Chapter 225: Two Great Nobles [Part 2]

    Chapter 225: Two Great Nobles [Part 2]

    At night, the gray cat lay lazily beside Cillin while licking its paws. Chang Five had already fallen asleep. After a period of teaching, the gray cat was very satisfied with Chang Five's understanding of some complicated programs. It was rare to find a human with a brain that barely qualified as okay, so the gray cat didn't demand much Chang Five.

    "Today's fish biscuits are pretty good!" The gray cat said in the tone of a king praising his subject.

    Cillin grabbed one of the gray cat's ears and pulled it around for a bit, "Say that again? I worked so hard to earn this money, but your bag of food had consumed a tenth of it in one go!"

    The gray cat raised its paws and slapped Cillin's hand away. It said, "I did something too, okay. As you had predicted, that guy you told me to monitor is no ordinary person."

    "Oh? Tell me!"

    From the beginning, Cillin already felt that Bel was different from others. It was true that his attire, his lack of arrogance and his shamelessness made him look like a perfect local in the commoner zone, Cillin just couldn't shake the feeling that something was very, very off about him. That was why Cillin had asked the gray cat to monitor him since the first they he showed up.

    All communicators and security cameras were the gray cat's eyes and ears. Bel never used a communicator when he was in the presence of others, but he had used it when he was all alone. This was one way the gray cat grew to know Bel.

    "The communicator he used is quite sophisticated; not even the scanners at a security point may necessarily be able to detect it. Nothing escapes my ears though, hmph hmph," the gray cat said proudly.

    "Yes, yes, you're very awesome." Cillin's lips curled. This cat seldom missed an opportunity to praise itself.

    The gray cat grew excited from the conversation, so it flipped around, got up and said mysteriously, "Do you know who he is? He sure is a meowing good actor. At first I thought he was just a local, but he was in fact a descendant of the three great royal families; the Blazing Eagle Vogel Family. The people on the other side of the communicator called him 'Your Highness'."

    Cillin was mentally prepared since a long while ago, so he wasn't surprised by the gray cat's answer. His impression of the prince who had mingled among commoners to experience the life of a bottom class citizen incognito did change a lot, however.

    "He told his men to prepare some medical personnel in secret and deliver over a batch of expensive medicines. He planned to help in secret when Chang Five is having his treatment."

    This was also the reason why the gray cat had improved its attitude towards Bel a lot. In the past it hadn't allowed Bel to touch its fur, but now? It supposed that it could allow it a little.

    Cillin nodded. He scratched the gray cat's chin and stayed silent.

    "Sigh, that the city seriously isn't that great, so why are there so many people who wish to go there? Be it in terms of development, buildings or infrastructure, it is completely incomparable to some of the planets in GAL." The gray cat couldn't understand the people's attitude towards the city. Humans are such emotionally complicated creatures.

    Cillin smiled when he heard this. "This place is different. Still, this is just a small and poorly developed planet. We will know how advanced they really are once we enter Mist Bodhisattva Empire."

    "Alright!" The gray cat narrowed its eyes and began imagining the sceneries of Mist Bodhisattva Empire's capital city.

    Suddenly, the gray cat's ears twitched as it reopened its eyes, "That guy's contacting someone inside the city again. Everything he's asking is related to you though... Hmm?"

    Cillin didn't disturb the gray cat after noticing that it had suddenly gotten serious. The cat must have heard some important news.

    A while later, the gray cat looked at Cillin and asked, "Do you know a fatty?"

    "A fatty?" Cillin looked puzzled. "The second hand parts shop owner where I bought the parts from is a fatty. I have met several fatties at the hospital and the market, he is the only special case I can think of."

    "Yup, that's the guy. Bel and his contact are talking about parts, but..." The gray cat looked at Cillin with shiny eyes, "It would seem that that fatty is a noble too; a great noble no less!"

    He's a noble too? Cillin hadn't actually realized this until now. Although he figured out that Bel was an unconventional prince due to the Blazing Eagle's arrival, that shop owner had stayed in the city for several years. If he really was a noble, the surrounding people shouldn't have treated him the way they did. It meant that he was a good actor too.

    "What kind of background does he have?" Cillin asked.

    The gray cat hadn't answered Cillin's question immediately. Instead, it grinned after hearing something funny before replying, "Cillin, it sounds like that fatty has a pretty embarrassing past. The person on the other side said that this fatty is a member of the great Sizer Family. Every once in a while, his family would tie him up like a pig and kidnap him back into his house at midnight, hehe. Also, his family came close to flattening his shabby shop - oh no, the entire parts market - several times in the past..."

