Chapter 2: Hijacking(2)

    CHAPTER 2: Hijacking(2)

    Ye Qian had long since grown numb to killing. He had killed at least 800 people and some estimated that 1000 had died at his hands. Ye Qian, the leader of the Wolf Fang Group was an urban legend in the mercenary community. The Wolf Fang Group was considered a weak group at establishment, as it only had ten members. However since the 'wolf king' Ye Qian had taken over the leadership three years ago, the Wolf Fang Group underwent rapid expansion and became the strongest among all the mercenary armies.

    His dominance was completed just a year ago, after the total collapse of the Xuebao who was once called the king of mercenaries. At that point Ye Qian became the overlord of the international mercenaries.

    After successfully disposing of the two gangsters, Ye Qian leapt towards last gangster in the compartment. He directly seized the gun in the gangster's hand and pulled the trigger. "Bang." The gangster who had just turned around, found a bullet accurately lodged in his forehead. The passengers cried out in panic immediately after the loud gunshot.

    Ye Qian didn't pay attention to the panicking passengers, he leisurely walked towards the cockpit, where the last gangster remained. If the gangster learned of his fellow gangster's deaths before Ye Qian could finish him off, the consequence would be dreadful. After all, he was also armed with an AK47 and he could even have a bomb up his sleeve. If he was provoked, the situation could turn fatal.

    "You go comfort them, I need to go inside!" Ye Qian said to the female attendants. He slowly approached the cockpit with a gun in his hands. On his way there he recovered his dagger from inside the leader's chest. Unexpectedly, the dagger didn't have a trace of blood on it!

    When he arrived at the cockpit's door, Ye Qian secretly looked inside. He saw the shorter gangster leisurely sitting on a nearby cola, next to a middle-aged man dressed in white. The shorter gangster didn't notice Ye Qian as he continued to sip at his cola. The middle-aged man said to the gangster, "We really can't turn around, we do not have enough oil to leave the country." Obviously this middle aged man was the captain of the airplane.

    The short and skinny gangster obviously wasn't content with this explanation. He knew that he would be in big trouble if they landed in China, so he decided on another destination, "If we cannot fly back, just go in another direction, for example why don't we land in T country or yn." The shorter gangster said unwaveringly.

    "But... We will be considered an enemy if we suddenly enter their airspace." The captain helplessly said. A very complicated procedure was needed to enter another country's airspace and land at their airport. If one didn't complete these procedures, they would be lucky to get away with a forced landing. In the worst case scenario, they could be shot down by a missile.

    "I don't have much of a choice, and you must do what I tell you to do. If you start spouting so much nonsense, I'll just shoot you dead." The shorter gangster was pissed off. He stood up abruptly while thrusting his game into the captain's chest.

    The captain helplessly sighed. This was the law of Jiang Hu, in the face of violence, the weak obeyed the strong. However following the gangster's orders was his only real option; if he was able to land in another country's airport, he might have a chance at survival. The captain immediately started using his radio.

    The shorter gangster was relieved as he saw the captain obediently began working on his request. It was at this moment that Ye Qian opened the door and quickly rushed inside. However, the sound of the door opening triggered the shorter gangster's instincts, his internal alarms flaring as he turned around. He saw Ye Qian and hurriedly raised his gun, but before he could pull the trigger, a red light flashed. The shorter gangster could only stare at Ye Qian's face. Even in death, he didn't understand what killed him.

    For Ye Qian, killing humans was simple. He had been training since his childhood and was an expert on the structure of the human body, and could easily perform surgeries. He could easily make his opponents lose their ability to resist. This level of knowledge was required to even be a member the Wolf Fang Group.

    The captain stared at Ye Qian for a second before hurriedly saying, "Thank you, if not for you, all the passengers and staff on the plane would face an unimaginable situation. May I ask for your name, Sir? I also wish for you to come with us when we file a report with the police."

    Ye Qian's brow wrinkled for second, but he immediately discovered that the captain's words were sincere, he became more comfortable. However Ye Qian wasn't willing to connect his name to this incident, it would be impossible for the Chinese National Security Bureau not to notice him.

    Seeing that Ye Qian's face was gloomy, the captain hurriedly explained, "Sir, please don't misunderstand, this is only a common procedure. You have done a great service, and we will most certainly reward you greatly for this feat."

    "No need for that, thanks!" Ye Qian didn't wish to be turned into a hero by by all reporters, and thus rejected the captain's offer. He turned around and began to walk out before stopping and saying, "Captain, this plane has a security guard on it right? Give these bastards to him."

    The captain was stunned for a moment before recovering his senses. He immediately nodded and moved to comply with Ye Qian's orders. After all, he was only a staff member, and not a government bureaucrat. If he claimed credit for this incident, he would definitely receive many benefits in the future. And since the nameless hero wasn't willing to be rewarded, he was more than willing to receive the world's praise in his stead.

    The airplane securely landed at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Ye Qian immediately exited the plane with his bag and walked towards the airport's exit. Innumerable reporters lingered around the airport, obviously hoping for information from the airplane's captain.

    Although he knew that the captain wouldn't disclose any information about himself, Ye Qian still quietly exited the airport away from the crowds. As soon as the captain walked out, the reporters immediately rushed towards him, bombarding him with a thousand questions. The captain calmly explained everything that occurred on the airplane, not mentioning a single instance of Ye Qian. When it came to the pivotal events, he just said that the gangster's had been secured by the airplane's personal security and that he was unable to disclose anything further.
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