Chapter 236: Guan Fengs Gift [Part 1]

    Chapter 236: Guan Feng's Gift [Part 1]

    Bel and Gen Xingming had strong opinions regarding Guan Feng, but Cillin could see that that it was more reverence than anything. Guan Feng was so old that even their fathers were his students in the past, so of course they wouldn't dare mess around before him no matter how arrogant they acted in the norm.

    The doorbell rang while they were talking about Guan Feng.

    Cillin opened the door to find the triplets poking their heads inside and looking at Gen Xingming and Bel. They said, "The brother downstairs wants these two brothers to meet him for a bit."

    The brother downstairs... the brother, they say...

    Bel immediately told the triplets seriously, "You should call the guy downstairs a grandpa!"

    The triplets looked very puzzled. They didn't understand why they should call such a young-looking man a 'grandpa' at all. In fact, they were originally going to call him 'uncle', but because he looked so young they switched to 'brother' instead.

    Gen Xingming pressed a hand to his forehead. "Bel, that isn't our concern right now. What is is that Guan Feng just told us to go downstairs. What do you think he'll do to us?"

    Bel's brain finally clicked as he answered with a conflicted look on his face. "But he said he isn't here to take us back to school!"

    Gen Xingming curled his lips. "You can't judge Guan Feng by common sense, or did you forget how he thought day or night on ways to torture us back at AF1? If I didn't have strong determination and tenacity... a different person would've gone insane already."

    No matter how reluctant they were, they had no choice but to head downstairs.

    Bel and Gen Xingming took two slow steps before they went back and pulled Cillin along to bolster their courage. Back then the Three Dissolute Musketeers suffered their punishments together, but Ulaganuo wasn't around right now. The two of them alone couldn't endure so much firepower.

    Guan Feng didn't criticise Bel or Gen Xingming. Instead, he said something that nearly drove the two of them insane.

    While drinking his tea elegantly, he said, "Since I'm here, I should inform you that AF3's semester exams are about to start. I heard that this semester's exams are going to be slightly harder. All students who didn't attend the exam, or failed and didn't attend the makeup exam will be demoted immediately."

    Bel and Gen Xingming's eyes twitched rapidly. They didn't doubt the truth of Guan Feng's words in the slightest, but they couldn't shake the feeling that this old man was largely the reason why their exams had gotten harder.

    Generally, Bel and his friends never skipped semester exams no matter what they were doing while playing truant. Even if they did, there were always the makeup exams. Although the exams were a little difficult, Bel and Gen Xingming were smarter than a lot of people. At the very least, their last minute preparations were well enough that they were able to cruise through the exams safely. But after hearing these words from Guan Feng's own mouth... their scores were in grave danger!

    Guan Feng looked at Cillin after he said this. "I heard you dodged four of Goryeo's shots."

    "No, I only managed to dodge two shots. I had to use my blade to block the other two shots." Cillin corrected him.

    Guan Feng shook his head. "One missed shot is a fail in my book."

    Old Chang cleverly took the triplets away from the scene when he saw Guan Feng talking with Cillin, Bel and Gen Xingming. The shop had a few service robots, so they didn't need to worry about reception in case a customer came in. At first, Old Chang was ready to prepare a private room for them to speak, but it didn't look like Guan Feng was planning to conduct their conversation in private.

    Guan Feng put down his glass and moved his hand once. A suitcase immediately appeared in his hand.

    The suitcase looked very normal, but only those who touched it would realize that it had a completely different texture from normal suitcases. The suitcase was made from a kind of rare alloy and possessed a great degree of hardness. It wouldn't be crushed even if a spaceplane were to land on top of it.

    Guan Feng passed the box to Cillin and said, "This is my gift to you. There aren't many people out there who can avoid Purgatory's Thunder Snake, especially at your age."

    Cillin didn't turn down the gift. Judging from what he heard from Bel and Gen Xingming, it would just be a futile gesture.

    Guan Feng opened the suitcase before Cillin. There were two compartments inside the suitcase. One of them contained some parts, which Cillin deduced to be gun parts. The other compartment contained some strange-looking metals of varied sizes. The tip of the metals were somewhat sharp while the rear end looked a little the back of an arrow. Moreover, the thin metals looked like they were holding something. They weren't completely made of metal.

    What surprised Bel and Gen Xingming was the pattern that was revealed after the suitcase was open. There was a snake resembling a snake that represented Purgatory's Thunder Snake, and then there was the character 'K' at the corner of the suitcase. It was very clear now what the contents of the suitcase were.

    Not only did Guan Feng gift Cillin a Purgatory's Thunder Snake, it was a K-type weapon no less. They couldn't understand the logic behind Guan Feng's gift at all. Even if that was his intention from the beginning, he still should've started with the most basic B-type first. What did he mean by gifting Cillin a K-type directly? He's totally looking down on us!

    The suitcase was opened at a ninety degrees angle, so it had blocked Guan Feng's gaze from view. However, Guan Feng wasn't looking at the suitcase. Instead, he stared at Cillin, moved his hands and spoke all at the same time.

    "I know that Griffin had given you a recommendation card, so you may see this gift as a recommendation of mine. However, whether or not you can use it depends entirely on your own ability."

    His movements were too quick. Although Gen Xingming and Bel could catch a few glimpses, they couldn't put together what they saw into a logical sequence because they missed far too many movements in between. When Guan Feng was done, a short barreled gun appeared in Guan Feng's hand.

    Guan Feng rubbed the body of the gun once - Bel couldn't even see where he was rubbing exactly - and the gun completely took on a different color. Its color had changed from bright white to unreflective black.

    He was definitely a true master!

    Cillin looked very calm when he watched Guan Feng's movements. His expression didn't look close to Bel and Gen Xingming's puzzlement or astonishment. As a result, no one knew what he was thinking in his head.

    After the gun was fully assembled, Guan Feng picked the smallest bullet - the metal in the other compartment - available and loaded it into the gun. Then, he tossed the seven small parts he bought from Old Chang into the air and opened fire almost without any aiming at all.

    The sound of clashing metals sounded like they happened at nearly the same time.

    The seven parts had not been thrown in a single line, and they all had different straight line trajectories. However, the shot hit all of them.

    The bullet's speed was too quick. It ultimately entered a wall after it struck all seven parts in succession. The most surprising thing of this demonstration was Guan Feng's mental responsiveness; he was able to calculate the parts' trajectories, the angle of the gun and the timing the moment he tossed the seven parts into the air.

    Everything had happened in a short instant. It had looked like Guan Feng had thrown the parts and opened fire during a moment of absent mindedness, but the outcome was anything but that: a single bullet striking all seven parts in a row.

    When he was done, Guan Feng's hands flashed across the weapon and turned it into separate parts once more. The landing point of the gun parts was exactly the same as they were before in the compartment!

    He picked up the glass once more to take a sip of tea. He looked no different from he was prior to the demonstration, almost as if he wasn't the one who fired the gun.

    Cillin was quiet throughout the entire process. It wasn't until Guan Feng had closed the suitcase once more that he accepted the gift.
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