Chapter 170: Change in Prison [Part 1]

    Chapter 170: Change in Prison [Part 1]

    Logically speaking, Snarker was a strength type fighter whereas Serpenter was a speed type fighter. If they wanted to do something, then Serpenter and his speed was without a doubt the more convenient choice. However, it was also exactly why more people would place their attentions onto Serpenter. If Serpenter were to disappear from Qi Geyou's side, those people would definitely think: Did Qi Geyou send Serpenter away to do something secretive again?

    That was why Snarker was able to bring Cillin and Lung to Qi Geyou's domain more secretively while Qi Geyou and Serpenter were attracting more attention onto themselves.

    "Little Flying Snake's place is pretty good." Lung circled around the room Qi Geyou had arranged for them and said.

    They called it a room, but in reality it was pretty close to a garden villa already. There was also a swimming pool as well. When Lung saw the swimming pool, he stripped off all his clothes and jumped right into the swimming pool to enjoy himself.

    Cillin thought: Thank goodness Berzett wasn't here, or he would be so mad that he would lose hair again. The purpose of the so-called etiquette was to be forgotten.

    Naturally, Cillin knew that Qi Geyou was very busy. After the big meeting, he had to gather his subordinates for a small meeting, plan for ops and settle the internal strife in his organisation as well. As the leader of this small organisation and as the main target of study and choice to succeed 'Flying Snake' in the future, naturally Qi Geyou needed to analyse the problem better and fight a comeback war after experiencing his first defeat.

    Shawton once said that in a Hunter regiment, the development of a B Squadron was based on individual strength, opportunities, and network.

    Compared to the other B Squadons in Vanguard, the Sixth B Squadron was severely lacking in terms of 'network'. It had nothing to do with individual strength and foresight, and the main reason their network had fallen to such a state was because the former Sixth B Squadron commander was way too much of a 'loner'. This caused the Sixth B Squadron's development to fall off in a straight line the moment Seru had left their Squadron.

    With more network, there would be more development branches and trading channels. Only then could the Hunter regiment develop faster.

    Just the same, Cillin needed to find out certain things that were not known to the common people even if he was currently away from the Hunter regiment. Not only did he need to travel around the galaxy, he also need to acquire a wider channel such as the local forces of Sector S to learn more news. Since fate had brought him and Little Flying Snake Qi Geyou together, after a period of association he found that Qi Geyou was a thread that was worth grasping.

    Obviously, a member of an influential merchant family like Lung understood this even better. Your elders might have existing channels to share with you, but they were in fact not suitable for you. After all, the other party had given you access for your senior's sake and not yours. If one were to rely on his seniors forever, then it was only a matter of time before they were stepped on by others.

    Cillin took a bath, filled his stomach, grabbed a bottle of wine and lay on a sofa, drinking and watching the local news of this planet. He had to say that the TV shows here were pretty fancy, less restricted and spoke blatantly. No wonder the people here matured earlier than usual.

    While watching, a communicator beside him rang. It was a communicator Qi Geyou instructed Snarker to prepare for them. This way they would be able to communicate easier on this planet.

    After the line was connected, Qi Geyou's image appeared on screen. He looked very tired, but his eyes were just as bright. It was obvious that today's meeting was met with pretty good results.

    "How is it? the place is pretty good, isn't it? I haven't ill treated the young masters, have I?" Qi Geyou was fairly confident in the place he arranged for the duo. This place could be considered a luxurious zone even in the entire planet.

    "It's pretty good. But the walls of the training room aren't tough enough, and the swimming pool isn't wide enough..."

    "Two choices. it's either there or on the streets!"

    "I guess I'll stay here then."

    "Alright, if there's anything, call me directly if you can't find Snarker or Serpenter. They are capable of handling some of the matters here at least. You guys just rest for the day. We're in the middle of planning a countermeasure right now, and we'll come back to you once we're done. Oh right, do you guys need any weapons? We can sell you for a cheap price..."

