Chapter 185: Robot Kingdom [Part 2]

    Chapter 185: Robot Kingdom [Part 2]

    While letting out sighs of admiration at Robert Family's robot kingdom, the group followed Carl to a building that looked like an ancient castle.

    After they went inside, several people dressed in ancient knight uniforms standing beside the corridor performed an ancient salute when they saw Carl.

    "Humph, those two robots are talking ** about us!" the gray cat said indignantly beside Cillin's ears after they walked far away. No one else but Cillin could hear its words.

    "What did they say?" Cillin raised a hand and scratched the bottom its chin.

    The robots weren't communicating with each other through words, but a kind of electromagnetic wave that was nigh undetectable even by rank A human beings. Therefore, although the two people dressed in knight uniforms looked like they were just standing there solemnly with their mouths firmly shut, they'd in fact communicated a lot of things with each other.

    The gray cat's eyes narrowed at Cillin's chin rub, "They say that everyone of us look incredibly ugly and dumb, and that they can't believe we're bringing animals with us. They say that Snowball is as fat as a ball, and that my hair color is very ugly. What the meow! They have no appreciation for aesthetics at all!" the gray cat humphed.

    "There's no need to split hairs over them. You are a lifeform several ranks higher than them."

    "Of course I am! Didn't you notice that I pretended that I heard nothing? This is what they call 'disregard', isn't it?" the gray cat said proudly.

    "Yes, yes, you've performed very well today!" Cillin said. A cat must be stroked the right direction, or its hair would puff up.

    Carl led the group into a grand hall. There were some carefully prepared food in the grand hall and beautiful maids standing at the side. If they hadn't known that more than ninety nine percent of the 'people' here were all robots, some of them would've stirred at the pretty sight. Now, they could only put all of their aroused energy on their food. Of course, a basic level of caution was a must. The two commanders hadn't brought them along to play the role of gluttons and decorations.

    Carl said that Frentz was still busy, and that they shouldn't hold themselves back and eat first.

    The group didn't hold themselves back. In any case, the Robert Family was absolutely not lacking in money.

    After they were done eating, Carl led Falvey and Shawton into the study first while the others waited outside. After meal refreshments and tea were served so that the guests did not look neglected.

    Cary despised such superficial procedures greatly, but despising something and choosing to eat were two different things. Therefore, he had hadn't missed out on any refreshment and tea.

    Cillin sat on his chair and drank tea at his leisure. Meanwhile, the gray cat lay on top of Cillin's shoulder, kept its ears open and listened in on those electromagnetic waves and 'gossip' between robots.

    In reality, the electromagnetic waves transmitted by these robots could not be deciphered by anyone but people like Frentz, who knew how the electromagnetic waves should be converted into coded signals. Not even Cillin could figure out what these electromagnetic waves meant even if they were caught by instruments. The only reason the gray cat could understand it was because it had the advantage of being a half cyborg.

    The gray cat tried very hard to keep a straight face as it listened in to the robot's gossip. However, its shaking whiskers let Cillin knew that this fellow was on the verge of exploding.

    "Don't choke on it. Just laugh if you want to laugh. As long as it's not too ridiculous, no one will know that you're laughing over what those robots were talking about."

    The gray cat grinned and was about to tell an interesting tale it just heard, when suddenly it froze.

    "What is it?" Cillin noticed the gray cat's abnormality.

    The gray cat thought for a moment before saying, "... something's wrong."

    A while later, the gray cat worked hard to maintain a normal expression on its cat face. However, what it told Cillin made him tense up all over.

    "I've just received a piece of electromagnetic wave that's very familiar and impressive... it's the electromagnetic wave that I've received back at the warehouse when we went to that grade three prison planet in Sector S not long ago."

    'Grim Reaper'!

    This was Cillin's first reaction. He could not think of anyone else but 'Grim Reaper' right away.

    The grade three prison's defense systems and defense network - be it in or off planet - had completely collapsed. It was no wonder Cillin was this nervous in face of such technology. After all, the grade three prison planet's downfall was too horrific.

    "Keep listening." Cillin told the gray cat.

    "Mm, I know." the gray cat was no longer joking around. Because it had been controlling its expression all this time, no one noticed anything unusual from it even now.

    Cillin did a concealed hand gesture, and everyone including Eudy and Dias felt sudden apprehension when they saw it. They might not know what was going on, but the meaning behind Cillin's hand gesture was all too important.

    High alert!

    Why did Cillin tell them to be on high alert?

    When Tico saw Rikulab's hand gesture and the little rabbit folding its ears and trembling inside her coat pocket, she sucked in a deep breath.

    There was trouble. Big trouble. Otherwise, Little White's ears would not shake this way.

    Tico had always known about the little rabbit's ability to predict danger. She also figured out what its trembling ears meant after so many years of association.

    The Third B Squadron had also seen the hidden message Cillin sent them. While they still appeared to be chatting and laughing as before, they were ready to react to anything.

    They were all people who had experienced many things, and they all had their own ways of dealing with a situation like this. However, there were many robot maids surrounding them, so they could not react too obviously.

    Scarlet Wind took huge bites off the food on his plate while keeping its sharp ears perfectly straight. Right now he was paying attention to his surroundings at every moment, and it was no longer wagging its tail.

    Cillin stood up. Everyone around him was looking at him.

    He smiled and said, "I just now received news about the T13 minerals. Let me inform the commander and Commander Falvey about it; we may be able to increase our price."

    No one believed Cillin's words, but some people understood that it meant that the matter was related to the two commanders, and that the two commanders were in danger!

    "I'll accompany you." Cary said.

    It wasn't just Cary; the lieutenant commanders of both Squadrons wanted to accompany him as well. However, Cillin had turned them down.

    "It's fine. It'll only take a moment. You guys should wait here, there are a lot squaddies here after all."

    What he meant was: if something happens, you guys need to be here to lead our squadmates. If we all head over then things will get difficult to manage. Plus, it's easier for me to act alone.

    They did not insist after hearing Cillin's words.

    Udoze looked a little nervous. Thankfully, he lowered his head so that no one could notice the anxiety in his heart. Beaver patted his shoulder to indicate him to calm down. He looked up and gave Beaver a smile, "I'm fine, I choked on something just now."

    After inhaling deeply several times, Udoze also became a lot calmer than before.

    Cillin walked to Frentz' study. However, the maids did not attempt to stop him. This puzzled Cillin greatly.

    This shouldn't be...
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