4 *Title At The End*

    Kieran was now wide awake in the middle of the night. He was worried so he stood up and shook the young miss until she woke up "Kieran please leave me be it's late I want to sleep..." she mumbled this and seemed annoyed for the first time.

    "Miss the village is in danger we must leave now" he was still shaking her and upon hearing danger, she fully woke up. "What do you mean danger" he didn't respond and the miss finally heard the horses and could hardly smell the burning.

    The two young children were now awake as they ran out of the inn forgetting to wake up Andrew and the guards...

    When they left the inn Kieran had noticed his mistake but knew he had no time and could only hope they would realize the danger the town was in. Kieran did not know how the town was laid out and only knew he was located in the center of it.

    He was now thinking out loud "Damn which way should I go" the worrying Kieran had caused Aine to worry as he was normally the calm one. Her small hand reached out and touched his shoulder.

    "Kieran you will get us out of this I trust you" her words cut through the fogged thoughts in his head and he made his decision to run the opposite direction they had entered from. His hand grabbed the misses hand and he pulled her along as he ran out of the town.

    Although Kieran's hand was small to the young miss it felt massive and the warmth made her feel protected even though behind her the town was slowly being burnt to the ground

    Behind them not only was the town being burnt but a group of fifty or so savages were ransacking the houses and slaughtering every villager in the town the group was slowly catching up and Aine could no longer run.

    The once running pair were now down to a speeding walk and every second that passed the savages had slowly caught up to them.

    The miss was no longer scared due to Kieran. But even though he no longer showed it Kieran was scared... He was afraid to die without knowing his last name. He was scared of death when he had just reached the outside world.

    --A few minutes before this--

    People had started to reach the streets and notice that the village was about to be destroyed. Back at the inn Andrew and the guards had been awoken and they first checked for the sleeping Kieran and Princess upon noticing they were gone they rushed out fully equipped and ready to fight.

    The group no longer had the time to run as the savages were right outside the inn the only chance of survival they had was to fight. As they reached the open door of the inn one of the men was instantly grabbed by a seven-foot savage causing him to scream. Before his shouts had ended the savage had ripped the head of the man off causing blood a fountain of blood to form and cover the savage.

    The nine guards had not yet cultivated their inner force and had only begun physical training. Andrew was the strongest of the group and had reached the third level of his technique.

    Six of the remaining guards had dropped their weapons from fear and the crotch area of their leather pants had dampened as they ran. Andrew and the other three had raised their weapons prepared for a fight even though they knew they had no chance of winning.

    "Damn those two for leaving me to die here..." He said this as he rushed forward slashing at the giant man. Before the blade had reached the giant a layer of blue energy covered his blade. When the blade was inches away the savages fist punched upward causing Andrew to go flying up as teeth and blood flew out of his mouth. His fist then changed directions and with one punch crashing into both men sent them flying into the wall and anyone who looked closely could see the bones in their arms had been shattered and their ribs had stabbed through their skin as well stabbing into both of their lunges giving them only seconds to live.

    The savage grinned as his bare feet dug into the ground then pushing off sending him forward hundreds of meters as he finally landed behind two of the six guards who had run he then grabbed their heads and smashed them into the ground causing their brains to be smashed along with their skull.

    With two of the six down, he pushed off again kicking the legs of one causing both to snap he then stepped on his head pushing off crushing the man's skull and reaching the next guard.

    The savage grabbed one of the next man's legs lifting him up then smashing him down into the ground causing almost every bone in his body to shatter as he died from shock. The savage was now toying with them and as he reached out the next guard tripped and looked up towards the savage tears and snot was streaming down the once handsome man's face causing it to look ugly combined with his soaked lower garments it was obvious he knew he would die within the next second.

    Almost everyone could hear his blood-curdling scream as the savage snapped all his major bones one by one before finally ripping his arms off the savage then left the guard to bleed to death. The man slowly died but still died before the next man who the savage lifted up as he reached him.

    As he lifted him up he slowly ripped the final guard's body in half and before even reaching the center of his body the man had died from the intense pain that filled his whole body.

    After all his men had been killed Andrew had crashed down into the ground and was beat up so bad he could no longer be considered alive. The savage had switched back to a walking pace as he was now carefully searching for the next victims to test his gruesome techniques on.

    The only thing that allowed for Andrew to live was his willpower and anger from being abandoned by Kieran and the young miss he had promised to protect...

    --Death of The Ten--
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