5 The Past Of Andrew NSFW

    Within the land of the noble Maher clan in a small village known as Bekan, a child was born. He was born with patches of bright blonde hair and eyes that resembled the blue ocean that was seconds away from his coastal village.

    His mother unlike him had bright brown hair and green eyes. The child resembled her in no way but in the mother's eyes was the spitting image of her once lover who was slaughtered by the savages.

    The mother could be considered a beauty and many minor nobles had attempted to court her. They were all rejected and she finally had fallen in love with a lowly guard. Their love was rushed within a year they had married and in the next Caoimhe had become pregnant.

    The many nobles who loved the woman were angered as their love had been stolen by a peasant because of this they sent the woman's lover onto a suicide mission to scout a potential savage camp area along with four others. If they didn't accept the mission they would become headless and if they did it they would be killed by the giants.

    They decided to choose the latter that would give them the glory of death in battle. The reports of the camp were correct and upon reaching it they all were slaughtered without any chance of survival.

    The now pregnant and alone Caoimhe had no one to support her and no way to support the child that was soon to come.

    Without a man to protect her the nobles visited Caoimhe and regularly asked her to send the son to the orphanage and join them as one of their lovers.

    Time passed and Caoimhe got by through creating many different blankets and raising sheep she had made a small business that allowed her to support the now five-year-old Andrew.

    Andrew had an easy life and never knew of his father. He always was given what he asked for yet still helped around the house. The nobles after year upon year of rejection had been fed up with the impudent woman who went against their plans.

    A day never forgotten by Andrew while the sun was falling a noble by the name of Owen O'Connell had visited their house with two of his guards. Owen was small but as a noble everyone had to respect the fragile man.

    "Good evening Sir Owen," Caoimhe said this reluctantly as she was fed up with the nobles after ten years of their harassment

    "Ahh, beautiful Caoimhe no need for the sir we have known each other for many years... What has it been ten years already?" he said this while walking around their house as if he owned it.

    "Please forgive me for not keeping count my lord.."  Caoimhe was not interested in entering any form of friendly relationship with the man with the sounds coming from the entrance Andrew had been awoken and stood behind a corner watching the conversation from afar.

    "Ahh so has your business started to fail? Have you yet to need the support and love from a true man such as myself?" He said this as a joke since he recently has been selling wool products for a cheaper price in hopes to force the beauty into bankruptcy.

    "Thank You for your kind offer but I still am fine for many years to come.." When she said this the nobles once smirking face had darkened and changed into a frown.

    "Men pin this peasant woman down and allow me to have some fun.." Andrew who stood behind the wall had only heard the pin part and instantly ran our in front of his mother to protect her

    "Don't hurt my mommy!!" his voice was high pitched but anyone could tell from his face he was serious.

    Both of the guards begun laughing and the smaller of the two stepped forward slapping the child sending him into the ground.

    Tears welled up in Caoimhe eyes "Andrew please go back to sleep this is an adult conversation not one for a child like you" Andrew understood his mother was just trying to protect him but he did not enjoy it.

    His face had turned completely red and tears were falling down his face.

    The men continued forward pinning the beautiful woman down and proceeding to do as their master had asked of them and ripping off the beautifully sewn dress from the green-eyed beauty.

    Owen smile showed only pure evil as he stepped forward repeatedly slapping the woman as her nose had become bloodied and her body grew weak.

    The woman had tears running down her face as Owen had removed his belt and was prepared to finish what he had started.

    *Smack* *smack* *smack*

    With each smack more and more tears flowed down the face of the woman as she was beaten and raped in front of her only son.

    As each tear fell Andrew only became grew angrier but even though he was mad the emotion that overwhelmed him the most was sadness as he could not save the mother who had protected and loved him his whole life.

    When Owen was in the middle of enjoying himself an almost invisible blue aura spiked around Andrew and didn't stop growing when it finally stopped it had started condensing and once it had become a solid blue aura an explosion occurred that had pushed Owen and the two guards many feet back.

    The young child stood up and in front of his naked mother "Mom I will protect you as you did me I will become the man of the house and make money you can stop working from now on..." the child who had barely learned how to speak was able to fumble along a sentence that made perfect sense.

    This was the birth of a genius one that came from a poor house and had his power awaken at a young age.
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