1 The Tears of a Beauty

    "You are not a hero..."

    These words echoed repeatedly through the child's head as warm tears streamed down his face. Around the child on his knees laid hundreds of people laying in blood that had formed into a stream.

    -Five weeks before this-

    In the outskirts of the Kingdom of Moore laid a village. The village was not small and if in a better location could be considered a town, At the center of this large village was a mansion in which resided the noble family that controlled the land for hundreds of miles.

    The noble family was known as Maher. And like other noble families they had servants among the servant staff was a small child who was the attendant of the youngest princess. He had hair and eyes darker than the color black yet skin fairer than any other within the kingdom. He was to turn eleven in the upcoming winter yet looked as if he had yet to turn eight.

    The same servant boy sat under a tree with yellow leaves that fell with the beating of the wind. He was watching a girl around his age who drank tea under a pavilions protection she looked up towards the boy on the hill "Kieran why must you sit so far from me..."

    "Young miss I am not supposed to be to close to you or else your father would be angered by my approaches on the daughter he dotes upon the most." the beautiful girl sat her tea down and lifted up her dress slightly to not trip and walked up the hill towards Kieran. Once she reached in front of him one of her hands left the dress and she raised it up and firmly landed it on the cheek of the boy.

    Her hand left his face as he rubbed the red cheek with a forming bump. She puffed her cheeks turning around and walking back to the pavilion but instead of stopping she walked past it towards the doors to exit the garden and enter the massive mansion which had stood in the same spot for hundreds of years. The boy Kieran stood up and followed behind the red-haired beauty. She turned around upon reaching the door "Don't follow me!!!!" after saying this she opened the door and ran past an aged maid whose eyes widened in shock at the angered princess.

    The maid looked towards the boy who was running in hopes to catch the girl "Kieran why must you anger the miss so often.." The boy stopped and looked towards the old woman "I did nothing Gramma Betha I just... I don't know she just slapped me" he said this while pointing towards his red cheek. The maid sighed waving the boy to move on and chase after the miss. The miss was already gone yet Kieran knew exactly where she had run off to.

    After a few minutes of running, Kieran had reached in front of a closet within the Young Princess room. Inside the closet was the young miss who eyes were no longer dry.

    "Kieran I know you've already found me.." her sentence was cut off with tears. Kieran sighed "Miss please come out of there and talk to me... I may not know what I did but I'm sorry." the door slid open and the red-headed beauty looked up at Kieren "You don't even know what you did how can you be sorry.."

    *Knock* *Knock*

    Outside of the room, Betha had knocked on the door "Kieran, Young princess, dinner is ready in the dining hall." The young princess stood up wiping the tears off her face and then ran out of the room catching up to Betha and walking towards the dining hall beside her.

    Kieran stood still for a few more minutes contemplating what he did to bring the young beauty to tears... He then turned around still confused but still started walking towards Betha and Princess Aine. When he reached the dining hall the Princess had already started eating and the seat across with Kieran's food was empty.

    He walked towards the seat pulling it out then sitting down. He had reached the dining hall before the master so he was safe in that aspect. Soon after he sat down the door opposite from the one Kieran entered from opened. The man who walked out of the door was far more than double the size of Kieran and had legs the size of tree trunks and arms that looked as if they could hold the world. This man who had a long beard and noble face was the Lord of the manor and the current patriarch of the whole Maher clan.

    He sat down at the end of the table sitting in the largest chair that looked almost like a throne. Once he sat down everyone there could feel his eyes scanning across the table finally landing on the young misses reddened face and eyes that had puffed up due to crying.

    "My daughter what has happened to cause you to cry.." he asked this in a rhetorical sense as he had already guessed it had been caused by Kieran. "Don't worry papa it is nothing serious I just tripped while going up the stairs." her father might seem like one to be vicious and easily angered but it was quite the opposite as he is calm and always stayed collected. He looked directly at Kieran who looked back at him "You will be coming to my office after we are finished in here" the young misses eyes shined with worry as she looked up at her father "Papa he did nothing please do not punish him." she said this fast and in a worried tone scared he would be punished. The Lord sighed and ignored the plea of his beautiful daughter causing for her eating to be slowed and her mind to dart around to different punishments that might befall the young Kieran.

    The meal was warm and flavorful as always and was finished quickly by both Kieran and the Lord. The Lord stood and Kieran followed suit they both walked out the door that the Lord had entered from leaving to go to the Lord's office.
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