2 Chapter 2: My first friend in the new world

    Hearing loud cries full of anguish and metal hitting metal, I woke up from my slumber. After exploring my surroundings, I remembered what happened yesterday. I was in a world called Ayetidan, where magic and the like existed. Probably I had not processed the whole thing yet, because I neither panicked nor questioned it further. The loud noises disturbed me because I was not accustomed to waking up to such awful cries. I put on my clothes, which were not the t-shirt and trousers I wore at home. Those clothes were a rough linen shirt and cloth pants, which were scratchy. It was still dark outside, I assumed, that I did not sleep long. Still confused I went to the door and opened it. What I saw then surprised me a lot, people ran all over the place yelling and crying. Some houses were burning, lighting the area in a red hue, I could smell burned wood, and the metallic odor of blood lingered in the air. The kids I saw yesterday were dragged back home by the adults, they were, so I assumed, their parents. Fear and panic were visible on their faces. Watching them leave I heard someone calling me "Hey boy get back inside, monsters are attacking the village." Turning my head in the direction, where the voice came from I realized, that it was the man, who rescued me. Thinking about it, I never asked him for his name. While I was turning around, to go back inside, I heard him yell again. "Hurry up boy, or you will get yourself killed by those monsters." After telling me this, he cried out loudly. I turned again to see what happened, only to realize, that the friendly, burly man was lying on the muddy ground, above him stood a Troll with a big curved dagger in his hand, blood was visible on his shirt. The Dagger was huge comparing it with the ones I saw on earth, but the Troll itself was bigger than I ever imagined. He was about 2,5 meters tall, with slender arms, yet muscular. He wore no shirt or pants, only a piece of cloth hiding his genitals. His skin had a green taint, on his face dominated two big fangs pointing upwards, with his pointy nose nearly touching them. The color of his eyes was dark red, the same as his hair. On his face and his upper body were war paintings, I assumed that, thinking back to my game playing times. I must have been inspecting him for a long time. Suddenly I realized that he was already standing right in front of me. Turning in panic, running as fast as my legs allowed it, not knowing in which direction I should run. After some time I was panting heavily, I needed to rest, but I did not dare to stop. Running further down the road I tripped and hurt my ankle, I tried standing but failed. After falling down a second time, I inspected my surroundings. Surprisingly, there was no Troll following me anymore. Still panting heavily I crouched to a nearby tree, to stabilize myself. Leaning on the tree, I observed the surrounding in fear of the Troll attacking me again. I could hear the shouting, from the village nearby. It must not have been far away. Endurance was never my forte.

    After taking a breather, I surveyed the surroundings again. Now realizing, that I only ran a few hundred meters away from my starting position a smirk appeared on my face. Suddenly, I got gripped from behind by a big green hand. Panick-struck, I tried to free myself from the grip, but he was a lot stronger than me. The Troll lifted me up with only one hand. While I was struggling, I took a good look on his face, realizing, that his face was bloody. Probably, he fought with someone, explaining his late arrival and my chance to take a breather. His dagger, covered in blood,  drew nearer, he wanted to kill me. In what kind of situation was I? A nurse, working full time and playing games in the free time between shifts, and now I was facing death in an unknown world. Realisation overcame me. Panic overwhelmed me. My will to live was diminishing slowly, thinking about how useless resistance was in front of this strength. Just before his dagger hit me, I felt my blood boiling. I had never felt like this before, using the newfound energy I tried to free myself. I felt something cold coming out of my hand, and the Troll cried in surprise after I grabbed the dagger holding hand. Observing closer, I saw it getting white. The hand moved slower than before. After a few seconds passed, his hand got covered in a layer of ice, it slowly expanded to his arm and went further. He dropped the dagger and stumbled backward. Still feeling the power surging inside of me, I took the weapon and thrust it in his direction with my eyes closed in fear. I felt something warm flowing down my hands, which were holding the dagger. The cries coming from the Troll diminished, after opening my eyes I saw, that he was no longer breathing. Examining the Troll, I saw, where the weapon struck him, his heart. I could not tell if it was instinct or mere luck, but the troll was dead. After he died the blue speck in my upper left field of vision glowed, the sheet expanded after concentrating on it. The information on it changed slightly:

    Name: [   ]        Age: 18        Gender: male     Race: Human/?

    Titles: none      Money: 0G 0S 0C

    Skills:             medical treatment (novice rank 1), magic affinity (passive, -5),

    Freezing Touch (novice rank 1)

    Attributes:        Intelligence: 7         Strenght: 5         Endurance: 5

    Agility: 3              Luck: 10             Mana: 14/20

    Skill Freezing Touch: after touching an object or a living being, the area will freeze, high endurance can cancel the effect or reduce the potency. (Mana Cost 6 Points per use) Only available one time a day because of negative magic affinity.

    No time to worry about the information shown to me I dismissed the sheet and walked as fast as I could back to the village, but the pain on my ankle hindered me a lot. The man rescuing me should still lie there on the ground, maybe I could help him with my previous knowledge about nursing and medicine. Reaching the place where the Troll left him I knelt down to inspect his injuries. He was no longer conscious but still breathed. I used the dagger cutting his clothes to get a better view of his injury; surprisingly I was still holding it. His back was facing me. The Troll must have hit him from behind. On his lower left back was the wound, it probably hit the spleen, with such a big knife cutting it, the bleeding was enormous. I could tell that he needed immediate surgery treatment, but with priests existing in this world, there would not be a hospital. He would die from blood loss if there were no Priests nearby. I carried him with great difficulty inside the house and placed him on the bed. After doing this, I went outside again in search of help. The Trolls broke into some homes, destroyed doors, and crying voices came from inside. Checking the village I could see some armored people searching the area for more trolls, I assumed that those were adventurers, some troll bodies were lying on the street, they all had similarity with the one attacking me, some minor differences excluded. I went to one of the adventurers. "Hello, my friend got severely wounded by a Troll, is someone nearby, who can heal him?" He turned his head in my direction and answered annoyed that he could do nothing and some people are better off dead than disabled. I was furious but could do nothing about it, I asked some more adventurers, but all they could tell me was, that there was none who could help and that the nearest priest is in the city more than one hours away. Realizing, that the man who helped me and was so friendly even when he did not know me was about to die I felt remorse.

    Returning to the small house, I entered and sat beside the bed. I took the hand of the dying man and whispered to him "I'm sorry, you rescued me, even gave me food and shelter, but I can't help you in this dire moment." Hearing my voice he tried opening his eyes, but he was too weak. "Boy, it is not your fault, the Trolls attacked suddenly, there is nothing you could have done. Finally, I can join my wife in heaven, so don't be sad, raise your head and move on. I know you have some trouble, but I hope you will be able to solve them. Go to the city and visit the Guild, maybe they can help you. Goodbye, my friend." Saying his last words must have put a lot of strain on him, the words got weaker by the seconds. His breathing got rugged and finally stopped.

    Tears were streaming down my face. I lost my first friend I made in this world.
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