    "We're fine with weapons. Go have your meeting. Take care not to get hunted to a lifepod again."

    Cillin's words obviously upset Qi Geyou again as he cut off the comm with a beep.

    After cutting off the connection, Qi Geyou looked beside him and said, "What do you think of them?"

    There was an old man holding a crutch and sitting beside Qi Geyou. The exterior of the crutch was shaped like a snake. Both of the old man's hands were placed on the snake's head of the crutch.

    "They are not our enemies for now. It is good as long as they are not our enemies."

    "Then I'll be proceeding with the original plan."

    "Mm. Work well."

    Two days later, Qi Geyou came over to inform Cillin and Lung about the time of the operation and the rough itinerary. Of course, the specifics of the ops of the Flying Snake's internal division were not told.

    "Alright. Just get us the prison's map layout, and we'll work separately once we reach our destination. Relax, we won't hold you back." Lung laid at the edge of the swimming pool and said, "We do not need you to supply us any equipment of whatever either. It's such an amazing deal, right?"

    Qi Geyou overlooked Lung's final line directly, "Alright, that's it then. I will have Snarker receive you when we depart."

    Qi Geyou's schedule was pretty hectic, and he did not have much time to communicate with Cillin and Lung. After explaining several important items, Qi Geyou then left in a hurry.

    "Let's go and tidy up the equipment." Cillin kicked Lung who was lying beside the swimming pool and not feeling like moving at all, "It's time to test your family's new products."

    Inside the room.

    Lung opened a box and took out two sets of clothes from inside. There was also a face mask that was so thin it was also transparent.

    "The clothes, pants and face masks are all part of a set called the 'Copy Set'. It can copy up to hundreds of clothing material and style. It's controlled using brain waves, and it is not suitable for people who don't use their brain."

    While speaking, Lung put on one of the Copy Set before opening the wardrobe in the room. He spread out the clothes that were hung on the hangers and stood in front of a formal suit. Then, Cillin watched as an identical formal suit slowly appeared on Lung's body. Moreover, it automatically adjusted to the wearer's size and appeared very fitting on his body.

    Then, Lung turned on a small projector as the head of a stranger was displayed. At the same time, Lung's face swiftly transformed and became exactly the same as the face on top of the projector.

    Cillin gave it a close look and nodded, "It's good. How much is this 'Copy Set' on the market?"

    "It's still at the testing phase and hasn't made it to the market yet. However, it's very difficult to buy something like this without the appropriate channels." Lung said while tidying his attire and looking at himself in the mirror along the way "I've decided to experience the life of a prison guard and a convict for a bit. Although this is just a grade one prison, if all goes well we may be able to try it out again in a grade two and three prison."

    Cillin chose a few guns that suited him well, whereas Lung began loading stuff onto his own body like he was loading a treasure box. The stuff were probably prepared accordingly to Lung's character before he came to Sector S since there were more tricky weapons than direct ones. Strictly speaking, the variety of weapons were more leaned towards hidden weapon types, although these hidden weapons were a little too destructive.

    "Are you seriously going to blow up the prison?"

    "No. But this is a rare trip, and I've got to leave some memories behind, don't I? Who knows if it may come in handy." Lung continued to load up the micro remote bombs.

    Cillin shook his head. This fellow was the perfect candidate to stir up a row.

    Originally, Lung's objective was to take a look around the prison of Sector S and seize the opportunity to stir up a mess and entertain himself. However, Cillin had a feeling that their gains this time might be pretty huge.

    Fifty years ago, some of the famous figures had all vanished without a trace at the same time. Cillin thought that he might be able to find the answer in Sector S' prison.

    The great hermit retreats into the city*.

    *the translation of the full idiom would be, 'the little hermit retreats into the wilderness; the great hermit retreats into the city'. In brief, it means to say that a person who has attained true enlightenment would not be disturbed by their environment, and be able to live life the way they want to.

    Would they find some people in a grade one prison?

    Cillin looked forward to it.

    The day of the operation quickly arrived.
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