Chapter 6: That Weird Uncle

    Chapter 6: That Weird 'Uncle'

    Planet X-C100 was the equivalent to a transport hub in Sector X. The turnover between the Sectors divided by the Star Alliance mostly happened on planet X-C100. Every day, there were tens of thousands of space crafts and space ships landing and taking off within the area, and Cillin's destination lay between Sector D to M; the Sectors categorized as the ten rapidly developing 'free trade' Sectors. Sector X was at best a backward Sector.

    On the other hand, Sectors A to C were not easy places to gain a firm foothold in. Sector A was populated by political organizations, and the Galactic Alliance's coalition government could be found in this area; Sector B was famed for its many academies and financial tradings; as for Sector C, most of the land fell under military reservations, and GAL's most famous military academy - GAL Military Academy could be found right here. Sectors ABC were known by the people of GAL as 'The Shining Three Sectors', and they weren't a place anyone could go. The waters ran deep, and there was no telling when one might get eliminated for some inexplicable reasons.

    Sitting inside a restaurant near the space port, Cillin propped his chin and looked at the scenery outside. As compared to Brown Earth's bustling chaos, the terminal planet X-C100 looked to be systematic and in perfect order everywhere; be it as big as a freighter or as small as the flying cars driving swiftly across the roads. The transportation hub of Sector X certainly lived up to its name.

    Cillin bought a tabloid. The flashing animations and eye-catching names could always inject some freshness into people's everyday lives. The ticket to Sector K had already been purchased, and all Cillin needed to do was wait. In the meanwhile Cillin sipped his cup of tea.

    Be it his sitting, drinking or reading posture, the impression Cillin gave was that of a very cultured person. It was something he cultivated following Genya since a young age, and he did not look like someone from the poor area at all. But of course, this was just a disguise to match his current appearance. He could just as easily give the impression of a ruffian if he wanted to.

    "Hey sweetie, got a free table for me?"

    A young man with brown shoulder-length curls wearing a pair of sunglasses and somewhat fancy clothing walked into the lounge holding a big black briefcase. The top two buttons of his shirts were unbuttoned, revealing well defined muscles a testament to his explosive masculinity. He teased the waitress serving him; staring unabashedly at her well-formed breasts.

    He was right next to a robot waiter, and yet he just had to ask for the waitress on the other side of the counter. But such flirtations were pretty common, and the waitress herself was obviously not surprised by the situation as she continued to answer him with a smile, "I'm really sorry, but we don't have a free table at the moment. However there are empty seats, so would you like to wait or join another table..."

    "Aw, man! So there aren't any tables left! How unfortunate!"

    The young man looked around the lounge through his sunglasses before finally stopping at Cillin's table.

    "That table will do. Guess I'll just squeeze with our little buddy over there."

    "Okay. This way please."

    The waitress' smile was a bit stiff. It was a standard six man table and there was only a person sitting there; two including him. Why would he ever need to squeeze?

    Although there were several tables in the lounge that were seated with only one or two people, Dias had picked this particular table on purpose. The kid had given him a very strange feeling - one that he just could not describe - and for some reason he even looked vaguely familiar; although he couldn't for the life of him recall where at the moment.

    Placing his briefcase at a side casually, Dias sits down on the opposite side of Cillin. He had no plans to take off his sunglasses even though he was inside the lounge. He tentatively categorized this under 'playing it cool'.

    Receiving the menu from the waitress, his fingers slid repeatedly across its surface as he flicked and selected through various menu screens.

    "Hmm, let's have these orders for now."

    "Alright, please wait for a moment."

    After he finished ordering, Dias looked towards the reading Cillin and said, "Hey, little buddy. Waiting for your flight?"

    Cillin lifted his head, smiled gracefully, and with an 'I am very cultured' look answered, "Yes, uncle."

    Un... Uncle? Did this sonuvabitch just call a handsome, charming, brilliant and attractive person like me 'Uncle'?! If Cilin was one of his men he would've given him a taste of the sole of his foot already, but, hmm. Interesting.

    From the moment Dias walked into the lounge, Cillin had kept an eye on him. He might know nothing about this young man, but Cillin had a feeling that this man was very powerful; more powerful than anyone he had met before. Even though the other party had called him, a seventeen years old, 'little buddy', Cillin did not react angrily and countered with an 'Uncle' instead.

