Chapter 145 Gone Mad

    "Beng!" Situ Liren's subordinate just finished speaking when Wan Chun Hua smashed him with a bottle of alcohol. The subordinate felt pain and slowly retreated a few steps, covering his head that was flowing with blood. "Fuck, acting like an asshole around laozi." After Wan Chun Hua spoke, he gave Zhao Tie Zhu a pleased look, as if to say, "How was it? Big brother isn't just all talk."

    Zhao Tie Zhu looked at Wan Chun Hua like he was a dumbass and said, "Shit, you fool. The guy just talked why did you hit him?"

    Wan Chun Hua became stunned, then replied angrily, "Shit, I learned this from you."

    Zhao Tie Zhu gave Wan Chun Hua a helpless look, then said in a dumbfounded tone, "You're really something else. Can't you see that these people are the guards of the bar? You haven't even asked who the boss is and you made your move, you idiot."

    Wan Chun Hua was about to explode, he was thoroughly defeated by Zhao Tie Zhu. He took a swig of alcohol in a self-satisfied manner.

    One vs three. Wan Chun Hua was obviously having a slightly tough time, his body also got hit by some fists. For Zhao Tie Zhu, it was like handling a butcher's cleaver with ease. After he defeated his own opponent, he stopped and watched Wan Chun Hua calmly.

    "Damn, you xiaozi not even coming to help, just standing there and posing." Wan Chun Hua said helplessly when he had an opening.

    "Our Brother Hua is matchlessly excellent. I'm giving you a chance to demonstrate." Zhao Tie Zhu said.

    "You're cruel, ow!" While he was speaking, Wan Chun Hua got kicked and he cried out in pain. "Don't take me for a sick cat because I'm not showing my power as a tiger." Wan Chun Hua roared, at the same time he grabbed a liquor bottle and smashed his opponent's head, splitting it open. Then immediately he grabbed a broken piece of glass from the bottle and ruthlessly stabbed it onto another opponent's leg. Finally, two people were out, only one opponent left. While Wan Chun Hua wasn't paying attention a liquor bottle hit him on the head. Instantly, fresh blood flowed down his head. Wan Chun Hua turned around and glared at him fiercely. Seeing Wan Chun Hua's bloody face and his appearance like he was about to go crazy, that person's heart felt a little weak, standing there he didn't know what to do.

    Wan Chun Hua wouldn't just give up like that. He kneed the guy on the stomach and then kicked him to the ground. Wan Chun Hua sat on him and then pounded fist after fist onto his face, yelling as he hit, "Hit me, hit me." His whole appearance was that of a madman.

    Zhao Tie Zhu rushed over urgently and pulled Wan Chun Hua and said, "It's all good, all good. You seem to really want his life"

    Wan Chun Hua struggled and roared, "Let me go, you let me go, damn it, laozi must make a kill today." As he struggled he kicked at the guy on the ground violently.

    Zhao Tie Zhu pulled Wan Chun Hua to a chair and sat him down. Ye Qian looked him over and asked, "You alright?"

    Wan Chun Hua shook his head, "I'm alright, my head's just split open, a small problem."

    Ye Qian nodded and pulled out a handkerchief from his chest pocket, and wrapped up the wound for Wan Chun Hua crudely and said, "Wrap it up for now. Can you bear it?"

    Wan Chun Hua nodded and said, " I can."

    From the back of the bar, Situ Liren could see what was happening. He knitted his brows. It seemed as if he understood that Ye Qian and the other were there today only pretending to pick a random fight. Moreover, based on what he saw, Ye Qian seemed to be their leader. He snorted coldly, and stood up. He gestured for his subordinates to go with him.

    When he reached Ye Qian, Situ Liren swept a look over them then asked, "What are you names brothers?"

    "Last name Ye, first name Qian." Ye Qian looked at him indifferently and replied, thinking that this must be the Situ Liren that injured Wang Hu.

    "Situ Liren of the Qing Gang's Ren Zi Hall." Situ Liren said, "Which path are you in brother?"

    "No gang, no faction!" Ye Qian replied indifferently.

    Situ Liren's brows creased. He originally wanted to find out Ye Qian's history but it seemed Ye Qian wouldn't say. Since things had reached this point, he no longer thought that Ye Qian and the others were just a bunch of arrogant little gangsters with an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities. For them to hear the name Qing Gang and not change expression, their influence must not be so simple. "What could have been lacking in our service to make you brothers unhappy?" Situ Liren said.

    "Nothing wrong with the service. I only came here today for justice." Ye Qian slowly turned his head, his severe look like a sharp blade, ferociously stabbing at Situ Liren.

    Situ Liren became astonished and dumbstruck and said, "I have never met you before, how have I offended you?"

    "You must know Wang Hu? He's my brother" Ye Qian's voice became cold.

    Situ Liren became dumbstruck. He finally understood that Ye Qian was here for vengeance for Wang Hu, this made him relax. Wang Hu was just an ordinary person in Shanghai. Since Ye Qian was his brother, then there must have no big influence. His tone changed and became a little more arrogant, he said disdainfully, "Wang Hu showed no understanding of the times, he obstructed my Qing Gang's steps. Teaching him that lesson was already being lenient."

    "Heng!" Ye Qian smiled disdainfully and said, "Don't bother using the Qing Gang to scare me. I, Ye Qian, do not get scared. Let me tell you, I don't care if you're the Qing Gang or the Green Gang, whoever dares to wrong my brother will pay."


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