An Amazing Turtle

[Host, state your wish]"Eh? Mom, did you hear that voice just now?""No, I didn't, go find a job, you scoundrel!""...tsk, shuddup, you old hag...""WHAT?""N-nothing! I'm going to my room!"*Wipes sweat*"Man, that old hag sure is sca-"[Host, state your wish]"For real? I'm go-"[Host, state your wish]"Just wait a moment, let me thin-"[Host, state your wish]"Ok, OK, calm down...Lets see, a wish, uh?Ah! I want to live longer! Can you do that?[Wish fulfilled, Host will be reborn as a Member of the Heteromorphic race, the turtlemen race]"No! I don't want that!"[Initialization transmigration] "NOO! SOMBODY HELP ME!!!"[Transmigration successful]

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