Chapter 160 A wicked person will be tormented by another wicked person

    The head nurse had been working in the hospital for a long time now so she understood the character of Shen Yuan. She did not have a strong liking for Shen Yuan, and she knew that Shen Yuan was up to no good in regards to his feeling for Lin Rou Rou. The truth was that if Lin Rou Rou really did get together with him he would not be worthy of her. Luckily, Lin Rou Rou wasn't interested in him. When she heard Ye Qian introduce himself as Lin Rou Rou's boyfriend she couldn't help gawking a little, inwardly thinking that a war was about to break lose.

    She guessed right, war was war, but this was only going to be a one-sided battle of Ye Qian trampling on Shen Yuan. Shen Yuan was the director of the hospital. He had a lot of influence in the hospital and the patients and families all need to curry his favor. Even so, in front of Ye Qian, he was only a little locust, a clown.

    After the head nurse told Ye Qian where Shen Yuan's office was, he left. She did not want to get involved in this situation, she had to pretend it was just an idle chat over tea. Ye Qian patted Lin Rou Rou's head and told her to wait for him at the entrance of the hospital and not worry because he would act appropriately. Lin Rou Rou nodded obediently and went towards the gates.

    Ye Qian originally didn't want to bother about Shen Yuan too much, after all, it was not that wrong for him to court Lin Rou Rou. He should just not have used such petty means to do it. Besides, it was Lin Rou Rou's dream to join the Red Cross rescue mission. Ye Qian would never allow Shen Yuan to strip Lin Rou Rou of this dream.

    After knocking, Ye Qian directly pushed the door open and went inside Shen Yuan's office. Shen Yuan was not that old, at most thirty years of age. He could be considered a young genius because of the things he had achieved now. "Who told you to come in?" Shen Yuan raised his head and asked angrily when he saw Ye Qian.

    Ye Qian's lips curved up into a smile. He walked directly forwards and sat down on the seat in front of Shen Yuan, crossed one leg over the other, and pulled out a cigarette, slowly taking long breaths. "Let's get to the point. It was you that wanted Lin Rou Rou to work overtime?" Ye Qian said slowly.

    "Correct." Shen Yuan said. "This is our system in the hospital. If she doesn't comply she could lose her job. Even though you are her boyfriend, I don't think you can get involved in our management of the hospital, right?"

    Ye Qian smiled lightly and said, "I don't have the authority to say whether your hospital's system is fair or not. But in everything we must be reasonable, what you are doing is making things difficult on purpose. Oh yeah, I even heard you planned to cancel Lin Rou Rou's participation in the Red Cross rescue mission?"

    "I don't have to discuss this with you. Our hospital has our own way of managing things." Shen Yuan said.

    Ye Qian laughed coldly, exhaled and then stood up and glared at Shen Yuan, "Fuck, stop acting like an asshole. If Lin Rou Rou is rejected from the Red Cross because of her lacking in ability, I wouldn't say anything. But somebody dares to block her and I won't allow it."

    "You... how dare you curse at me?" Shen Yuan couldn't help staring dumbly upon seeing Ye Qian's domineering behavior. He couldn't help feeling fear in his heart. He was the kind of person that bullied the weak and was afraid of the strong. When patients and their families came to beg to him he would likely put on a demonic face. Because of Ye Qian's clothes he thought Ye Qian was also somebody that was easy to bully. But now in the face of Ye Qian's bearing aura, suddenly acting out violently, he couldn't help feeling a little weak. "A... a bit of class, you don't have it." Shen Yuan muttered apprehensively.

    "I need class for the likes of you?" Ye Qian snorted, suddenly pulling Blood Wave out and sticking it onto the table. "It's best you don't let me find out you're plotting something, or else, to you a clean blade will go in, and a bloody blade will come out."

    Blood Wave emitted a faint killing aura. As a dagger that had drunk up the blood of countless people, Blood Wave already had a spirit of its own. Its body emitted a strong aura of death, like the Grim Reaper's sickle, once unsheathed, it could take away a person's soul in a moment.

    Shen Yuan had never been in this kind of situation before. On normal days he could just strut around, now he was so scared he was trembling. Ye Qian was not being excessive, after all Lin Rou Rou still had to work here. Even though Shen Yuan was being petty, he did not deserve to die. Ye Qian snorted coldly then said, "Remember my words!" As he said this he pulled out Blood Wave, patted Shen Yuan's face twice, then turned to leave the room.

    When Shen Yuan saw Ye Qian leave, his heart finally stabilized and he let out a long breath.

    Ye Qian took Lin Rou Rou to his house in the Prosche he extorted from Qing Feng. The original house in the slums were temporarily left alone, Ye Qian had bought a three-bedroom house and taken Laodie and Han Xue there. At first Laodie did not really want it. He said Ye Qian should save his money and use it when he got married. But Ye Qian said that he and his eldest brother and third brother bought it together, and his current job was stable. This made Laodie feel at ease. After many assurances, Laodie finally agreed to make the move.

    Han Xue naturally also moved with him. The little girl was now almost graduating from junior high school and had already finished her exams. In the half of the year she was going to senior high school.

    While on the road, Lin Rou Rou was determined to buy some gifts and Ye Qian couldn't persuade her out of it. So he accompanied her in the mall to buy a few random things. But Lin Rou Rou chose things very carefully and attentively.

    When they arrived and knocked on the door, Han Xue opened the door and was slightly taken aback when she saw Ye Qian and Lin Rou Rou. She smiled and called out, "Er Ge!" But the smile was a little forced, making Ye Qian feel surprised.

    Ye Qian smiled and said, "This is Han Xue, my younger sister."

    Lin Rou Rou smiled politely and said, "Hello!"

    Han Xue only made a light okay said and said, "Come in quick, Laodie is making dinner, I'm going there to help."

    At this moment, Laodie's voice came from the kitchen, "Xiao Xue, is your Er Ge home already?"

    "Yes!" Han Xue said, and went to the kitchen with a lowered head.

    "Oh, Xiao Er, go to the living room and sit down, dinner is almost ready." Laodie said.

    Ye Qian lead Lin Rou Rou by the hand and entered. Lin Rou Rou was a little surprised as she asked, "Is Xiao Xue okay? It seems she is not happy."

    Ye Qian also did not understand why, he laughed and said, "The silly girl is in puberty, it's hard to understand girls in puberty. Haha!"


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