1 The boy with red eyes.

    The date is January 30th,3999. The wind is howling as snow is starting to fall, but inside the hospital no one is paying attention to the weather. Everyone is holding there breathe to see if the new born baby Jason would pull threw. When he was born the doctor said there was a 10% chance that he would be able to survive. Jason was born with a set of blood red eyes, but the scariest part was the element he had inherited, the dark realm. normally anytime someone was born with the ability of darkness, which was extremely rare, there were no difficulties. But this time the child's body couldn't contain his power. There were only two things the doctors could do. Either let jason die, or fuse a dark beast with his soul. The second option was dangerous because the hospital only had one dark beast at the time. The black dragon, one of the fiercest beast to control, but it was their  only shot to save Jason. Rick, Jason's god father, shouted "If its the only chance we have then lets take the gamble". Rick was a proud blonde haired man, who stood 5' 6'' tall had total say over the matter because Jason's father had passed away only last month, and Jan, who was Jason's mother had passed away during child birth. The doctor followed Rick's orders, and the procedure began to bind the dark dragon to Jason's soul.

    Three hours later the procedure was completed, and Jason lived. while Jason would create dark power, the dragon would regulate his power. After the news got out about the dark dragon and Jason being fused together, there was a knock on the door. In walk a man and a woman both dressed in black. The man was large and muscular with a stern face, dark black hair, eagle like eyes that saw every detail in the room. When we looked at you it was like he was reading every muscle movement. The woman on the other hand was very beautiful, with smooth skin, a gentle smile, and fiery red hair. The two dressed in black took several steps until the were in front of a blonde haired woman named Debbie, who was Rick's wife.

    The lady dressed in black looked at Rick and Debbie, gave both of them a good look over, she then pressed a button on her headset, a robotic voice replied,

    Rick Todd age: 35, element: earth, power level: black gold 1,000.

    Debbie Todd age: 33, element: water, power level: silver 300.

    The large male that hadn't said a word until now finally spoke up. "Rick and Debbie Todd, since you are the god parents of Jason Todd, it is your responsability to make sure the Dark dragon that lives inside Jason, does not go berserk until Jason is able to control his power. To help you accomplish this task, he will recieve his system at an early age of 16 as you know anyone that posses an element normally gets a system at 18"

    After the man in black finished talking both of them turned around and walked out of the room.

    Fast forward 16 years

    Jason is now 16 years old, and stands at a gigantic 6'4'' tall. Short jet black hair, His dark red eyes shine in the sunlight, but cut through the dark of night almost like they are glowing. Jason is 225 pounds of pure muscle because he has been training to fight since his 7th birthday.

    Jason hears a knock on the front door, he waits for several seconds to make sure he heard correctly. Again he hears 3 knocks on the door. "Who could be at the door on a day like today?" Jason is thinking as he walks to the front door. Standing outside is Katelyn Sandreth, she is a skinny girl who is about 8 inches shorter than Jason. Katelyn is wearing a giant red winter coat with the hood up so it covers her hair and part of her face, a pair of blue jeans that hug her legs just right, and snow boots that are probably two sizes to big for her. "Happy Birthday" she yells as soon as Jason opens the door. She is shy as she raises a green bag in front of her. "Thank you. Why don't you come inside to get out of the cold." Jason shivers from being outside in the snow storm without his shirt on. Jason holds the door open so Katelyn can walk inside, then follows her inside. Katlyn takes off her coat revealing her shoulder length brown hair with streaks of blonde that shines in the light. She has beautiful baby blue eyes that are easy to get lost in. Plus the way her lips curl into a smile and makes her look 100X more beautiful.

    "Open it" she says holding out the bag again. Jason takes the bag and pulls out a knife that has an 8 inch blade. The blade is perfect without a single imperfection. "I love it" Jason says as he sheaths the blade. "There is a box in the bottom of the bag, It was sent to my house by mistake, it has your name on it. I figured I was already coming over so I would bring it with me." Katelyn informs him.

    Jason slowly opens the brown box. Inside is a holograph ring, Jason slips in on and the next instant there is a robotic voice that announces "System starting up, Scanning area." "Area scan complete, host biological profile created."

    Jason Todd Age:16

    Element: Dark realm

    Power level: Bronze first tier 100.

    "Scanning surounding people" the voice says.

    Katelyn Santreth Age:15

    Elemen: Light's Aura

    Power level: Bronze half step 70.
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