Chapter 130: Going to the doctor

    Hu Ke and Grandpa Hu continued to chat a bit longer, they talked about the current state of Shanghai for a while and then eventually hung up. But Hu Ke couldn't help feeling shocked every time she thought about Ye Qian's identity that her grandpa told her about. The leader of the great Wolf Fang Mercenaries had unexpectedly gone to Shanghai to be a bodyguard. It was very clear that Ye Qian's objective wasn't just this, but Hu Ke couldn't find out what Ye Qian was really planning.

    Probably due to the blood loss, but Ye Qian didn't wake up as early as he usually did on the next day. Only when Qin Yue came to wake him and tell him it was time to take him to the hospital did he get out of bed with great effort. Once in the car, Ye Qian fell back into a deep sleep. When Qin Yue saw Ye Qian like this, she knew that it was because he must be tired from going to rescue Zhao Ya so late, and he even got injured, so she didn't say anything and let him continue sleeping.

    Soon after, when they reached the People's Hospital, Qin Yue woke Ye Qian, "Ye Qian, wake up, we're here."

    When Ye Qian opened his drowsy eyes and looked out the window and saw the big People's Hospital sign, he couldn't help gawking in surprise, wasn't this Lin Rou Rou's hospital? "No... no need now. I'm okay. I don't need to go to the hospital," Ye Qian said in a rush. After all, Lin Rou Rou occupied the most important position in Ye Qian's heart. Even though there was nothing between him and Qin Yue, but if Lin Rou Rou saw them she would surely have other thoughts. Ye Qian would never let Lin Rou Rou feel wronged.

    Qin Yue looked at Ye Qian in surprise when he reacted in this over the top manner, "What's wrong? Don't tell me, big as you are, you're afraid of needles."

    Ye Qian laughed and said, "You're a real genious, you guessed right."

    Qin Yue was a very smart girl, of course she knew that Ye Qian wasn't really afraid of needles. What a joke, a guy that wasn't afraid of stabbing himself with a dagger, afraid of needles? She glared at Ye Qian and said, "You still have to go even if you're afraid, go. Stop trying to trick me." After saying this, she opened the car door and went out.

    Ye Qian laughed bitterly and braced himself as he walked out of the car. Qin Yue very considerately supported Ye Qian, as if Ye Qian had a serious illness. Poor Ye Qian didn't have any feelings of pleasure this time, but he also couldn't refuse Qin Yue. His appearance was somebody who was scared and on the edge.

    At the entrance to the hospital corridor, a young man rushed forward from Ye Qian's side, due to this extreme hurry he hit Ye Qian really hard. Ye Qian wasn't careful and stumbled, falling to the floor. Qin Yue knitted her brows, glared at the young man and shouted, "Is that how to walk?"

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" The young man bowed his head in apology. When he raised his head and saw Ye Qian he stared in surprise and said, "second boss? What... what are you doing here?"

    Ye Qian gawked and saw that the young man was unexpectedly Li Dong, he couldn't help asking in surprise, "Li Dong, why are you in the hospital?"

    "Second boss, it's... it's Brother Hu, something happened so he had to be hospitalized. I'm here to go visit him." Li Dong said.

    "Brother Hu? That Brother Hu?" Ye Qian asked.

    "Yes. I forgot that Ye Qian and Brother Hu know each other." Li Hao said. "Back then when I saw Brother Hu I also called you second boss, you probably remember that. Later on after I got taught a lesson by second boss I followed Brother Hu. Truthfully, if it weren't for second boss I'd still be up to shady business."

    "You are talking about Wang Hu? Wang Hu has been hospitalized?" Ye Qian asked with slightly knitted brows.

    "Yes, last night the Qing Gang was causing a ruckus so Brother Hu came out to sort things out, who'd have thought the Qing Gang would be so ruthless and unreasonable, not sparing even Brother Hu and wounding him in the end." Li Dong said.

    "Qing Gang?" Ye Qian's brows knitted tightly together, then he said, "Which room is he in? I'll go see him."

    "Number 304." After Li Hao replied he looked at Ye Qian and asked in surprise, "second boss, what are you doing here?"

    Ye Qian gave a light smile and said, "Nothing, just got a little scratched up."

    Li Dong made and "Oh" sound then Ye Qian continued speaking, "You go on ahead, I'll follow in a while." After he said this, he proceeded to go inside.

    "Second boss?" A little after they had gotten inside, Qin Ye smiled and said, "I didn't know you had such a title. Can you tell me about it? How did you get this title?"

    Ye Qian laughed and said, "When I was young I didn't study well and just messed around all day. Being second in the family so they called me second boss."

    "Who is this Wang Hu?" Qin Yue asked.

    "A childhood friend. When we were young we wore the same pants." Ye Qian said.

    "Oh!" Qin Yue only replied like this simply, she didn't express anything further.

    Qin Yue took care of registering and queuing, it was really as if Ye Qian was very seriously injured. Qin Yue ordered him to take a seat and wait, saying that she would handle everything.

    But Ye Qian didn't notice that from some corner of the hospital, a nurse saw Ye Qian and Qin Yue enter the sickbay, afterwhich she scampered towards the nurse's lounge. Inside the lounge Lin Rou Rou was looking at patient records while sitting on a chair. That nurse rushed inside in a panic and said, "Rou Rou, Rou Rou, not good, something has happened."

    Lin Rou Rou looked at her in surprise and said, "What's wrong? You're all worked up."

    "Rou Rou, I just saw your boyfriend in this hospital." The nurse said, "Right, and aside from him there was a beautiful girl accompanying him, I felt that their relationship was quite close."

    "That can't be, you saw it wrong." Lin Rou Rou laughed light and said.

    "I'm certain I didn't see wrong, if you don't believe me then go take a look for yourself." The nurse said. "Right, right now they are with Doctor Qian, I also saw that your boyfriend had a bandage around his arm, it seems that he is has been wounded."

    Lin Rou Rou cried out and stood up, she grabbed the nurse's shoulders and said anxiously, "He's wounded? How did he get wounded?"

    That other nurse didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, "Rou Rou, how would I know that? If you wanted to know, why don't you go take a look."

    "Right, right." Lin Rou Rou ran out of the room in a panic, saying as she ran, "He's with Doctor Qian? I'll go take a look."

    When she saw Lin Rou Rou's panic-y appearance, the other nurse shook her head helplessly, thinking to herself, "Ay, this girl, she's thoroughly in the palm of that xiaozi."
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