Chapter 247: The Ten-Meter Spray [Part 1]

    Chapter 247: The Ten-Meter Spray [Part 1]

    Cillin didn't know why Goryeo looked so odd every time Guan Feng's dinner treat was brought up, and Goryeo didn't elaborate. The only thing he said was, "You'll know later."

    Since this was the first time Cillin had come to AF1, Goryeo took him around so he could familiarize himself with the campus. There were three places that every student absolutely must attend when they got real busy: the apartments, the school buildings, and the training grounds. That was why Cillin needed to get acquainted with these places.

    "Although we're technically studying under Teacher Guan, he doesn't actually spend too much time with us. Every once in a while, we'll be required to submit a summary report on our studies and work. Missions are a different story. Don't you go thinking that writing a summary report is easy though. Sure, teacher Guan doesn't set a particular word count, but there are still things you need to pay attention to..."

    On the way to Guan Feng's residence, Goryeo explained their daily work and Guan Feng's expectations to Cillin. Here, the big difference between AF1 and Seven Lights was the degree of freedom and level of standards.

    In AF1, the teachers normally didn't spend much time teaching their students what they should do and what they shouldn't do. The only thing they taught were skills, and how much the students could pick up was entirely their own problem. The independent electives were all taught by members of the Royal Academy of Sciences, but everything else were subject to the teachers' expectations and demands.

    Guan Feng had very high standards; this was something everyone in Mist Bodhisattva Empire knew about. But having high standards didn't prevent him from treating his students well. If his students needed a flying car, spaceplanes or other tools, they could seek out Guan Feng and borrow them directly from him. Considering that his tools were high quality, it would be a waste to squander this opportunity. Guan Feng didn't pay his students poorly either. Even when compared to the other teachers in AF1 and AF2, the wage Guan Feng paid out could be ranked among the top five. That was why his students didn't need to worry about daily consumption even if they skipped a mission.

    Guan Feng really didn't manage his students strictly. To put in a negative light, he didn't mind if his student was a murderer or an arsonist as long as they met his requirement of them. For example, he demanded his students to reach a minimum hit rate of 99.99% during training. As long as they could meet this requirement, you could kill or burn for all he cared. This was something about Guan Feng that most people couldn't get.

    Before Cillin showed up, Guan Feng never had a student who officially graduated from AF1. The first disciple he took in, Pistura was recruited into the Imperial Guards before he could graduate. The second disciple, Fu Qingqing was recruited into the Royal Guards also before she could graduate. In short, both his students were absorbed into the two greatest army of the empire. Goryeo himself was recruited into Wings, a division separate from the two armies. Guan Feng didn't care if his three students clashed against each other in private though. It meant that Cillin could join the rebels and Guan Feng still wouldn't give a ** about it.

    Teachers like Guan Feng were arranged in a private residential area away from the three affiliated schools. They soon arrived at Guan Feng's residence.

    Guan Feng's residence looked a little traditional. There was a small courtyard beside the building, complete with some flowers and grass. They looked pretty cozy. However, the moment they went through the door, the two people at the hall immediately caused the temperature of this cozy residence to drop by several degrees.

    The two people sitting at the sofa of the living hall were none other than the eldest senior brother Pistura and the second eldest senior sister Fu Qingqing. They were both wearing stern expressions on their faces. Objectively speaking, if either one of them were willing to relax their features a little, they were absolutely handsome or pretty enough to attract a lot of attention. However, they looked stern and extremely unhappy right now. Their presence was so ominous that no one could muster the courage to liven up the atmosphere.

    Pistura and Fu Qingqing turned their heads at the same time when Cillin walked in. They didn't look too friendly. After nodding once at Goryeo, they turned their heads back to the large screen displaying the recent speeches of a couple of scholars of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

    Goryeo had gotten used to this situation since a long time ago, so he simply gestured at Cillin to tell him not to worry before entering the kitchen to check out things.

