Chapter 161: Sector S, Joint Mission With Lung [Part 1]

    Chapter 161: Sector S, Joint Mission With Lung [Part 1]

    "Yeah, hey Eudy, roll that fur ball over quickly!" Cary turned his head and roared to the side.

    Not long after, they could see that Cary holding a white fur ball the full size of a soccer ball and giving it a squeeze. The fellow appeared to be still sleeping, and it had curled itself up into a ball like a porcupine. After it was harassed into wakefulness by Cary, it slowly recovered from its ball shape.

    Its entire body was snow white, but its eyes were silver color. Its mouth and nose were fleshy faint pink, perhaps because it was still at infancy. It opened its hazy and unfocused eyes and let out a big yawn. It looked towards the communicator's projection panel and lifted its drooping, round ear, letting out a whine.

    The gray cat's whiskers shook once: This guy; it didn't need a second glance to tell that it could sleep even harder than it. Also, it's so fat...

    Tang Qiuqiu stared excitedly at the white ball thingy. Right now she really wanted to return to the squad.

    "Qiuqiu, this little guy is a glutton, so you need submit an expense account for food expenses when you come back. Buy some food along the way, this fellow can eat anything."

    At the side, Udoze and Rikulab sweatdropped. Can a glutton with a wide scope of diet not be fat?!

    "Alright, I will buy a lot of things!" Tang Qiuqiu immediately answered.

    "Oh right, this little fellow doesn't have a name yet. It's just waiting for you, its true master to give it one. But before it has an official name everyone calls it 'Qiu Er*'.

    *Er is an affectionate word that you put behind a person's name to address someone. It's kind of like a nickname. Strictly speaking the character means 'son', but it is perfectly fine behind a girl's name too.

    Tang Qiuqiu frowned. Why did it sound a little strange?

    "Okay. I'll use this two days to think up of a name."

    Once they were done speaking, Cillin then broke off the connection. Otherwise, Cary being Cary might hold up the communicator on the other side and talk for the whole day.

    "Faster faster, let's set off right now. Hehe, my egg has hatched, it's finally hatched!"

    Earlier, when Tang Qiuqiu had followed Cillin and parted ways with the squad, Eudy had said that it might take up to more than half a year or over a year's time to hatch it. Therefore, Tang Qiuqiu had not carried the egg with her and put it inside the incubation room. But she did not think that the egg would be hatched even before half a year was fully up. This really gave her a pleasant surprise.

    However, following Tang Qiuqiu's loud cries, some of the surrounding people were looking at their direction with odd eyes. They even scrutinised Tang Qiuqiu carefully, seemingly checking if she was the average human being. It could not be helped, since Tang Qiuqiu's words were way too ambiguous. What do you mean 'my egg has hatched', they couldn't help but think of non-mammals because of that.

    Due to Tang Qiuqiu's impatience and Shawton's words for him to return ASAP, the group of people adjusted their schedule at the last moment. Their schedule was now tighter, and they no longer had the free time to travel about.

    Tang Qiuqiu did not hold back on spending. Even a hundredth of the money she earned from the mission and race bet was enough for her to buy a large quantity of food.

    The communication department had a starship that specifically flies to their base of operations, so after registration was complete, Cillin's group then got up the spaceplane headed towards the space station where the starship was at.

    Cillin, who had been listening to the gray cat criticising that fat fur ball noticed that Udoze and Rikulab hadn't spoken up all this time. Udoze was fine, Cillin could see that he was just anxious. But although Rikulab did not clearly express his thoughts, Cillin could more or less guess what was going in his mind right now.

    "You are thinking that this is all there is to Vanguard, one of the great four of legends, aren't you?" Cillin looked at Rikulab smilingly.

    When Udoze heard Cillin, he too looked at Rikulab. Personally he had no such opinion, but what exactly did Rikulab mean by this? Was he regretting getting on board?

    Rikulab simply shook his head and said nothing to answer Cillin's question.

    "In truth, this is nothing but a small scuffle for a member of Vanguard. They may have expressed their disdain or despise with their eyes, but if they were facing other Hunter regiments, then it would have been true hostility and malice. Also, these people are just the grassroot units of Vanguard, and the members of B Squadrons no less. The A Squad wouldn't have the time to hang around at their leisure at all. There were also a few veterans in the hall just now, but they haven't joined in and simply watched by the sidelines. Otherwise, those people would not have ended things with a small scuffle just like that. They would've definitely pulled you into a fight on the spot."

    In reality, Rikulab did think that this was all there was to the great four of legends after experiencing that scuffle at the hall. But after he listened to Cillin's explanation, he found himself understanding Vanguard a little more. He remembered Barthus, a guy who gave him a powerful and strong impression even while he was laughing and teasing the gray cat and Tang Qiuqiu. Although the woman at the first floor hall of the communication department also left him a strong impression, she was still miles away from Barthus. Perhaps this was the difference between the A Squadron and B Squadron.

    "Cillin, when it's time let's head to the A Squadron as well." the gray cat said while wiping its whiskers.

    Cillin patted the gray cat's head and said, "It's not as simple as that, and we have to accumulate military accomplishments as well. Also, it was thanks to Dias relinquishing his seat that I became LC, you know."

    Upon speaking of Dias, Tang Qiuqiu's constant excitement dimmed a little, "I wonder how big brother Dias is doing."

    "He's fine. Cary and the others look pretty spirited, so his treatment over there should be going well." Cillin said.

    Only then Tang Qiuqiu smiled and said, "Mm, he said that he'll definitely be fine with sister Asiya around!"

    "I can't believe you believe such nonsense..."

    Cillin smacked the gray cat before it could finish, enraging it so much that it jumped on top of Cillin's head and smacked him randomly.

    Since they hadn't reached their destination, Cillin took the opportunity to explain to Udoze and Rikulab some simple things about the Sixth Squad so they would have a more concrete understanding of it. However, he did not go into the details. Some things could not be said temporarily because they hadn't yet been officially acknowledged. It was only after they had acquired official acknowledgement and received a badge that they could be told more in-depth information. This was the rule, just like how Cillin still wasn't qualified to know certain things about the A Squad.

    The A Squad... Cillin recalled Barthus and Shawton's words. Could it be that this matter involved the A Squad as well? If even Cillin's immediate superior Shawton wasn't qualified to ask, didn't this mean that the decision-making power lay in the hands of someone even further up?
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