Chapter 235: Guan Feng [Part 1]

    Chapter 235: Guan Feng [Part 1]

    Requiem and her gang could talk until their ears fall off, but Bel and Gen Xingming couldn't care less about it. Now that the tension had finally departed their bodies, they quickly turned back to the fops they were.

    The planetary government continued to feign ignorance; it was almost as if nothing had happened just a moment ago. They could neither afford to offend the members of Wings or the two royal princes, so they might as well selectively forget this part of their memory.

    Dwei had already called someone to fix the damages to the bar. The bill was footed by Bel and Gen Xingming, although neither of them cared about losing a tiny sum of money.

    "Are you going to join AF1, Cillin?"

    Cillin shook his head. "I don't know. It depends."

    Right now there were too many variables in play, and he wasn't familiar with this place yet. Genya's final request was also troubling him. It wasn't difficult to bring Genya home, but the requirement to bring him home only when the ring gave a reaction was. What exactly did he mean?

    "If you can survive AF1, you can learn a lot of things in that place. After all, the teachers of AF1 are all famous figures in the whole empire. Royal academicians, famous imperial generals, retired military officers and even old politicians shared their experiences in that place..."

    Gen Xingming actually wanted Cillin to make it to AF1. Although he and Bel looked disgusted every time the school was brought up, in reality they were very impressed with the people studying there. There were very few people in the royal family who qualified to enter that place, and those who did were always star pupils who were groomed and cared for a lot by relatives across several generations. In the royal family, their influence dwarfed even theirs even though they were the sons of the current kings. Unfortunately, they simply didn't possess the talent or the grit to survive AF1. But if Cillin attended AF1, then he could boast to others in the that he had a bro in AF1 in the future.

    Bel didn't say anything. He was certain that Cillin would be seduced into joining the army or some other opportunistic party after he joined AF1.

    "If I join now, would my peers be much younger than I am? You did say that everyone in there are geniuses," Cillin asked.

    Gen Xingming waved a hand and explained, "Not necessarily. The age range in AF1 is extremely broad, not to mention that the school itself doesn't care about people's age. You saw that show off of a black panther, didn't you? They don't even care about racial differences. Plus, you won't necessarily start from the most basic level of study because there are no fixed grades in AF1. The courses in this place are arranged according to the school survey, so most of the time AF1 is less like a school and more like a base; a base that specifically nurtures talented people."

    If that was the case, Cillin had to admit that he was slightly interested. The knowledge he could learn there would benefit him a lot.

    Cillin thought for a moment before asking, "What is that Wings you guys mentioned earlier?"

    Bel and Gen Xingming gave him a detailed explanation of Wings. This was so that Cillin would know to keep his guard up if he ran into someone from Wings again in the future.

    Their fathers might not be afraid of Wings, but they were. What could they do, they committed too many dirty deeds and they just couldn't help but feel worried every time they saw them.

    The nobles' extravagance was the reason Wings was founded in the first place. After Wings was founded they became the eyes and ears of Emperor Mist Bodhisattva, and the nobles visibly restrained themselves as a result. After all, Wings was born to supervise the nobles. They might possess special privileges, but Wings kept them from abusing their power too much. The consequences of being caught were severe to say the least.

    "That's enough, let's talk about something else. My stomach hurts every time we talk about this," Bel shook off the cold clinging to his skin and said.

    "Alright. I actually do have something else to tell you all. Hehe, look, your bro bought a car for himself." Gen Xingming slapped the table spiritedly while boasting, "It's a triphibian flying car produced by "Whirlwind". Right now, there are only five of them in existence, and I'm the proud owner of one of them."

    "Whirlwind" was a flying car brand and one of the most distinguished flying car corporation in the entire empire. It was famed for its design of low-key luxury, and it belonged to the top noble family in terms of triphibian flying car, the Sizer Family. Most of the series produced by Whirlwind had the ability to transform, so the car could look either reserved or flamboyant. Whirlwind was deeply loved by noble descendants and was the dream for flying car fans.

    Bel said jealously after listening to Gen Xingming's dragged out bragging, "What's the use of empty talk? Show it to us so we can see what this latest Whirlwind flying car looks like."

    If Bel hadn't gone away to experience life, he could've gotten one car for himself. But now, it was already too late.

    Dwei cast a sideway glance at the proud looking Gen Xingming and shook her head. What a prodigal.

    Cillin wanted to see how a legendary big shot flying car looked too, but when the vehicle Gen Xingming was so proud of he could fly actually appeared before their eyes, they both wore odd looks on their faces. It was because the flying car looked exactly the same as one of the car models Fleka showed them for research that day.

    Bel's jealousy vanished in a puff. In fact, the corners of his mouth nearly stretched up to his ears.

    "And here I was wondering how impressive it was, but no, it's just some second hand stuff we toyed with before." This time it was Bel's turn to show off.

    "Just admit you're jealous already. This car just came out of the factory, so how the hell could you possibly have 'toyed' with it before?" Gen Xingming said with an I-know-you're-lying expression.

    "Tsk, why will I lie to you about this?" Bel said before jumping into the car in familiar fashion. Then, he began playing with the settings on the control panel and transforming the car while explaining to Gen Xingming a lot of configurations the latter hadn't completely figured out himself in great detail.

    "Fuck! How the hell do you know about this?" Gen Xingming grabbed Bel by the throat and shook him with all his strength.

    Bel kicked him away, rubbed his neck and lifted his chin proudly. "I was there when that fatty Fleka was designing the flying car. Your Royal Highness even lent a hand in the design. Next time we meet him, I think we should ask him to give us a flying car each."

    Cillin cast a glance at Bel but didn't say anything. He gave him face and didn't expose him for the fraud he really was.

    Under Gen Xingming's forceful demands, Bel roughly spoke of what happened that day. However, he embellished the story to make himself appear more prominent while downplaying Cillin's importance in designing the flying car by a lot. He had to make sure that the Gen Family doesn't pull Cillin to their side.

    Gen Xingming picked his chin for a bit before looking at Cillin, "When are you guys heading back? Let me come with you. I want to see the birthplace of this car."

    "We'll go back tomorrow."

    Bel had no problems with Cillin's decision. Right now, he was pliable to anything but going back to school. Now that Gen Xingming was here, there was no reason for him to return to the imperial capital.
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