6 Grin That Shines With Death

    A group of ten or so savages were scattered on top of the roofs all armed with bows. One of the group had his eyes caught by a beauty with red hair that glowed from the shine of the moon.

    The man grinned showing his yellowed teeth and an ugly smile as he licked his lips and drew back his bow to start playing with his new found toy. The giant lets go of the string sending it right next to the Red haired girl.

    When the girl looked back she only became more beautiful with blue eyes and a slim face if left to bloom she would become one of the world's top beauties.

    The red-haired beauties name is Aine. Her face which showed a sense of protection slowly changed to fear when the arrow landed next to her foot.

    The giant's smile grew even larger as he noticed the black haired boy beside the beauty. His bow was drawn back repeatedly and he released three arrows so fast they seemed to be launched simultaneously. One of the arrows struck the calf of the black haired boy causing him to fall to the ground.

    The other two arrows were moving slow enough for the young miss to notice them. As the arrows were closing in she jumped out to protect the boy who had fallen to his knees. Kieran was the black haired boy and he instantly noticed her blocking the arrows to protect him.

    He tried to pull her down but he couldn't exert his full strength while on his knees as soon as he felt defeat the arrows had struck the beauty who had saved his life.

    The beauty fell down with only minutes to live and two arrows sticking out of her chest and stomach. "Miss Aine why...." the usually emotionless Kieran now had tears streaming down his face.

    Aines voice was weak and quiet yet Kieran heard her clearly "I love you..." she said this as she died from the arrow that had pierced into her vital organs. The savage that had launched the previous arrows was yet to finish playing with his toys.

    Kieran couldn't move even if the arrow had not struck his calf the pain of losing the one person who had ever loved him caused his heart to be in far more of a broken state than his body.

    The savage launched two more arrows that struck each of Kieran's shoulders causing him to fall back in pain. Like Andrew, he was close to death and anyone who could see him could tell his pale skin had turned paler and his black eyes glowed with the mixed emotion of anger, sadness, agony, pain.

    All these emotions formed into a black aura that circled around his body.

    Around Kieran blood formed into streams and the once beautiful and lively town had burnt to the ground. The air was filled with the smell of blood and burning flesh and the occasional cries of those about to be killed could be heard from miles away.

    The aura around Kieran had not faded and a savage had found the boy refusing to meet death. A toothy grin shined overtop of Kieran as the savaged kicked Aines lifeless body off the boy and reached towards the boy who looked as if he would kill anyone who stepped in front of him.

    When Aine was kicked the black aura surrounding Kieran grew and formed into a sharp edge that sliced an inch into the thick leg of the savage.

    Kieran's body was weak and could not exert enough power to fight against the brute strength of the savage who alone could have slaughtered everyone in the village with one arm. Even with the boy on his shoulder, the giant was still able to slaughter tens of men and women who he had found.

    The savage had left the town and Kieran who still laid over the giant's shoulder had a view of a town that had been burnt to ashes.

    As time passed more and more savages had exited the town and all gathered around a large tree that had a camp at the base of it. The savage that had picked Kieran up walked towards the largest of the tents. From the large tent to the power Kieran guessed the disgusting savage was the boss.

    Some of the savages came back with bags full of food and others with kegs full of alcohol all of the savages stood over seven foot tall with muscles similar to that of the manors lord.

    Savages could not cultivate inner force as they had underdeveloped brains but from birth, they had stronger bodies and trained in body strengthening methods. Unlike inner force, it needed no charging up and their strength could instantly be released at once the drawback, of course, is as they are still humans even with their enhanced natural bodies they have a limit.

    The savages raided villages to not only gain supplies but also to find women to allow their bloodline to thrive and be passed on to the next generation. They are the cruelest and largest scum of the human race and could hardly be consider a human group.
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