    Cillin did know about the surname Sizer; he had heard it from the TV before. The fact that this surname was known even a small place like this meant that this noble family was one of the more influential ones in the entire Mist Bodhisattva Empire. They may not compare to the one emperor and three kings, but they were still far superior to your normal noble.

    Also, a person whom the Sizer Family could afford the men and time to kidnap all the way back to Mist Bodhisattva Empire had to mean that he was quite important in the Sizer Family.

    "This is a tiny place, but there sure are some hidden dragon and crouching tiger!"

    The gray cat's eyes lit up. "But of course, who do you think we are? We are the Hunters who killed a Star Rank Hunter!"

    Cillin: "..." I'm not talking about us.

    Three days later, Cillin received a call from the portly shop owner while he was repairing a flying car. The latter sounded very excited on the other side of the communicator as he boasted about his newly designed flying car model. He asked Cillin to come over to the city to discuss it as soon as he could.

    While working, Cillin said, "I'm busy earning a living and can't afford the time. Why don't you come over instead?"

    Cillin didn't mean what he said, but the fatty actually did just that.

    The portly shop owner was a meticulous person even though his appearance might suggest otherwise. The fact that he was able to design those highly precise flying cars was a proof of character. When Cillin finally saw the arriving portly shop owner, the latter was just getting off a pretty old two seater flying car.

    Cillin and everyone around him could feel their eyes twitch as the fatty who took up both seats singlehandedly did his best to climb through relatively narrow car door.

    "Huh, who's this fatty?"

    "I don't think I've ever seen this guy before."

    Considering the fatty's size and exceptionally tall figure, it was hard not to recognize someone like him at first sight. That was why the car owners lining up at the queue exchanged a glance with each other before asking, "Hey Old Chang, is he someone from the city?"

    Old Chang was confused too. He didn't know this person.

    Cillin greeted the portly shop owner before informing everyone, "He's a friend from the city."

    In these people's opinion, anyone who had a friend in the city was absolutely enviable. So what if someone visited the city before, this guy here actually had a friend inside the city! At the same time, the people's desire to enter the city had grown even larger. It was likely that tomorrow's rumor would be something like this: A rather plain and dumb-looking guy had made a friend inside the city the moment he got in, and his friend even came all the way from the city to visit him!

    The triplets worked together to carry over an extra large chair, but even the shop owner himself was worried if the chair could endure his weight.

    The gray cat looked down at the people from a tall cabinet: Oh my meow, these two great nobles actually don't know each other!

    The portly shop owner didn't disturb Cillin and Bel seeing that they were both busy. Instead, he paid attention to their movements and handiwork. A different person might only think that the duo was familiar with their work, but the fatty was someone who really know the ropes and the true depths of the trade. That was why he was overjoyed to the point of beaming: I can't believe there's another capable guy in this place besides Cillin! You can't normally find a professional at this level even inside the city, but now there are two of them at once! This trip is truly worth it!

    The triplets felt goosebumps all over their body when they saw their portly customer smiling to the point where the fat on his face was shaking. They moved backwards away from him in unison.

    Upon noticing the triplet's evasive actions, the portly shop owner did his best to smile kindly before asking, "Do you like flying cars, children?"

    Although the triplets didn't know what the portly shop owner was getting at, there wasn't a single person here who didn't like flying cars. They nodded in unison.

    The wrinkles between the portly shop owner's fat deepened even further due to his smile. He took out a palm-sized device, played with it for a bit and looked at the flying car he parked outside the shop.

    The triplets' eyes followed his gaze, and saliva nearly spilled out of their mouth as a result.

    The portly shop owner's driver window had opened automatically, and four mini flying cars about the size of an adult's palm had flown towards Chang Five, Six, Seven and Eight on their own accord.

    Toy flying cars!

    The people queuing outside looked incredibly envious. Look, that guy's city friend had even brought over toy flying cars! These were real toy flying cars that could actually fly on their own accord. It was something that couldn't be purchased in this area at all.

    After Cillin and Old Chang had nodded in approval, the four children finally touched the flying cars.

    The triplets aside, even Chang Five liked the toy flying car a lot. The more programs he learned, the more fascinated he came with machines. Naturally, a fine toy that demanded a lot from its parts and programs was only more fascinating to him.

    After the children had grabbed the flying cars, the car door popped open to reveal a card slot inside. Following the portly shop owner's instructions, the children pulled out the card slotted inside the card slot. After the small card was unfolded into a device about the size as the one the portly shop owner was holding, they discovered that there were a lot of sensor buttons on the metallic card. They were able to control the toy flying cars using the sensor buttons.

    Now that they had the toys, the triplets were no longer afraid of the portly customer who could smile until his fat trembled under pressure. They happily played with the flying cars.
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