Chapter 11: How Dare You?

    Wang Yu glared at the hoodlum with eyes like a firing fun. But when she saw his pleased expression, she immediately suppressed her anger. After all she was a highly-educated person, there was no reason to lower herself to argue with the hoodlum. Besides, getting her angry was just what Ye Qian wanted, and she didn't want to let him be pleased. It would not take long for her to get her revenge nobly. When they arrive at the police station, she would have her own methods to deal with him. When it's time, she will be able to get back at him.

    Soon, the car went into the police department. Wang Yu and another officer escorted Ye Qian and entered. Ye Qian had an expression that looked like he didn't care much, and walked in like the police station was the garden of his house, as though right now he were walking in by himself to just sit down and watch the flowers.

    Upon seeing Wang Yu's angry face, the officers they met in the way scattered to avoid her path. They couldn't understand why Wang Yu was like that today, it could be that today was the start of her period. Ye Qian was directly thrown into the interrogation room, both hands were shackled to the chair. Ye Qian did not resist, unexpectedly he only wished to watch what sort of tricks this violent, attractive policewoman would pull.

    "Get out!" Wang Yu said at the male police officer in a loud a voice.

    Already accustomed to seeing Wang Yu's violent behavior, the policeman hardly minded it anymore, without delay he hurriedly ran to get out like a prisoner in amnesty. He dare not even imagine, if he stayed behind to talk, the disaster of Wang Yu's fury. He just came out, when immediately good colleagues encircled him, saying a few brief remarks and then finally asking what exactly has happened.

    "Calm down, calm down, I know what you want to ask. Please let me drink a glass of water first, alright? I was so frightened on the way here." Sun Ji Sheng said as he patted his chest. He thought of how in the car, when Ye Qian commented on Wang Yu's chest being too large, he was really scared. He thought that it was very likely that Wang Yu would take her gun out at that moment. But he couldn't understand why in the end Wang Yu did not take any action. From Wang Yu's gloomy expression, he finally understood that now she was about to retaliate.

    "Quickly, speak. What is going on? Who is that man?" A colleague urged anxiously.

    "Ah he is the guy that injured Zeng Da Fu. Do you know what he about Wang Yu earlier in the car?" Sun Ji Sheng replied.

    "What did he say" The colleague was impatiently waiting in suspense. He had an idea about what the answer would possibly be."

    "He said Wang Yu's breasts were too big!" Sun Ji Sheng replied.

    "Hiss....."a colleague couldn't help himself from breathing in the cold air, his eyes shifting around then narrowing his eyes to the direction of the interrogation room, in his heart he already considered Ye Qian's life as finished. Even the bureau chief had to give him face.

    "What is everybody doing there? Not going to work anymore?" At this time, a severe voice spoke. Everybody turned their heads and saw that it was Yang Wei who smiled sheepishly and had everyone scatter like birds. Yang Wei was in charge of keeping the peace in the force. His own strength wasn't that great but he had the support of his influential father. So he was very tyrannical in the police force.

    Yang Wei with a puzzled look, directed his eyes at the interrogation room, then he beckoned for Sun Jisheng and asked: "Have you seen Xiao Yu?" The entire police department didn't know that this distinguished and outstanding young master Yang was pursuing Wang Yu. It was quite tragic that this well accomplished man unexpectedly could not garner the interest of Wang Yu, but he was still unwaveringly tangling himself ceaselessly to Wang Yu.

    "She is in the interrogation room questioning a suspect." Su Ji Sheng pointed into the interrogation room as he replied.

    "Questioning a suspect? What is the case?" Yang Wei asked.

    "A large boss of a coal mine in the province reported to us of a legal case of premeditated harm on himself, the suspect has already been arrested and brought back, Wang Yu at this moment is recording the oral confession." Sun Jisheng replied.

    Yang Wei nodded his head and replied: "That's fine, nevermind, you go ahead."


    Inside the the interrogation room, after Sun Jisheng left, the door made the sound of a "bang" as Wang Yu shut the door close, Ye Qian then was sitting opposite to her. Taking out a piece of paper and pen, glancing at Ye Qian, she then asked:"Name?"

    "Ye Qian!"




    "Temporarily unemployed" Ye Qian was being completely cooperative. This wasn't what Wang Yu anticipated. Wang Yu thought that this hoodlum would be difficult during interrogation, would would have expected that he would be so cooperative, answering all the question promptly. He also seemed very self-awared, Wang Yu thought to herself.

    But, even if Ye Qian was being convenient, this hoodlum still laughed at her large chest. She had to teach him a lesson to dispel the hatred she was feeling. Returning to the topic at hand, Wang Yu's chest could not be considered small, her cup size was about a 36F, such a gigantic size was rarely seen. These pair of large white rabbits originally made her to think that they were a grand advantage, who would have imagined that in front of this hooligan that she would be so confused about it.

    "An unemployed person, a man idling about the entire day, is also unconsciously losing face." Wang Yu deliberately ridiculed him, her purpose was to infuriate Ye Qian, this way she can find justifications to persecute him.

    Who knew Ye Qian would not care the least bit, and said indifferently: "What's shameful about it? I'm still looking for a wealthy old lady to support me. Do you know any rich ladies? It doesn't matter if they're old, as long as they're rich."

    "You're this type of person? You dare to say those kind of words?" Wang Yu angrily said.

    "Ay, you don't understand the hardships in life. To be like me who has no trade and is not cultured, how can I found work. If you really know someone you must tell me. It's best if they have big boobs, around 36D will suffice. If they are as big as yours they look fake, if I touch them I wouldn't be able to feel anything" Ye Qian replied seriously, he did not look like he was joking at all.

    "You...... have you touched it? How do you know how it feels when you haven't felt it?" Wang Yu indignant and somewhat rambling. After she finished speaking, Wang Yu also felt that she had said something inappropriate, but she didn't want to look as if she had admitted defeat.

    "Well... I really haven't felt them, but I really think that's about how it would be." Ye Qian could not predict what Wang Yu would say next, distractedly replied, "Are you sure you aren't tricking people? I really feel like if i touched it I wouldn't feel anything. I'm really suspecting that those are fake, inside it's all silica gel isn't it?"

    "You are speaking nonsense, these are completely genuine. You don't believe me, fine, touch them, once you touch them you will know they are real." Wang Yu said while suddenly standing up, then sticking out her chest.

    Is this really happening? Ye Qian looked suspiciously at Wan Yu. It looked like this young girl was being serious.

    Tranlated by: Fatty_Uncle

    Edited by: patrick_the_father_of_dragons
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