Chapter 6: Search

    "Stop right there! Don't run!" Ye Qian could hear a frail cry from outside the bar. Surprised, he turned his head only to see a teenager about the age of twenty. He could see that in his hand was a woman's handbag, and the teenager was running straight at him. Behind him was a young female wearing a police uniform who spared no effort to pursue him. As she chased the boy for the bag, she yelled from loudly from behind.

    Even without knowing much about the situation, Ye Qian could already roughly guess what was happening. The shifty-eyed young man who held the handbag was no doubt a petty thief. As a diligent citizen of the Republic, assisting the police to handle righteous matters as well as keeping the harmony of society was part of his duty, and Ye Qian was naturally unwilling to leave this responsibility to someone else.

    The young man arrived near Ye Qian and screamed: "Fuck off!" and then reached out to push Ye Qian. Seizing the opportunity, Ye Qian immediately pulled the youth by his wrist, causing the young man to fall flat on his face. He then grabbed both the arms of the you man, and bent it with such force that a loud cracking sound emitted and left the arm of the youth entirely paralyzed.

    The young policewoman caught up to the sight of Ye Qian subduing the thief. Feeling grateful, she said: "Thank you!". Then she came up to the thief and took her handcuffs to shackle him. She then remarked to Ye Qian: "Sir, Please follow me back to the police station to record a statement!"

    Ye Qian looked carefully into the woman's phoenix red eyes. Her eyebrows were the shape of leaves and she had an oval shaped face. The police uniform made her seem formidable. Ye Qian rarely experienced meeting a female police officer, and the single eyelid girl had a strange beauty about her. However, Ye Qian was not particularly interested in the police and actually detested them. While he was only being asked for an oral statement, Ye Qian still didn't want to go over the police station to the point that he was reluctant to even speak to the police officer. Providing assistance to police officers to handle a case in order to maintain a peaceful society - this was bull** - police officers aren't serving the people. They were nothing but just bastards wearing uniformed in order to subdue ordinary people.

    "No need!" Ye Qian coldly replied, turning around to leave.

    Wang Yu could not help but stare blankly. Ye Qian's indifferent manner was starting to irritate her. At the police department, she was an attractive policewoman who was always surrounded by talented and handsome young men. At the surface, she was a police officer who enforced the law, and although she was only 22 years old, having entered the police less than half a year ago, she shot up through the ranks from intern to first class police officer and was soon to be promoted to a third class superintendant. However, she wasn't usually the type of person to bully others, and she was usually polite, but as the man continued to ignore and indifferently talk to her, she couldn't help but feel angry. In her mind, the man in front of her wanted to keep his distance with the police, which never signaled anything good. With this thought crossing her mind, Wang Yu's voice turned harsh as she cried: "Stop!"

    Ye Qian stopped and then slowly turned. He took one look at her eyes and smiling unapologetically said, "Why? Do you want to arrest me and bring me to the police station?" Deep down he secretly thought that under the heavens all crows were black. I'm afraid that this beautiful policewoman in front of me isn't any different from the other police. She seems to knows more about bullying the weak rather than serving people, protecting people, keeping them safe. The motto of the police was nothing more than just words they say to deceiver other and to deceive themselves.

    TN: under the heavens all crows were black, this is basically saying that they are all the same in the end.

    Wang Yu really wanted to arrest this guy and bring him back, but she only had a hunch and no evidence. She couldn't just arrest him and bring him back based on that hunch. Trying to stall for time, Wang Yan said: "I suspect you are concealing illegal weapons with you. Let me search your body."

    Ye Qian, with a cold smile, his eyes as sharp as a sword, pierced into Wang Yu as he coldly said: "A body search? Is your head filled with water? Did your mind just lapse?

    Facing Ye Qian's fierce expression, Wang Ye's body couldn't help but shiver, and a slight chill rose from the bottom of he heart. Gathering her courage, she said: "According to the law of China, law enforcement has the authority to search the large bodies of a person who is target for suspicion. Sir, please cooperate, thank you!"

    She was set on having Ye Qian searched.

    Ye Qian, who was concealing weapons on his body; this weapon was named Blood Wolf, and it never left his body. Although he can say that the dagger doesn't prove him guilty in any way, this could still be used as leverage for the police to cause him trouble. If they continuously kept following him, his status will be dangerously exposed. Ye Qian didn't want this. He just wanted to live a plain life and take care of his father for the rest of his life.

    Ye Qian suddenly raised his eyebrow, his mind was thoughtful. His mouth bended in an arc: "Doing a search is great, I guess i can strip naked as you search me then." As he spoke he was already motioning to remove his belt, and he genuinely looked prepared to stripe naked.

    Wang Yu never thought that before about this type of man, she would be so helpless and be played around with, stumbling slightly said: "What are you?"

    "Won't you search? I will undress then as you search." Ye Qian roguishly says.

    "You....." Wang Yu was so angry at his annoying behaviour that she could not do anything about him. Anyway, if not for him, she was afraid there was a chance that she wouldn't be able to catch the thief. What she really wanted to say is that she should thank him "Fine, you can leave!" Wang Yu finally reached a compromise, although in her heart she was quite angry, there was no other solution.

    Ye Qian smiled slightly, thinking that the policewoman was nothing more than a little girl. If she were exchanged for one of those old foxes in the police department, this trick would never been able to be pulled off. "En? Why aren't you searching? That won't do, if you don't search, how would I prove my innocence." Ye Qian said.

    "You..." Wang Yu desperately wanted to act violently, but finally she slowed down into a calm state. Working as an office meant it was difficult to avoid meeting rogues and bullies. She has seen quite a lot of hooligans like Ye Qian, but she didn't know why today she her emotions were so affected by him. When he spoke, I became angry, this had never been a matter for her before. Resolutely staring fiercely at Ye Qian, Wang Yu said: "In the future, you better not commit any crimes and force my hand, or else how would I be able to deal with you. Why aren't you going; what are you looking at!" The last sentence referred to the thief. After she finished speak, she took custody of the thief and left.

    Ye Qian stared at Wang Yu's back and shrugged: "What a cute police officer."

    Looking at the table, it was already past 11 o'clock in the evening, Ye Qian bought a light supper and took a taxi straight to the hospital. For the entire day, Han Xue was taking care of Lao Die, and she was still reviewing her lessons, yet it was clear that was really tired. She should probably go back home to rest, I will stay at the hospital to stay guard, and conveniently this would give time for me and Lao Die to chat. After all, it has been eight years we've last seen each other, and there's much to talk about.
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