    Goryeo had returned from the kitchen just as Cillin took a seat. "I just reported to Teacher Guan. He's cooking right now."

    And so all four of Guan Feng's students sat quietly at the living hall's long, big sofa and stared at the speaking scholars. The atmosphere was bizzare to say the least. Cillin could sense that Pistura and Fu Qingqing were clearly harboring a kind of of hostility, or more specifically resentment, towards him. Were they mad at him because he was the only one who was allowed to use the PTS K, as Goryeo had mentioned earlier?

    Pistura and Fu Qingqing weren't the only ones who were silent. Even Goryeo's mouth seemed to have stiffened up after he entered Guan Feng's residence. Seeing that none of them were planning to speak up, Cillin kept quiet and listened to the speech on the screen.

    In order to show that it was a polite creature itself, the gray cat crouched seriously and primly on top of the sofa. No one objected to it its presence.

    Five minutes later, every bone inside the gray cat's body began to itch. It unconsciously glanced at a large fish tank on the other side of the living hall.

    The fishes inside that fish tank are so huge! The gray cat's claws itched as it stared at the lively fishes.

    It glanced sideways at Cillin before it sneakily shifted an inch away from the young man, then another.

    Meow it, you guys can stay here and blank out all you want! I got something else to do!

    The cat ran like the wind towards the fish tank and climbed up the edge nimbly, watching.

    Everyone was staring at the gray cat the moment it jumped towards the fish tank. But for whatever reason, no one tried to put a stop to its actions.

    There was an unusual air vent right above the fish tank. It allowed the scent of fresh flowers and grass to flow into the house. As the gray cat crouched at the edge of the fish tank and stared at the fishes, soft wind and warm light brushed across its fur. It began to feel sleepy as its eyes narrowed.


    One of the fishes felt a little threatened after the gray cat had appeared suddenly. It jumped out of the water and sprayed a mouthful of water right at the gray cat.

    The gray cat's fur around its head was wet as a result.

    Cillin finally understood why Goryeo and the others didn't try to stop the gray cat. This was exactly what they wanted to see.

    Since a fish had taken the lead, the rest of its companions mimicked its movements and jumped out of the water to spray water at the gray cat.

    The gray cat was sleepy and caught off guard when the first fish spray water right at its face, but after it was 'refreshed' the other fishes were unable to hit it as easily as the first fish. However, the fishes were numerous, so the gray cat couldn't completely avoid the barrage even though it jumped left and right to avoid them. Moreover, the water spray was fast, and the fishes themselves were extremely swift and agile. Prettiness wasn't their only good trait.

    The wind grew stronger, and the warmth the gray cat just gathered from sunbathing immediately departed. It shook its ears free of water droplets and swayed its tail once. Cillin knew the gray cat well enough to know that a devious idea had entered his head.

    As he expected, the gray cat found a suitable angle, ignored the spraying fishes and lifted up its tail.

    "Eat my ten-meter spray!"


    Cillin, Goryeo, Fu Qingqing, Pistura: "..."

    Can you be any less embarrassing than this?!

    Cillin felt like stuffing the gray cat into a crack on the ground.

    What kind of cat would piss into a tank of fishes in a situation like this?!

    When Guan Feng walked out, what greeted him was the scene of his four students staring at a fat cat bullying his tank of fishes.

    That being said, the fishes did stop jumping into the air to spray water at the gray cat. Cillin guessed that they were too busy vomiting the disgusting stench in their gills.

    Guan Feng returned to the kitchen after he set down the plate. He didn't express any opinion whatsoever.

    Cillin let out a cough to remind the fat cat of the occasion.

    The gray cat who realized things too late shook the water away from its body and ran to the dryer to dry its fur completely. Then, it ran back to Cillin's side, licked its fur once, looked at Cillin, and then looked at the fur behind its back. The meaning behind its actions was: Come on, comb my fur already!

    Cillin thought to himself: This cat is getting more and more brazen as of late!
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