2 The Start Of A Journey

    They had left the dining hall causing the atmosphere in the room to lighten the miss continued eating slowly and finally pushed the food away. She had hardly eaten half of what was set aside for her. Emotions like worry and sadness filled her face as her mind raced thinking about what possible punishments her father would give.

    In the office, the Lord had sat down on his large chair behind his desk that was covered with papers. On the other side of the desk, Kieran stood with the only emotion showing was still confusion as he had yet to find out why the young miss was crying.

    "My daughter might think I have brought you in here due to causing her to cry and punish you for this, even though I wish too that is not quite what you are here for." Kieran's face was now filled with even more confusion as he had lost the only clue as to what he was brought to the office for.

    "If that's the case then what have I been brought here for.." Kieran said this while stiff and confused "Lighten up Kieran you could almost be considered my son since you were abandoned with me when you were still a baby"

    Kieran had never truly had a family since his parents abandoned him before he could say any words or walk a step. He was thankful to the maid Betha who had been willing to take him in during the cold winter season.

    "Kieran you and my daughter are of course nearing the age to enter school." He said this hinting towards the obvious. "Due to this, I plan to send you both to the royal capital along with a few maids and guards to protect you on your journey"

    "You will be staying there for close to a year and attend the school known to produce the strongest knights and mages I also attended this school tens of years ago when I was a child," the Lord said this nostalgically thinking back to his childhood as one of the kingdoms greatest prodigies.

    "When would we be leaving my lord," Kieran said this with all his confusion gone and the new emotion shown is happiness as he could finally learn how to fight. "I wish to send you before the first winter's snow comes so you must leave soon, I must stay here as recently a large group of savages has appeared causing many problems to arise."

    "If that is the case we only have a few weeks to prepare" This was said by Kieran who was thinking about the timing in his head. "The head butler Samuel has already packed a cart and prepared a carriage to last the journey but you have to pack anything you wish to bring." Kierans normally dull eyes glowed with happiness as he'd finally see the rest of the world and learn how to fight.

    "Does miss Aine know of this yet?" Kieran had initially assumed he would be told second after the young princess had accepted that she would be leaving home.

    The Lord's face had darkened and his eyes stared at Kieran "If I were to tell her about this she would refuse to leave so I was assuming you would be able to convince her to go..." Kieran was shocked that he was told of something that was so important before the princess was.

    Since the conversation had seemed to be over the lord had started to thumb through the papers. "May I excuse myself to talk to the miss about this matter" The lord waved signaling he may leave. As he left right outside the room the young miss was standing looking towards the door.

    Once the door closed she rushed over falling onto his shoulder. Anyone listening could hardly hear what she was saying through the tears "I'm sorry for *sob* getting-.." he patted her head causing her to completely break down and lose the ability to talk.

    "Young miss I was not punished there's no reason to become a crybaby for such a small issue," he said this slowly so even though the young miss was crying she could hear it upon being called a crybaby her tears no longer fell and she removed her head from Kieran's shoulder.

    Her face was redder than any tomatoes Kieran had seen "I am not a crybaby!" when she said this Kieran laughed his laugh caused the cheeks of the princess to puff up

    "There is something important to talk about.." The princess stared into his pitch black eyes for a few minutes. "Kieran will you tell me what it is already." the princess said this to fix the awkward staring contest they had entered "In a few weeks we will be leaving for the capital to go to school"

    The princess instantly came up with her answer "No... I can't go while papa is so stressed" Kieran had understood her stance but felt she didn't think about it. "We can not help him if we stay here and if anything we will get in his way if we go to the school we can learn to fight and support him in the fights..."  his talking had caused her to think about the situation and the idea of leaving home.

    "This will be my first journey away from the village but if it's with you I might be able to last..." she blushed while saying this and Kieran had taken this as a yes. "We will be leaving in a few weeks so when you see your father next make sure to mention this to him, as well pack a bag with items you wish to take with you."

    The next week had gone by in a flash.

    When the sun peaked Aine with Kieran close behind had exited the manor. Outside was a carriage with two massive gray shire horses close behind were two more of the same horses pulling a cart filled with bags. Inside of the cart, two maids sat and around it stood 10 guards heavily armed with swords shields and spears as well as steel armor.
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