Chapter 149 What a charming alluring woman

    "Ran-jie, you came to China without saying hi." Ye Qian laughed hollowly then said.

    "This is an surprise inspection, I wanted to see if you were fooling around while I was elsewhere, if I told you in advance then it wouldn't be effective." Song Ran smiled charmingly. She stood up and sat on Ye Qian's lap, reached out a hand and lifted his chin, her lovely eyes stared firmly into Ye Qian's and she said, "Good little brother, did you miss elder sister?"

    Ye Qian felt extremely awkward, thinking, if you want to tantalize me can you pick another time, my brothers are here and they can see. "Ran-jie, they...they can all see." Ye Qian said in embarrassment.

    "Then let them watch, it's not like they've never seen us be intimate before." Song Ran said dismissively.

    Mo Long, Jack and Wu Huan Feng smiled faintly, they didn't dare to laugh out loud. They held it back till their faces turned red.

    "You still haven't answered me, did you miss me or not?" Song Ran said unforgivingly.

    "I did!" Ye Qian replied.

    "How much did you miss me?" Song Rang continued to ask.

    "Eh, a lot!" Ye Qian felt himself falling apart because of this woman.

    "Which did you miss?" Song Ran smiled bewitchingly and continued to ask.

    "Everything." Ye Qian replied.

    "Well then did this miss me?" As Song Ran said this she extend a hand and carelessly caressed Ye Qian's certain place.

    Ye Qian's whole body shuddered, he thought to himself, this alluring woman will ruin me. "Ran-jie, spare me!" Ye Qian said with a bitter expression.

    Song Ran shot Ye Qian a charming hard look and said, "You unromantic blockhead." After saying this she got off Ye Qian and sat properly on the sofa. She was a smart girl, or else the Clear Sky Conglomerate wouldn't be at the scale it was now. She knew Ye Qian's character well. If there was nothing going on she could tease him, but if there was business to attend to she shouldn't get too excessive. Even though Ye Qian was very patient with women, but if she continued to prod him unforgivingly then Ye Qian would get mad.

    Because it was summer, Ye Qian was only wearing a short sleeve t-shirt so Song Ran could clearly see his bandaged left arm. Song Rang grabbed Ye Qian's arm and glared at him fiercely and said, "How did you get wounded? Does it hurt?"

    "Eh, it's already a lot better. It was only a small wound, it's not a big trouble." Ye Qian said.

    "I heard you've been having an easy life here in China. Aside from womanizing around, you even lived together with some pretty girls, well? What were you planning to do? Were you planning on giving me some sisters?" Song Rang said.

    "Why are you saying it so seriously, what do you mean lived together? It was only a necessity for work." Ye Qian laughed and said.

    "Hmph, you are bullying my kindheartedness." Song Ran said, "Really though, I won't mind if you find some sisters for me. Besides, the statuses of those women are a good match for you. Yeah, they are all very decent girls."

    Ye Qian asked in surprise, "How do you know everything? Don't tell me you sent people to investigate me."

    Song Ran rolled her eyes and said, "You live such an easy life washing your hands of control, I'm really born under an ill star. I help you manage such a large company and you don't even know how to feel sorry for me. A year ago, the Clear Sky Conglomerate already started expanding in China. Even though there isn't an official branch office in China, the business division of Clear Sky Conglomerate have already started operations. When I came here this time, I planned to officially establish the Clear Sky Conglomerate in Shanghai. I've already thought of the plan well. I heard the Shanghai city hall have an urban renovation plan, right? This will be the first business the Clear Sky Conglomerate will conduct. I already looked into it. This time there are only three powerful rivals in the bidding, one is the East Ascension Corporation, the other is the Qing Yun Corporation and the last is the Tian Hao Corporation. They are all top companies in Shanghai, and even in China, all local companies of China. So if the Clear Sky Conglomerate wants to take the urban renovation project, we first have to deal with these three."

    Ye Qian stared a little blankly, it seemed Song Ran was way more prepared than he was. He muttered to himself for a while and then said, "Ran-jie, I don't intend for the Clear Sky Conglomerate to join the bidding this time."

    Song Ran stared blankly and then asked in surprise, "Why? Do you know how much profits can be gained from this urban renovation project? As long as we get this project, the Clear Sky Conglomerate can be truly considered as established in Shanghai."

    Ye Qian said, "Of course I understand. But this time the urban renovation project involves too much. Those three companies are not to be trifled with. The Dong Xiang Corporation is covertly the largest weapons and drugs smugglers in China, the Qing Yun Corporation is just the cover of the Qing Gang and the Tian Hao Corporation has the Hongmen behind it's back, so I'm afraid that whoever wins the bidding will not have a smooth operation anyway. Moreover, if the Clear Sky Conglomerate hastily joins, it is extremely like those three will unite against us. If the time comes that we do get the project, I'm afraid the Clear Sky Conglomerate won't have a place in Shanghai."

    Song Rang knitted her pretty brows. Even though she looked into those three companies, she only looked into their business side, it never occurred to her that the three companies would unexpectedly have such deep backgrounds. "Then your opinion is?" Song Ran asked.

    "Right now these three companies are openly fighting over this, we can just sit and watch these tigers fight. Whoever wins the bidding might not be the victor in the end. Right now it's best we don't do anything, drink some tea, watch the show." Ye Qian said.

    Song Ran muttered to herself, then smiled charmingly and said, "Little bro's head is still the best. Alright, big sis will listen to you."

    After a pause, Song Rang continued and said, "Good little brother, when will you bring your girlfriend to meet your older sis? It's best you let us sisters bond."

    Ye Qian forced a laugh and said, "Ran-jie, please don't interfere, the situation is already messy enough."

    Song Ran gave Ye Qian a charming glare and said, "You men all have no conscience, you like the new and hate the old. Oh right, one of your girlfriends is names Qin Yue?"

    Ye Qian looked at her in astonishment and said, "Why are you bringing her up all of a sudden? Also, she's not my girlfriend."

    "Still pretending in front me, now she's not, but eventually she will be." Song Ran said, "Last time, you encountered a Dark Lily assassin didn't you? I already looked into it. The target then was Qin Yue, the employer was the chairman of the board of the Dong Xiang Corporate, Wei Dong Xiang."


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