Chapter 223: The Unreliable Prince [Part 2]

    Chapter 223: The Unreliable Prince [Part 2]

    Bel continued to speak with spittle flying everywhere. Then, he cast a glance at the lollipop Chang Eight was licking, then at the bag Cillin was carrying, and finally Cillin himself.

    After Cillin passed over the bag, Bel selected a flavor that he liked without hesitation. Then, he began competing with Chang Eight to see who had the longer tongue, who could lick faster and who had the better licking technique.

    Cillin was starting to regret his decision to bring this guy along a little. Why was he so stupid?!

    Cillin put away the purchased items properly after they returned to the shop. Although he had questions, Old Chang didn't ask why Cillin had purchased so many second hand parts immediately. Bel's presence also made him think better than spilling everything before a stranger.

    Cillin briefly talked about Bel before he took the triplets and Chang Five away to split the snacks. The gray cat found the fact that there were no fish biscuits on sale here a little regrettable, and it reluctantly chewed on the kiddies biscuits to grind its teeth.

    Back to Bel. After inspecting his work for a bit Old Chang found that the young man actually had real skills and knowledge. He was also quite familiar with the principle and structure of flying cars very well. In the past, Old Chang hadn't hired a helper because he didn't have the spare money to pay their wage. But Bel's demand for wage wasn't high, and he said that Old Chang could pay his final wage after deducting food, boarding and other expenses. Moreover, Bel would only be working for 30 days, and there were empty rooms in the house too. Therefore Old Chang was tempted to hire him. If everything went well, Old Chang might even hire other people to help with the shop after Bel's departure.

    Bel was overjoyed to be able to stay, and he urged Old Chang to let him do the repair work. Old Chang nodded repeatedly as he watched Bel working.

    At the most prosperous area of the city, inside the luxurious living room of a grand and wide building, a couple of chief personnel of the planetary government were sitting obediently at their seats. Two people were sitting at the high spot of the living room: one wearing a stiff expression, and the other wearing a good natured smile on his face. However no one from the planetary government dared to match eyes with them in case they accidentally trigger their ire.

    There were some guards standing around the reception room. They wore identical uniforms, and their clothes had the badge and patterns that identified them as members of the Blazing Eagle. These were real soldiers subordinate to the Blazing Eagle royal family, and it didn't take a genius to figure out who was better between them and the planetary guards.

    A few hours later, the people belonging to the planetary government came out with bent backs that couldn't be straightened for a long time until they were far, far away from the place. They all wiped the sweat on their forehead.

    "Say, do you think those two really are just passing by for a simple inspection?" One of them asked.

    Another person wiped the sweat that had dripped into the corner of their eyes. The good-cop-bad-cop show those two put on just now had seriously scared the wits out of them, and even now they still couldn't shake off the fear, "Who cares? Let's just observe and see if those two decides to do something. We only need to make sure that nothing big blows up for now."

    "You're right. I'll go back and arrange something to show how far our city has developed."

    Meanwhile, after the chief personnel of the planetary government had left, the two people in the living room shedded the air they were carrying and let out a sigh in unison. They exchanged a glance with each other and lamented the helplessness behind each other's eyes.

    "I feel like I've gotten haggard again." Sigh, why did it have to be 'again'?

    The guy wearing a smile earlier only had a helpless look on his face now.

    The guy with a stiff expression didn't look completely stiff now either. He pressed his forehead and said, "He is seriously a troublesome fellow."

    The reason they flew to this commoner area on purpose was to inspect the prince's recent activities. Otherwise, who would be bored enough to patrol such a place?

    "We've ran here and there behind the prince's butt for more than ten years, haven't we? Say, when do you think this is ever going to end?"

    "I want to know too."

    The current king of Blazing Eagle only had one son and one daughter. Not long after their son grew up he had expressed his lack of interest in the throne and sought to pursue his own personal freedom. As a result, King Blazing Eagle gave his boy a good amount of trashing, but he never succeeded in beating the decision out of his son's head. And so, the tragic life of a certain group of people began.

    The person on the throne didn't necessarily have to be the current king's biological son. Anyone who had the blood of Blazing Eagle Vogel in them were qualified to succeed the throne. However, the candidates who wished to succeed the throne must go through a strict and long selection period. No mistake was allowed when it came to the person who would eventually rule over the entire Blazing Eagle royal family.

    Since his son had no intentions of succeeding the throne, and years of encouragement had similarly yielded no result, the current king was given no other choice. The older his son grew, the less he was able to rein him in. In the end, he had to give up and select a few excellent youths to cultivate as a future king.

    There was no need to doubt the current king and queen's character at all. King Blazing Eagle was absolutely an excellent ruler, and his queen was absolutely a gentle and ladylike woman as well.

    The queen had already been thinking on how to raise her children into excellent people since birth, but reality had unfortunately decided to pour a bucket of cold water with ice on her head instead. Before she knew it, the elegant and graceful daughter she dreamed in her head had dug through a bird's nest, competed in a flying car race, and chased after five meters tall bears in the forest with a stick that was thicker than her own body.

    The son she had placed high expectations in had also developed in an abnormal manner. The amount of times he skipped class while in school was absolutely bigger than the times he actually attended them. Sometimes, the odd muscle named 'unreliable' in his brain would twitch and prompted the young man to do things that no one could've imagined until he actually did them.

