Chapter 55: Knight and Shadow X

    Chapter 55: Knight and Shadow X

    In the first place, the amount of times Cillin had fought on the Sector Championship Platform were little; only a match a day. This already caused a lot of people to feel so mad they could flip out, and this time Shadow X had vanished again for three days straight without accepting even a single challenge. There were people who could not hold it in and accused him of fault already.

    On the Sector Championship forum, there were many people who directly posted their challenge requests and openly challenged Shadow X into a fight. Most of these people came from military academies and were of rank A genotype.

    These challengers were actually rank A genotypes from military academies!

    Students at the level of rank A genotype from military academies had actually challenged a student of rank B genotype from a Sector B university? Moreover, all four military academies had acted the same without the slightest fear that they might be called fools by others at all.

    Everyone could not help but wonder: Just who exactly was Shadow X to force these military students who normally looked down upon all students from other Sectors into such a state?

    Shadow X had only appeared for three days, and the amount of time he showed up during these three days weren't long either. However, his generic, initial-state robot appearance had already become a major defining feature, which at the same time caused a lot of people to feel helpless. The information about Shadow X on the forum was an image of a generic robot, and a simple and drab information list that stated male, Seven Lights, rank B genotype and three wins zero losses. That was all.

    It was so simple that it was mysterious.

    After the first battle against 'Fang', several tens of thousands of people had followed Shadow X. Three battles later, the number of people who challenged him rose to five digits, and they were mostly military academy students from Sector C. A large majority were military academy students from Sector C. The number of his followers had reached six digits and was rising towards seven with ferocious rally. It was unprecedented.

    Since Shadow X had not logged onto the Sector Championship platform for three days, someone jumped out and accused Shadow X of being stuck-up.

    Stuck-up? Why don't you show us what you can do then, sucker!

    The people from Seven Lights immediately retaliated; those who had accused Shadow X of undermining the school's reputation and morale also had steered around. Right now Shadow X was the treasure of Seven Lights.

    There were also some people who said that Shadow X was intentionally avoiding a match, but this voice was quickly shouted down by the other military academy students; especially those whose voices were given much value and consideration. They believed that Shadow X was temporarily busy with something and so did not log onto the Sector Championship platform.

    There were people in Seven Lights who purposely prepared a list of names of all the people whose combat prowess were impressive and genotype at rank B. Cillin's name was among them, but he was excluded on the first round of screening.

    A man who was just recently recovered from a great illness and discharged from the hospital would be capable of challenging someone from a military academy? No one would have believed it, even if the truth had gone out. Moreover, while the students of the training division had commented that Cillin's marksmanship was pretty okay, no one knew about his combat prowess. He was placed last among the five students during the previous operation after all.

    But even after many rounds of screening, they could not find anyone who might be the person behind Shadow X.

    There was a thread that guessed that Shadow X might not be a Grade One student at all. Grade was not listed inside the information list at all, so they could not assume that he or she was a Grade one new student just because it was their first time registering on the Sector Championship. One must understand that there were many pros who missed out on the Sector Championship when they were Grade One due to certain missions.

    Many people supported the thread the moment it was posted.

    In short, there were all kinds of speculations.

    Therefore, when Cillin saw the Sector Championship forum page Ling Long had shown him, his mind went blank. Even he did not expect that he would cause such an effect after using the Sector Championship platform for just three days.

    "So as I say, Shadow X, you're famous now." Ling Long looked at Cillin, "What are you going to do?"

    "We'll see. I got a few days off anyway. I'll log back in and look around once I get back today."

    "I don't know how many challenge requests you got, but the Sector Championship is about to officially start real soon. Are you going to participate in the small contests prior to it?"

    Small contests referred to single and double format contests, and big contests referred to contests that involved entire groups as single units. But be it big or small contests, it had nothing to do with the Championship's popularity, just like how single combat tournament was always filled to the brim with spectators, and double combat tournament were slightly less so because there were less chance of a 'superstar' appearing in double combat tournament than in single combat tournament.

    "You want to know?" Cillin got up and packed his backpack, "Wait for tomorrow's news."

    Ling Long wrinkled her nose in dissatisfaction and humphed softly, "Stingy!" She packed away her microcomputer, and before she left she even made a funny face at Cillin.

    Ling Long ran into a certain someone after she left Cillin's workshop and exited the Institute of Mechanical Engineering. As usual, she was dressed in refreshing clothes that was not flirtatious, but very brilliant.

    Theresa did not turn around to look at Ling Long. She continued to look at the faraway scenery with a smile at the corner her lips.

    The moment Ling Long saw Theresa, she lost all semblance of playfulness inside Cillin's workshop just now. Her deep, amber eyes were filled with ice; so cold that Theresa could feel a clear murderous intent from them.

    "Cillin already has someone in his heart, you know."

    "Even if there was it won't be you, Theresa!" Ling Long called Theresa's name directly.

    Theresa did not pay heed to her outburst either. She continued to smile lightly while feeling the gentle breeze.

    "Theresa, I don't care what kind of deal you have with Cillin. If anything happens to him, the Kiara family will suffer my wrath!"

    "Just you? Or the powers behind you?" Theresa played with her hair blown up by the breeze. She seemed to pay no heed to Ling Long's words at all.

    Ling Long glanced at Theresa once before letting out a sarcastic smile, "Theresa, you've always thought you're so smart." Once she said this she left without turning back.

    Cillin had returned to the accommodation on the same day. As usual, Knight was the only one at home, and the moment he saw Cillin's return, he dropped everything about the Sector Championship platform and urged Cillin to log in and register. While Cillin was logging in, Knight had run back to his own bedroom to grab his own microcomputer. Both of them had to enter their information at the same time while registering, and for convenience purposes, Knight had brought over his own equipment directly.

    However, Knight's jaw had fallen to the ground when he saw a window popping up on Cillin's microcomputer.

    On Cillin's screen, there was the unusually familiar appearance of a generic robot moving casually about. The name displayed was Shadow X.

    "... Cillin..."


    "Fuck you man!"

    Knight rushed over to grab Cillin's neck, "I can't believe you're that **ing mysterious generic Shadow X famed throughout the entire Sector Championship platform who ignited the fighting spirit of all four military academies singlehandedly! How dare you hide this from us for so long!"

    "Hey, it's not like you asked me. Let go of me and let's register already; registration is of the utmost importance, right!"

    "Oh, right. I'm letting you off today, but you're not getting away for lying to us next time!"

    "A great man won't stoop to pettiness or harbor grievance for past wrongs. I'll treat you to crabs next time."

    "I'm telling you, don't you play that trick on me... Fuck I want to eat a fresh live unexperimented natural crab!"

    I knew he was a glutton.

    Cillin only glanced at his mailbox and voicemail once before ignoring it entirely. So many...

    Although he had logged onto the Sector Championship platform, he was currently in invisible mode. He could neither fight nor train, but of course, it was still possible for him to register.

    Knight's ID was a very simple and direct, 'Knight'. Knight could be said to be rather famous on the Sector Championship as well. There were many people in the military academy who knew about him, and Knight was the number one person in Seven Lights among this term's new students in terms of combat prowess. Naturally, he had a lot of followers.

    However, when the names Knight and Shadow X had appeared in the participant list of the double format tournament, the entire Sector Championship platform erupted.

    Just how big of a wave was this combination going to make?
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