Untitle MMORPG

Megumi Ito has a secret. What secret? She is the world-famous champion of the most popular e-sport game in the world. The whole world is waiting for her to win her 3rd championship title. With many people in the media-world wanting to know about her real identity. She chooses to hide from the public. Why? No, it’s not because she is a girl, playing a girl character. It’s because she had beaten her crush during her swipe through the tournament. Because of that, her crush, Akito Yamato hated the world champion that goes by the in-game name, Akimeg. Akito hated Akimeg to the core because he believes that Akimeg is a cross-dresser (A male player playing a female character). He had pronounced his hatred towards “Akimeg”, and because he had lost to this “Akimeg”, he has been bitter towards this character. Megumi had no choice, but to hide her identity because she doesn’t want her crush to hate her!

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