Chapter 164: Blood Colored Hell [Part 1]

    Chapter 164: Blood Colored 'Hell' [Part 1]

    Right now young master Lung was very happy. This was something both Cillin and the gray cat knew with their eyes closed. In short, young master Lung hadn't stopped laughing ever since he started conning Pillar.

    The drinks served by the robots were plenty, but there were none of young master Lung's wine collection and mostly plain water. It was probably because he thought that it would just be a waste to serve them the good stuff.

    While Cillin was flipping through some of the information of Sector S, the gray cat was licking its mouth more and more frequently. The light in its eyes was too obvious, so to prevent suspicion Cillin had it close its eyes and pretend to be asleep. On the surface, it looked just as harmless as a normal cat pet.

    The more he talked with Lung, the more Big Beard Pillar was certain that he had run into a foolish rich young master who had came out for an adventure. Pillar's thought right now was more or less the same as his subordinates'. They looked at Cillin and Lung and felt that they were not a threat. On one hand there was a foolish rich young master with a simple mind, and on the other there was an honest-looking simpleton who didn't know how to socialise. Adding to that a cat of boring gray color, they seriously did not appear as a threat at all.

    While Big Beard Pillar continued to listen to Lung's brags while wearing a smile on his face, he made a seemingly careless hand gesture behind his back. The people who were sitting at the table and drinking their served drinks also gave each other meaningful looks.

    Big Beard Pillar's smile grew more and more sinister, but as if he had noticed nothing Lung continued to talk to himself without being affected at all. It was only until Pillar took out his gun and pointed it at Lung's skull that he finally came to a stop. He blinked at Pillar, seemingly asking what exactly did he mean by the gesture.

    When Big Beard Pillar took out his gun, the rest of the people also took out theirs and pointed them at Cillin and the surroundings robots. They had thought that the robots would react to them, but against expectations the robots never brandished any weapons and never shedded the sweet smiles on their faces. The robots holding trays did not put down their trays as well.

    "What should I say, young master?" Pillar clicked his tongue and sneered as he kept his muzzle trained towards Lung, "It's just too wasteful to leave such a nice starship in the hands of two naughty kids."

    "Er... Mister, what are you doing? We did save your life you know." Lung said with an innocent expression on his face.

    On Cillin's shoulders, the gray cat rolled its eyes at Lung. Let's see how long you can keep this act up.

    "Yeah, we thank you for saving our lives. So in order to show you our thanks, why don't you relinquish your lives."

    "This starship only listens to my order." Lung declared his own value.

    But Big Beard Pillar obviously did not plan to leave behind any survivors. Just as he was about to shoot, an isolating cover rose from the bottom of the ground and trapped him inside. The people around Pillar were also trapped in isolating covers one by one.

    Cillin never moved. This was a game Lung had thought up to pass the time in boredom, so he wasn't going to stop him from having his fun. However, after the isolating cover had risen the gray cat abruptly jumped down from Cillin's shoulders. It stretched its limbs and began to run towards the passage. There was one remaining prey that had hidden himself there and hadn't shown up. This amount of trapped people should be enough for Lung to enjoy himself, so he had no need to snatch the remaining prey from it.

    While watching the gray cat running out of the room, Lung waved a hand for the robots do their own things. They did not look like a threat at all.

    Standing up from the chair, Lung stretched his body and looked at the people trapped inside the isolating covers while standing on his slippers. Someone opened fire at the isolating covers, but the energy had rebounded back to their own bodies instead. Three people were killed by the rebounding energies of their own guns. Pillar had obviously seen something similar before and thus had not opened fire carelessly. Seeing the death of his three pioneering subordinates, he gave up on shooting and pondered on another way to break out of the situation. At the same time, he called out to Lung to contend with him.

    When Pillar and the rest had walked down from their spaceplane and fighters and passed through the passageway, the scanner had ordered them to put down the weapons with high offensive power such as grenades etc. They were only allowed to bring their guns and some other small tools. Judging from the current situation, it would appear that this young master was prepared.