    At first, the prince with high expectations on his shoulders simply ignored his parents' opinions and went to important battlefields to act as a war correspondent. Later on, he actually became a spy on a whim, and what was strange was that no one among the terrorists had ever suspected that he was a spy even after the battle was over. Perhaps even the terrorists thought that someone as stupid as him couldn't possibly be a spy.

    While the prince was busy playing spy elsewhere, his peers who were receiving higher education were doing their utmost to score high marks in the school and pave the road to their future. Was this really how a prince should be acting while the other blood related youths of the royal family were striving to outdo one another?

    Forget the current king, even the previous king was so pissed that he wrecked a couple of spaceplanes. But it was useless. The prince's ears had a perfect filter that filtered everything he didn't wish to hear every time he was facing the king, the queen and the other elders. Even beatings were useless because he became immune to them after so many years of the same punishment. One thing was certain, and that was his physical resistance was far better than any other youths within the family.

    Anyway, the point was that the unreliable prince had done many things that angered King Blazing Eagle. Neither punishment nor beating proved effective before the prince's absolute stubbornness.

    King Blazing Eagle: "Just give up already!"

    The prince: "Already! Can I leave now?"

    King Blazing Eagle: "..."

    An idiocy-induced beating later.

    King Blazing Eagle with a frigid expression: "This is the last time, you hear?"

    Unfortunately, in most cases his 'this is the last time, you hear' warning was a complete joke. 1 is followed by 2, and 2 is followed by 3. Naturally, the half-dead prince on the floor automatically filtered the words out before it even entered his brain.

    Every time the prince was forced by King Blazing Eagle to write a repentance letter, the former displayed astounding literary talent that only improved with each letter. All kinds of figures of speech were fielded in his letters, and if one were to look the writing of the letter alone they would no doubt have given him an A. Unfortunately, the actual content inside the letter was complete bull**. No matter how many paragraphs of touching and regretful words were inside the letter, they could never find the line 'I'll never do it again' or something similar inside it.

    It was no different this time. Once again, after the exams were over, that prince's brain muscle twitched the wrong way as he made the decision to experience life of a bottom class citizen in a shabby and poor place like this.

    What nonsense are you spouting, prince! You already have more life experiences than every one of your subordinates combined!

    His poor mother, the queen sighed at least 3 times a day. She just couldn't understand how her son and her daughter had turned out the way they were despite being raised by someone of her and Blazing Eagle's character and within the Blazing Eagle's domain.

    In the end, the queen concluded that it was a problem of intergenerational gene inheritance and history. The reason she came to this conclusion was because the prince's grandfather possessed a similar temper, which was why the grandfather had also backed out from his fight for the throne a long time ago.

    Naturally, the prince's biological grandfather raised both hands in support of the prince's actions. In fact, the old man had colluded with the prince a couple of times to commit some cases, which resulted in the current King Blazing Eagle and the former King Blazing Eagle to work together and keep the duo separate. These two fellows were seriously the oddballs of the Blazing Eagle Vogel Family, and if they were allowed them to work together then they could turn even the sky upside down!

    As long as the prince didn't seek out his grandfather, King Blazing Eagle was content to let him fool around as he wished. And that was how the two guys responsible for chasing after the prince, protect him and dealing with the aftermath grew as haggard as they were.

    While the two haggard-looking men were sighing at each other's fate, the prince with the disease of intermittent idiocy was busy repairing a flying car with Cillin.

    Just as Cillin had predicted, a lot of shop owners had gone to the city in hopes of getting lucky. After finding that the familiar faces in Repair Street were gone for the city, a lot of customers had come to their shop for repairs instead. Therefore, all repair shops who were still open were booming with business. At this point no one cared about the price of the repairs; what was important was how fast the repairs were done and how good the work was. If they were late by even a second another shop owner might take advantage of their absence. How could they possibly allow that to happen?

    At this point Old Chang's hands were actually shaking from fatigue just from receiving the orders. Cillin and Bel were basically the two guys who were doing all of the repair work, while Old Chang performed the final inspection after the repairs were complete. The good news was that Cillin and Bel had repaired all the cars perfectly, and sometimes their results were even better than Old Chang's own work. Plus, they finished everything in less time than usual.

    Before today there was no need to work too quickly, so Cillin didn't go all out in terms of speed. But right now orders were coming in one after another, and he couldn't afford to hide his skills any longer. As a result, the one hour he normally took to fix a flying car was reduced by half. In fact, he could go through a flying car in as short as two minutes, but that would be too obvious. Cillin wasn't a careless man.

    Bel's repair speed wasn't slow either. He also fixed a car per half an hour. This result put a big smile on Old Chang's face, and the old man thought that he had picked up yet another treasure.

    Personally, Cillin thought that Bel could work faster than the speed he was showing. However, he probably had the same thoughts as Cillin and didn't want to stick out too much. And so the duo tacitly finished the repairs at about the same time.

    There were a lot of people who were queuing for repairs, but they were moving at incredible speed. By now several repair shops had already increased their prices, but not Old Chang's - not so much that it was obvious, at least.

    Even the gray cat didn't have attention span to talk programs with Chang Five today. Instead, it calculated today's income with Chang Five. As it stared at the swelling numbers, the gray cat thought that its beloved fish biscuits were swimming straight towards it.
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