Chapter 139 Rival in Love

    Zhang Jian gave Ji Meng Qing a very disdainful look and said, "The court said our daughter is in your custody, but it does not deprive me of the right to see her.  Why are you making me leave? What? You have a boy-toy now you don't want me to see?"

    "Zhang Jian, you are shameless!" Ji Meng Qing angrily cried out.

    "Me, shameless? How am I shameless? Compared to you, I'm not far off. You think I don't know about those things you did? It's not only fooling around with a boy." Zhang Jian said.

    "You are talking nonsense, when did I get together with a boy." JI Meng Qin angrily said.

    "Isn't this obvious. Earlier when you opened the door you were very excited, then when you saw me you got disappointed. Isn't your boy coming too? Then that's good, I won't leave yet. I want to see what attracted my wife." Zhang Jian said shamelessly.

    "Zhang Jian, you have to understand, we've already divorced, stop calling me that. Also, who I associate with is none of your concern, I don't need you to meddle." Ji Meng Qing said. "You are Beng Beng's father, I don't deny that, I'm not depriving you of seeing her, but this is my house, and you are not welcome here."

    "Want me to leave? Sure, aren't you a boss now? Give me some money." Zhang Jian said.

    "Hmph, forget it." Ji Meng Qing refused. "If you act shameless like this, I'll have your visitation rights revoked."

    "Revoked? What for? I'm Beng Beng's father. Laozi will play with the life of the person that dares to not grant me visitation rights."

    "You still know you're Beng Beng's father? But did you take care of Beng Beng after she was born? After the divorce, did you pay a single cent of child support? What, now you remember you're Beng Beng's father? Hmph, don't think I don't know what you are thinking. It was very difficult to get my life back on track, please don't come back and make trouble, alright?" Ji Meng Qing said.

    "As the saying goes, "Husband and wife for day, a lifetime of affection." No matter what you say, you used to be my woman. How about this, if you come back to me, I'll agree to everything you want." Zhang Jian said.

    "That's not going to happen." Ji Meng Qing replied.

    "Don't be in such a hurry to reject me. Let me tell you, I've prepared to take Beng Beng back with me. If you don't agree, you'll never see her again." Zhang Jian said.

    "Hmph, as if. The court gave Beng Beng to me. You can't steal my daughter." Ji Meng Qing said.

    "You know what I do, I don't give a ** what the court says. Ji Meng Qing, I'll talk about the bad news first. If you agree, everything can be talked over well; if you don't agree, I guarantee you you'll never see Beng Beng again." Zhang Jian said, "Oh right, don't you also have a restaurant? I'll go there often to "take care" of it for you."

    Ji Meng Qing felt very wronged. Being a single-mom was already very difficult, and she spent many years working hard to get their life up to this point, now they could live peacefully; but, as before, Zhang Jian came back to wind around her again, making a weak girl like her feel helpless, even more wronged. "Zhang Jian, let me tell you, if you dare to take my daughter away, I will fight you with my life." Tears of grief fell down Ji Meng Qing's face, but she spoke in an exceptionally resolute way.

    At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

    "Go open it quickly. It must be your boy." Zhang Jian casually lounged on the sofa, propping a leg up.

    Ji Meng Qing wiped the tears from her face then went to open the door. Ye Qian was standing there a little nervously, his left hand carrying a very large and ostentatious doll, the other hand carrying a bag of snacks. "You're here, please come in!" Ji Meng Qing forced a smile as she said this.

    Ye Qian gawked, unable to understand why Ji Meng Qing was like this. He vacantly replied then walked in. In the living room he saw a young man on the sofa. He was wearing a fancy outfit but looked like a hooligan. Staring a little, Ye Qian said, "You have a guest?"

    Ji Meng Qing made a yes sound, she didn't know how to explain further.

    Zhang Jian looked at Ye Qian indifferently, his expression was condescending, he said, "I'm Ji Meng Qing's husband."

    Ye Qian stared a little blankly, then laughed and said, "Oh, today is Beng Beng's birthday, I was on my way so I got some gifts. There's three of you here so it might not be convenient for me to stay, so I'll go ahead." As Ye Qian spoke he placed the things down, then turned to leave. Ye Qian didn't know why, but he had a feeling that he was being caught in the act of adultery or something.

    "You don't have to leave, it's him that has to go." Ji Meng Qing pulled Ye Qian, "We're already divorced."

    Yeah, why hurry to leave. I want to have a chat with you, see what you're capable of to make my wife seduced by you." Zhang Jian said.

    Ye Qian knitted his brows, then turned around, walked to the sofa and sat down. He smiled at Ji Meng Qing and said, "You must have things in the kitchen, don't mind me, go ahead and continue there."

    Ji Meng Qing looked at Ye Qian, then looked at Zhang Jian, then nodded and returned to the kitchen.

    When he saw Ji Meng Qing leave, Ye Qian smiled lightly and turned to Zhang Jian and said, "I'm Ye Qian, may I ask your name?"

    "Zhang Jian, the boys call me Jian-ge." Zhang Jian said arrogantly.

    "Oh, Jian-ge is it? You said you wanted to talk, what about?" Ye Qian asked.

    "Talk about what? F** your mother's c***, you seduced my wife, what else do I want to talk about." Zhang Jian said aggressively, "Tell me, how far have you and my wife gone?"

    "That's none of your business, you're already divorced. I think you have no right to interfere with her life and affections right?" Ye Qian said indifferently.

    "So what if we're divorced? Even though we're divorced she used to be Zhang Jian's wife." Zhang Jian said, "Xiaozi, this matter can't be resolved easily. Ge has been mixed up with the bad guys for many years, if word gets out that my wife is bedding another man, how can I face them?"

    Ye Qian's lips curled up into a toothy grin, he said, "How do you want to resolve this then?"

    Zhang Qian looked Ye Qian over then said, "Easy, give a million, or give a hand. Take your pick."

    Jian-ge is "elder brother Jian" or "Senior Brother Jian". "ge" is older brother. Zhang Jian's name means sword, but when Ye Qian says "Jian-ge", the word Jian he uses is the word for "cheap", which sounds exactly the same as sword.
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