did not know was that the Ancient Yin-Yang Elemental Arts technique was a unique technique capable of controlling all elements and to cultivate it was necessary to start from scratch.

    The level of cultivation continued to fall until finally disappearing as if he had never cultivated in his life before. But he could feel a huge difference in his body with the previous one. Even though he lost his crop he still possessed a strong body and thanks to the transformation that occurred he could now fight against those in the 5th stage of the Earth Kingdom even without farming.

    Water, earth, fire, air, metal, wood. Any single element could now be felt by him. All these elements were also at their highest level.

    "With that, the heavens would have to bow down to me, haha!"

    Denilson could not take it any longer and shouted to the heavens as he put his arms back and steeled his chest like an expert who was at the top of the world. "With this system, everyone will be in my hands! I will conquer the greatest beauties, conquer the greater kingdoms, I will crush those called geniuses and finally create a legend about me. "

    "Now that I remember, the empress had fallen in love with this body, hehe." A playful smile hung over her face as she thought of the empress. "Just wait, beautiful Empress, I'll be back soon, hehe."

    "Blargh! What a horrible smell it seems that this transformation also made me stink. "

    Denilson looked at his body, which had a black coating over his skin. He immediately jumped into the pond to remove this dirt from his body.

    What Denilson did not realize was that there were two pairs of eyes staring at him as he bathed.

    The moment he jumped into the water a beast came out of his hiding place and jumped in his direction.

    "But what is this?"

    Denilson was horrified since his front was a 4-star fire wolf.

    A 4-star wolf was one of the most powerful beasts in the outer area of the magical forest since a 4-star wolf was equivalent to a cultivator of the Earth Kingdom.

    Denilson knew he was in a bad situation, but he felt no fear of the wolf but rather anticipation and a strong desire to fight. He does not know why but the moment he saw the beast beyond the moment of shock he did not even feel a trace of fear, maybe it was due to the system? Or maybe because inside his heart, he always wanted something like that to happen.

    "Even if this is my first fight I will not back down."

    Denilson's eyes grew cold as he stared at the wolf.
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