7 Steps That Shook His Hear

Days had passed and the town that stood a week ago was now ashes and all that remained were the few corpses from the people brutally slaughtered.

The savages had partied for two day drinking kegs upon kegs of alcohol and eating almost all of the food they had stolen from the town.

The sun shined bright but Kieran was completely chained in a place that was so dark the sun did not dare to touch it. Kieran had hardly gotten any sleep and his once beautiful body was scarred with marks from whips and deep scars from swords. The leader had toyed with him beating him until he fell unconscious.

Beneath the black-haired child, the grass had been dyed a dark red from the repeated dripping of blood. His face now had two large scars forming a large X mark across it he could no longer be considered handsome but instead looked like a monster that would be in the bedtime stories to make children behave.

--Back at the Lord's Mansion--

The whole kingdom had caught wind of the one night slaughter of around a thousand men and women the lord was of course included in this bunch.

Back in the mansion the kings once tanned body looked pale and his royal brown hair had become filled with gray ones. The king could never have expected between his five children the first to be killed would be his youngest daughter who had just left to explore the world.

The lord had written and sent out four letters addressed to his children to temporarily return to hold a funeral for his dead daughter.

The giant of a man had not cried for ten years and the last time tears had formed in his eyes was when his beloved wife and mother of his five children passed away while delivering their final child. Even though the man did not seem to be an emotional one within the last days he had cried many times over as his mental state had become broken.

--At the Savage Camp--

"Hah Kieran you couldn't even protect me and have even caught yourself in this predicament only because you are weak!" A red-headed illusion was conversing with the half-dead Kieran

"I AM NOT WEAK!!" Kieran's mental state was in tatters between the darkness and the constant monster that imitated the only person he could love

His clothes had completely ripped off revealing a body that had become strengthened from the black energy that appeared the night of Aines death as well as the repeated beating from the savage

After the scream, the red-headed illusion slowly faded and due to exerting the little energy still within him he began to pant.

All the savages who were in the camp could hear the boys shout. The leader started to make his way towards the tree where he had chained the boy within the darkest and most central part.

Kieran knew he was coming as every step the savage took caused his body to shake not in fear but from the pain that had become imprinted within the deepest parts of the boy's mind.

"Why shout..." the savage could hardly speak but was to the point people could understand.

Kieran just left his head to hang and did not reply to the giant who had tortured him for what felt like an eternity.

"I ask why to shout!!!" he yelled this as his hand smacked the boy in the face leaving a bloody cheek and causing him to cough up blood.

Even though his muscles seemed much larger he was paler and clearly had little blood left to offer to the man. Kieran couldn't lift his head nor move his mouth so the giant continued to slap the boy until he had fallen unconscious from the repeated beating.


The giant had crunched his teeth together as the boy no longer made the blood-curdling screams that made his blood rush. The giant was beginning to get bored of the boy and felt the need to find a new toy

The giant began leaving the tree as Kieran begun to break out coughing each a cough forced blood to leave his body. All he had eaten the previous days were a few pieces of bread as well as.

When the last cough ended the red-headed girl reappeared she whispered in the ear of the scarred child "Don't you think it's about time to leave here" Kieran's head did not move an inch but he thought to himself 'If I could have left I would have far before this mark had scarred my face..'

The girl moved to the other ear and once again in a whisper said "Do you not feel the power coursing through your blood..." as she ended this she moved back to the other ear "You've used it before the cut that has turned black on his leg was from you..."

Of course, Kieran had noticed this cut as with his head in an unmovable position it was all his eyes could focus on...

In a low, a raspy voice that was in dire need of water Kieran spoke "What... can I do."

The illusion looked into Kieran's eyes as she laughed and slowly faded away once again leaving Kieran to only be able to think of the power she had mentioned.

Even though the illusion had tortured him within his darkest times Kieran could no longer feel anger with the Aine look alike. He closed his eyes in an attempt to get some much-needed rest as it was the only way to distract himself from his body that cried out in need of food and water.
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