    Dias gave a short laugh and picked up his served drink. He drank it in one go, "Same here. I've already bought the ticket to Sector K. And you?"

    "Me too."

    "Why, it looks like the two of us are tied by fate."

    The waitress serving the pastries rolled her eyes on the inside when she heard him. Tied by fate my ass; eighty percent of the people hanging around here are waiting for the flight to Sector K. If he is the only "person" in the room tied to you by fate, then does that mean everyone else are un-evolved apes?

    "Much thanks, sweetie!" while speaking Dias had even brushed lightly across the back of the waitress' soft white hand in a most flirtatious manner.

    "You're welcome." She smiled and ignored him completely.

    Dias didn't really mind it. Turning his head around, he began chatting nonchalantly with Cillin and made some small comments about the news on today's morning paper. The majority of them were scornful and criticizing. Most of the time Cillin played the role of a quiet listener, and it was only when Dias asked something that he would nod once or give a short answer or two. Meanwhile Dias shuffled closer and closer towards Cillin, and although Cillin appeared relaxed, he was tensed on the inside; muscles ready to react at the slightest trouble.

    "Alas, I have forgotten to introduce myself." Dias shoved himself in front of Cillin with a suspicious look while saying with utterly undisguised pride, "I am Dias."

    Once finished, Dias leaned backwards against the soft chair, folded his arms and smirked. If someone translated his expression it would be: Revere me! Worship me! Your god is right here!

    There were invisible light boards surrounding every table, so the people on the other side of the light board would not be able to hear their conversations. Moreover, while Dias was speaking he casually covered up with his arm so that the people outside would not be able to read his lips. Naturally it was impossible to determine what he said through his lips.

    Cillin blinked. For a moment he couldn't figure out what the dude was so smug about. "Oh. I am Cillin."


    Cillin's reactions actually caused Dias to choke a little.

    That can't be right. If he's from one of those families then there's no way he hasn't heard about me.

    Dias gave Cillin a strange look, but then he replied immediately with keen interest, "You're so funny!"

    Cillin: "..."

    And where exactly did this 'funny' come from?

    "Ahem, anyway. I guess we know each other now. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Cillin." Dias stretched his hand.

    Cillin stared blankly at Dias outstretched hand for a second before smiling and returned, "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Mister Dias."

    The handshake lasted only for a brief moment, but on the inside Cillin was well and truly shocked. Once contact was made with the other party, his chip would feedback information to him, and through this information Cillin had found out that this Dias was actually an A rank genotype!

    Cillin did come into contact with several people around earlier, but they were at best B rank. To think that this person before him was actually an A rank; Cillin had not expected to meet a character this level so soon.

    Is he a Hunter?

    Generally speaking, a handshake was not a common ritual. But Hunters loved hugs and handshakes a lot because there would be a form of contest during the process. Competition of strength was an effective way most Hunters employed when interacting with each other, and not everyone would have the courage and insight to accept these rituals. Those who overestimated themselves might bring severe injuries and even death upon themselves.

    But all Dias saw from Cillin was momentary surprise before he proceeded to receive the etiquette. He reflected inside his heart, this guy isn't too bad. Although Dias himself had not pulled any cheap tricks during the handshake, he thought Cillin was a pretty interesting boy to return his grip so calmly and fearlessly. Should he say that he had a screw loose in his head? Or was he a different book from his cover?

    Probably the latter, Dias thought to himself. But judging from Cillin's reactions it appeared that he really didn't know him. Just where did this little guy come from? Cillin had told him frankly that he was called 'Cillin'; as for his surname, Cillin made no mention of it at all so it wouldn't be right for Dias to ask about it either. How very curious.

    It was at this moment the flight announcement had sounded, and more than eighty percent of the people inside the lounge got up and headed towards the station. Dias stuck to Cillin like glue as they entered the station together. There were a few thousand people aboard this flight. Cillin picked neither the first class nor the third class cabin, and instead chose a seat at the medium class cabin. To his surprise Dias had also picked a medium class cabin, and he even deliberately exchanged seats with another person and sat beside Cillin. Even when he was inside the cabin, Dias did not look like he had any intentions to take off his sunglasses.

    Cillin had a feeling that this flight would not be as smooth.
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