Chapter 159 Nasty Character

    When he reached the hospital, Lin Rou Rou was in the emergency room assisting a doctor in a surgical operation. Ye Qian naturally didn't want to disturb here, so he went to Wang Hu's room.

    Lin Rou Rou finally came out of the emergency room at around 5PM, just as Ye Qian left Wang Hu's room. She looked exhausted. It seemed that surgery wasn't an ordeal for just the doctor, but also an ordeal for the nurses. Ye Qian just got out of Wang Hu's room and saw Lin Rou Rou at the corridor with her exhausted appearance and couldn't help feeling heartache. He walked over to her and asked with concern, "You've worked hard, is everything okay?"

    Lin Rou Rou nodded and said, "The patient had a sudden heart attack, but it's okay, since he was saved." She smiled faintly and said, "Why are you here so early?"

    "I'm impatient, haha." Ye Qian said with a flattering smile.

    Lin Rou Rou gave him a hard look then said, "I still have to get off duty, wait for me, okay?"

    "Okay!" Ye Qian nodded.

    Lin Rou Rou smiled in a carefree manner and pulled Ye Qian into the nurse's lounge. When the other nurses saw Ye Qian and Lin Rou Rou enter, they smiled faintly and teased, "Hey, Rou Rou, this is your boyfriend? Handsome fella! Why didn't you introduce us?"

    Ye Qian chuckled and said, "I'm Ye Qian. Let's get to know each other better in the future, sisters. Say good things about me in front of Lin Rou Rou okay."

    "That depends on you. You take away the flower of our of our hospital, we need a little something something you know?" That nurse said.

    "No problem, no problem. I'll take you out for lunch someday. Haha." Ye Qian laughed.

    "That's a promise." The nurse said with a smile.

    While they were speaking, a doctor had entered the room. When he saw Ye Qian he became slightly taken aback. But Ye Qian and Lin Rou Rou had let go of each other's hands, so he didn't figure out that Ye Qian was her boyfriend. When the nurses saw him enter they all shut their mouths, all of them had a peculiar expression on their faces. When Ye Qian noticed this he couldn't help staring, but he didn't say anything.

    The doctor went directly to Lin Rou Rou, with an expectant expression on his face, he said, "Rou Rou, I heard a new French restaurant opened nearby. I hear the escargot there is not bad. Why don't we go there for dinner tonight, how about it?"

    Ye Qian knitted his brows slightly. It turned out it was some xiaozi going after Lin Rou Rou. But Ye Qian still did not speak and quietly took a seat on the side.

    Lin Rou Rou had an impatient expression on her face as she said, "I'm sorry, I'm going to my boyfriend's house tonight." As she said this she pulled Ye Qian's arm to demonstrate.

    The doctor gawked and then turned to look at Ye Qian, a look of hostility in his face. Ye Qian only smiled back slightly and said, "Hello, I'm Ye Qian." As he spoke he stood up and respectfully held his hand out for a handshake.

    The doctor very unwillingly shook hands with Ye Qian. After all Ye Qian acted very elegantly, he couldn't let Lin Rou Rou be displeased with him even more. "It turns out Lin Rou Rou already has a boyfriend. I was just joking earlier. My name is Shen Yuan, I am the director of this hospital, attending physician of heart diseases. Mr. Ye, what do you do?" The doctor asked.

    "Nothing compared to Mr. Shen who's already director of the hospital while so young. Your future is boundless." Ye Qian chuckled and said. "But even if Mr. Shen is a peerless talent, it's no use. Rou Rou is already my girlfriend. So please conduct yourself better next time." Ye Qian said. He didn't say it in very reprimanding and spirited tone, but his words carried a hint of severity.

    Shen Yuan's brows wrinkled and an expression of resentment appeared on his face. He said disdainfully, "As long as you're not married, I have the right to court Rou Rou. I don't think you can interfere, right? Besides, you only look like some laborer in a construction site, right? How can you give Rou Rou happiness?"

    Ye Qian smiled disdainfully and said, "Somebody is panting because I called him fat."

    Lin Rou Rou saw that Ye Qian was getting angry and hurriedly pulled his arm and sain, "Ye Qian, don't." She knew Ye Qian's real identity. If Ye Qian truly made a move, Shen Yuan would not even be enough for Ye Qian even to just play with. It would be bad if something were to happen.

    Ye Qian smiled lightly and said, "Don't worry, this kind of person doesn't deserve my punch."

    Lin Rou Rou nodded and looked at Shen Yuan and said, "Doctor Shen, I already told you before that I have a boyfriend. I wish you'd stop bothering me."

    Shen Yuan gritted his teeth and gave Ye Qian an extremely angrily look as he snorted and left.

    When he left the nurses erupted in conversation, each saying things like, "Doctor Shen is the worst. He depends on his status as a director of the hospital and is often arrogant. Ye Qian, we support you. That kind of person does not suit our Rou Rou."

    Ye Qian laughed then said, "Thank you, sisters."

    Lin Rou Rou looked at the time and said, "My shift has ended, let's go."

    Ye Qian nodded and lead Lin Rou Rou by the hand. After saying goodbye to the other nurses, they left. When they reached the corridor, the head nurse was walking towards them. When she saw Ye Qian and Lin Rou Rou she stared blankly slightly at them and said, "Rou Rou, instructions just came from Director Shen. You are to stay and continue your shift tonight."

    Lin Rou Rou became slightly blank and said, "Head nurse, I already worked that shift last week. Don't we alternately change shifts every week?"

    "I don't know, this order came from Director Shen. Rou Rou, didn't you apply to join the international red cross's upcoming outreach? You need a recommendation from the hospital to do this, if you don't do well, you might not get this chance." The head nurse said.

    "But..." Lin Rou Rou just opened her mouth to speak when Ye Qian interrupted her. Ye Qian understood that this was Shen Yuan's tricks, he was a completely nasty character, and his revenge came really fast. He smiled coldly and said, "Where is the office of Director Shen? I'll go over to have a chat with him."

    Lin Rou Rou gawked and pulled Ye Qian in a panic, "Ye Qian, don't."

    Ye Qian laughed then said, "It's okay, I'm only going to argue reasonably, don't worry." After he said this his eyes turned to the head nurse and said, "You're the head nurse right? I am Rou Rou's boyfriend. The hospital has its own rules doesn't it, even if Shen Yuan is the director he can't just casually break the rules, right? Where is his office? I'm going to have a talk with him."


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