    Lung was obviously not as friendly as they had first imagined. With a harmless smile, he walked before one of Pillar's subordinates, took out a controller and pressed a button. Water began to pour into the isolating cover until it reached the person's neck. There were also a few thin strips of tiny insects that had flowed into the cover along with the water. It was a kind of blood sucking insect.

    When they smelled the scent of blood, the thin insects appeared to be incredibly excited. It swiftly clung onto that person's skin, and they could not be removed no matter how hard he tried to wipe them off his body. The only choice of removal was to shed a layer of skin. As the thin insects continued to suck in blood, the person's resistance gradually began to weaken. His face turned pale white and bloodless, and he even looked like he would shrivel up like a prune. The thin insects now looked several times thicker and completely red.

    The rest of the people trapped inside the isolating covers panicked. But no matter what they said, no matter how loud they begged, and no matter how high the price they offered for mercy, Lung showed no signs of changing his mind at all.

    Once the first person was sucked dry, the second person followed, the third... The fifth person began to tremble when he saw Lung standing in front of him, and when the isolating cover became filled with water he shot himself right away. If he was going to die regardless, then he might as well die quicker. At least he wouldn't need to experience the fear of having his life being slowly sucked dry.

    The insects did not give up even though he killed himself though. They stopped only when the body had been sucked dry.

    Lung did not immediately press the button when he stood in front of the sixth person. Instead he said, "I'm giving you a chance. If you can make me happy, then I will let you go. This young master never goes back on his words."

    "What... what do you want to know?" the person said with a trembling voice.

    "Some unofficial news of Sector S, for example. This is the first time we arrive at Sector S after all, and we heard that Sector S is going to be pretty lively this time."

    That person told him a lot of things, but there was not even one truly valuable information.

    "Sigh, I'm so sorry." Lung pressed the button.

    The interrogation continued over ten or so people, but he discovered that the useful information he obtained was just too little. He only learned that they had turned against 'Heaven's Jail' due to a certain box. Someone had offered a high price for that box, going as far as to pay half the rewards in advance. This was also why Pillar was able to convince so many people to rebel with him. However, Pillar was the only one who knew who the buyer was. The rest of them simply followed according to his plans.

    As for the box, Pillar was the one who had been holding it all the time. The rest of them did not know where it was.

    "Where is the box?" Lung stood in front of Pillar's isolating cover and asked.

    "It's on the spaceplane." Pillar said with a heavy voice. Seeing Lung's disbelief, Pillar tore his own jacket and revealed some tentacle-like things looped round and round his torso. When the long tentacles were extended, his obese figure suddenly pulled thin to reveal his original size. There was nothing there. It would seem that the box really wasn't on his person.

    Cillin stared at Big Beard Pillar. Here's another non-average human being that he had never seen before. However, Pillar might not specifically belong to a particular race either, since there were all kinds of bizarre people in the entire galaxy. What puzzled Cillin however, was that he kept feeling that there was something on Big Beard's body.

    Lung glanced at Pillar's open tentacles and said disdainfully, "I can't believe you have the galls to show off such low grade tentacles. You better be telling the truth, or your death will not be pretty."

    "It's your choice whether to believe me." Big Beard's eyes were dark and gloomy.

    Lung walked towards outside as he juggled with the controller for fun. He was probably going to where Pillar and his crew had parked their spaceplane.

    While Lung was walking towards outside, Pillar glanced at Cillin who was still sitting on his chair and paying them no attention. He hesitated for a moment, but determination quickly reentered his eyes and filled them with ruthlessness.

    Each of the two tentacles hidden deep inside his pants were holding a tube-shaped object. When the objects touched the isolating cover, the head of the two small tubes suddenly sprayed out red light. It was the light of high intensity cutting energy.


    The isolating cover was broken, and Pillar swiftly pounced towards Lung's direction. But before he could open fire, he had already taken a shot to his head. The beautiful robot girl holding a tray continued to smile as a gun barrel at her elbow slowly withdrew back into its compartment. Soon, she looked just like before.

    Lung's footsteps never stopped. He never turned around to look at Pillar.
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