2 Valhati!

    Vrishankh stood in the forest, bored.

    His golden brown eyes were listless, his gaze unfocussed as he searched for some amusement. The fifteen year old boy was small for his age and malnourished. His face however, held an evil edge to it.

    His demeanour was cold, and he liked creating trouble.

    As he went through the dark forest, barefoot and raggedly dressed, his senses caught up on something. A mirthless smile spread on his face and he began to run.

    The ground shook beneath his feet when he did.

    The forest was one that was a home to wolves.

    Vrishankh neared the place, his breath barely heavy, the land beneath him in tremors. As he saw a pack of at least twenty wolves lying around uselessly, two huge swords appeared in his hands. His smile became colder, but the mirth spread on his entire face.


    The boy shouted, jumping to the middle of the pack.

    A crash of lightning appeared in the sky, and the clouds suddenly turned black. The flash of light hit the bot directly on his back when he was still in mid air.

    He screamed.

    A golden light enveloped him instantly, his brown eyes turning to green. It took him one wave of both his swords to wipe out the entire pack.

    Then, he landed to the ground.

    He had changed.

    His body had now turned to that of a man. His eyes were a sea green, glinting with thrill of the kill. His formerly short black hair was now golden and long, falling to his shoulders. His face was proud, filled with the hunger for more blood.

    He looked around himself, at all the severed heads and spat.

    Useless. So f***ing useless.

    The heads were not those of wolves anymore. They were all human now.

    And Vrishankh loved that they had been separated from their worthless bodies.

    Licking the blood off his sword, the man went deeper into the forest.
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