Chapter 152: Is this considered a love rival?

    Although Ye Qian and Song Ran had shared a bed many times already, nothing ever happened between them. They flirted, have been together in a bathtub and slept together but never crossed over to next step. Even though Song Ran acted like she was so sexy you could die, Ye Qian knew that if he really did something to her, it was guaranteed that this woman would become a nervous, delicate girl and be afraid.

    Song Ran had to admit that Ye Qian changed her opinion of men. She felt something very special for him. Whether it was love or familial affection, there were times that Song Ran couldn't tell, she didn't know if she loved Ye Qian or was dependent on him.

    The next morning when Ye Qian got out of bed, Song Ran had already left, perhaps to handle some business matters for the Clear Sky Conglomerate. Ye Qian felt a little touched. If it weren't for Song Ran, the Clear Sky Conglomerate wouldn't be have the success it did now. This woman wasn't helping only to pay him back, although admittedly there must be some gratitude in it, more of it was because she adored Ye Qian.

    Wu Huan Feng wasn't downstairs as well. He was Song Ran's bodyguard so certainly he was waiting on her.

    Ye Qian rinsed his mouth then changed his clothes and got a taxi outside. When they passed by a flower shop, Ye Qian asked the taxi to stop. He realized that he knew Lin Rou Rou for so long now but had never given her flowers. He got out of the car and entered the flower shop and bought a bouquet of large red roses.

    When he reached the hospital, Ye Qian went directly to the nurse's lounge. Lin Rou Rou was currently in the lounge, concentrating on some medical records, she didn't even notice that Ye Qian had walked in.

    Inside the lounge there was also a young man in a suit sitting inside. He had a noble air about him, his appearance elegant. When he saw Ye Qian enter he smiled at him faintly and nodded his head. Ye Qian became slightly distracted, apparently the young man wasn't a doctor, or else when at work he should be wearing his white robe. Ye Qian politely smiled back then stealthily walked up to Lin Rou Rou's back, then he placed the roses in front of her and shook it around.

    Lin Rou Rou stopped what she was doing and turned around. After she saw Ye Qian a smile immediately appeared on her face, "Why did you come?" Lin Rou Rou said.

    Ye Qian smiled slightly and handed the roses over and said, "For you."

    Lin Rou Rou reached out and received them and smiled happily, "Thank you!" Then she looked at the wound on Ye Qian's arm and said with concern. "Is the wound better?"

    Ye Qian smiled indifferently and said, "Under wife's care of course it's fine now."

    Lin Rou Rou looked at Ye Qian tenderly and said "Smoothtalker."

    While the two people were talking, the young man stood up and walked over to Ye Qian's side and politely held out a hand and said, "You must be the Ye Qian that Rou Rou talks about. Hello, my name is Chen Sheng."

    Ye Qian looked at him in surprise, feeling somewhat unclear about his origin. Could he be another of Lin Rou Rou's relatives? Lin Rou Rou indifferently said, "He's my mother's..."

    She hadn't finished speaking when Chen Sheng interrupted, "I am the boyfriend Aunt Xu introduced to Lin Rou Rou. Haha, elders haphazardly match-make. Truth is I only see Rou Rou as a little sister. Greetings, I'm very happy to meet you."

    Ye Qian suddenly realized that this man turned out to be the Jiangsu municipal secretary's eldest gongzi. No wonder he had a noble aura. But what Ye Qian felt the most was that this Chen Sheng did not have the pompousness and cruel wildness of the other children of officials. He was a man worthy of being friends with. Ye Qian reached out and accepted his hand and said, "Hello, I'm also very happy to meet you."

    Chen Sheng said, "By chance I had some business to do in Shanghai so I dropped by to visit Rou Rou. I didn't expect to meet you. Rou Rou and I were classmates in university, we were in the same year and same class. Don't worry, I didn't come here to pick a quarrel, haha, I only see Rou Rou as a little sister. It makes me happy to see her this happy today."

    "Chen Shen, I..." Lin Rou Rou felt a little touched, it seemed she misunderstood this man in the past.

    Chen Sheng smiled indifferently and said, "Don't look at me like I'm so great, I am also thinking of myself. Truth is I also have a girlfriend, I came today to visit her. Haha!"

    Even though Ye Qian didn't expect this outcome, he still felt very happy. Originally Ye Qian imagined that one day he would meet this gongzi and it would be like a wuxia novel. One hand holding the Heaven Sword, the other hand holding the Dragon Saber, on the peak of Mt. Shaanxi having a showdown, the winner takes the girl. But from what he saw today that was not needed now. Ye Qian smiled faintly and said, "Meeting by chance is better than fixing a date, Mr. Chen you don't have to leave this noon, I'll be your host."

    "I also thought that." Chen Sheng laughed and said, "But first I have to call my girlfriend. She's a jealous person, if I don't consult with her first I might be begging on my knees tonight, haha!"

    "Understood, understood, haha!" Ye Qian couldn't help being subdued by Chen Sheng's charm and relaxed a lot. This young man was very approachable, making Ye Qian feel that to this man everybody was fine and good no matter their character or appearance. It seemed that back then his future mother-in-law had a good eye. At least she didn't give Lin Rou Rou a silk-pants, pompous, spoiled rich kid.

    Lin Rou Rou glared at Ye Qian and said, "What did you understand."

    The meaning in Lin Rou Rou's words was obvious, you never tried, how do you know. Ye Qian understood and laughed, "Mr. Chen, chat with Rou Rou first, I'm going to see a friend." Ye Qian said.

    "There's no need to be so polite, just call me by my name, I'll also just call you Ye Qian." Chen Sheng said, "If you have something to do please go ahead."

    Ye Qian nodded and said to Lin Rou Rou, "Be a good host, I'll be back shortly."

    Lin Rou Rou said "en" and nodded her head.

    Ye Qian smiled at Chen Sheng and then turned to leave the nurse's lounge, and headed for Wang Hu's room.

    Only Li Dong was with Wang Hu inside the ward. Wang Hu's body was still wrapped in bandages. He looked like a mummy. When he saw Ye Qian enter, Li Dong hurriedly stood up and respectfully bowed to Ye Qian and said, "Second Boss!"

    Ye Qian nodded faintly and walked to Wang Hu's bedside and asked with concern, "How is it? Are you little better?"


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