3 Hoofs

    One of the guards walked up to greet the princess "Good afternoon young miss my name is Andrew and I will be your guide as well as your guard on your trip to the capital." as a new face to the miss she felt a bit indifferent towards him "Good afternoon to you too Andrew."

    Kieran followed Aines short greeting "My name is Kieran and I am the misses personal assistant as well I'd like to thank you ahead of time for taking care of us on this long journey" Andrew was not surprised by the princesses indifference but was glad that Kieran gave him some face and greeted him.

    Andrew was much larger than the two children but smaller than the manors lord. He had blonde hair and bright green eyes and wore a light armor with a shield on his back and a sword on his waist. "Good afternoon to you too Kieran, And no need to thank me as without the pay I'm getting I wouldn't bother to be here" Kieran already understood this but greeted him to be polite.

    Andrew walked back towards the guards giving orders to two of them to act as temporary coachmen to the Carriage and Cart.

    Once their coachman mounted his seat in the front the pair Kieran and Aine entered their carriage sitting across from each other. "Are you ready for the journey miss?" Kieran asked this looking into the blue eyes of the red-headed princess. She seemed happy due to Kieran creating the conversation so with a smile she said "Of course I'm glad that I can see more of the world but I'm still a bit worried about my dad..." during the sentence her bright smile slowly turned into a worrying one.

    The lord had left a day or two before to visit a village that has had raids from the savages in recent days so the young miss was worried for his safety.

    After their short conversation, the carriage started to move and the two inside could feel the occasional bumps caused by the old rocky roads. Their first stop on the journey was a town called Fahan it had a population of around 500 people and was roughly a day away from their town Feothanach.

    The sun that was once high in the sky had fallen and the moon had taken its place

    As the moon shined in its full glory they had reached the town. The town was lit not only by the moon but by the many lanterns that lined the streets. As they went further into the town they finally had reached the inn they would sleep in. Outside the Inn was a Pig with wings on its back and a sign naming the Inn The Flying Pig.

    Even from the outside in the carriage, the laughter and joy of drunk men could be heard. The carriage door opened and first Aine then Kieran exited. As Aine exited Andrew gave her a hand to assist her in exiting the carriage.

    The remaining guards escorted the carriage and cart to a stable so the horses could rest and the cart and carriage remain in a safe protected spot.

    The group of three Andrew Kieran and Aine went towards the door of the inn and entered the Flying Pig. When the door opened the sounds that could be heard from the outside became much louder. Few people noticed the opening of the door but no one could recognize the young princess so the ones who noticed paid little attention.

    Andrew leading the other two weaved throughout the tabled reaching the counter "Hey pretty miss I am in need of around 5 large rooms." the lady looked annoyed for a second but was used to men hitting on her almost every time they come up.

    "I'm sorry sir but currently we currently only have 3 rooms if that is fine with you it will cost you around 12 silvers a night if you wish to." The man looked back towards the young miss and Kieran "If this is fine with you the two of you would share a room and me and the other guards will share a room.." they looked towards each other "I don't really mind whatever happens I just need a place to sleep" Kieran said this while looking towards the now blushing Aine "I-I-I... don't mind ...." she said this fumbling the words but finishing the sentence.

    Andrew sighed and looked back towards the lady behind the counter "Three rooms will be fine.." he reached into one of his three pouches and pulled out 12 silver coins and handed them to her.

    Andrew handed Kieran a room key for room 28 and he held onto the keys for 29 and 30. Kieran entrusted Aine with Andrew as he left to go to sleep in the room.

    Kieran opened the door revealing a room with two beds an aged wardrobe and a window on the farthest side of the room. He walked across the room and flopped onto his large bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.

    Downstairs Andrew and Aine were eating a large meal containing a salad two chickens and some strange soup. Around thirty minutes after Kieran had fallen asleep, Aine entered the room while Andrew and the other guards continued to sit and talk, the maids had long since entered their room and fallen to sleep.

    Night had entered its prime and the once joyful inn had fallen dark as there were very few still awake. Everyone from the group of 14 had fallen asleep.

    Kieran was awoken at this time from the strong smell of burning and faint sounds of the hoofs from horses smashing into the ground.
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