Reincarnation of a Rank 9 Magus

es from the decrepit place known as the 'Grand Abyssal Plane'. There, after thousands of years, he reached Rank 9 as a magus wielding the power of Necromancy. While at this point he was already the most powerful person to have ever appeared in his world, he still wasn't content. There were still more ranks ahead. However, that was the limit of the advancements possible in the Grand Abyssal Plane. The mana density was too low in the world, to the point where it could no longer supply him with enough magical energy to reach the next levels. Normally, that would be the end of his story. But, at the end of his lifespan, he managed to find a way to preserve his memories for his next life. Cheating the reincarnation cycle, effectively. Into the world of Rabu, no less, where the magic energy is on a near infinite amount. Now begins the story of a man who seeks the highest level possible once again. (Also being released simultaneously on Royal Road)

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