Chapter 21: Hes an ordinary kid?

    "Master Ou Yang still doesn't have a girlfriend? Then let's introduce him to my classmate tonight." Xu Ya Ying said with a grin. She understood completely what type of person Master Ou Yang was. Don't know how many women from good families he had harmed already. The only reason she wanted to introduce Lin Rou Rou to him was so that she could see him discard her afterwards.

    When Zhao Xie heard this he understood her motives. He grinned as he pinched her face lightly and said, "You are so bad, but I like it, haha. If your classmate gets bedded by Lord Ou Yang, it would be very advantageous for us."

    The two people smiled together. They were really a bitchy couple.

    Lin Rou Rou smiled a cunning smile, said, "I know. She intends to make a joke out of me. I choose the type of people I make friends with and it makes me happy. So what if her boyfriend is powerful."

    Ye Qian looked at her blankly then immediately followed up with a smile. It seemed that he had underestimated Lin Rou Rou. This little girl was clever after all.

    After the two people finished and were about to pay their bill and leave, a young married woman approached them. The woman looked at him carefully then said with a voice full of emotion, "Benefactor, is it really you?". It was none other than the owner of Lang Man restaurant, Ji Meng Qing. She had been watching him from her office. When she saw that he was leaving, she finally couldn't wait any longer and directly walked towards them. If she lost this opportunity she didn't know when she'd ever see Ye Qian again.

    Lin Rou Rou looked at Ji Meng Qing with surprise, then she turned towards Ye Qian, completely unable to make sense of the situation. She did not understand why Ji Meng Qing would, with seemingly no reason at all, call Ye Qian "benefactor". Could it be that Ye Qian had saved her from something?

    Ye Qian did not look shocked. He looked at the woman vacantly then said with surprise, "Do I know you?"

    "Benefactor, you don't remember? In F Country, if it weren't for you I would have died in a foreign land. I will never forget your kindness for my whole life." Ji Meng Qing replied sincerely.

    Ye Qian looked at Ji Meng Jing with careful eyes and, with effort, tried to remember. He felt that the woman before him was somewhat familiar. Yes, she seemed to be the girl from back when a financial advisor had asked him to rescue his daughter from arms dealers in F Country. He brought his own Wolf Fang group to thoroughly eliminate them, afterwards when they went to rescue the hostages, there was this girl. Ye Qian could tell from her appearance that she was from China, so he did not ask for money from the hostage's families like he did for the other hostages, but instead gave her money so she could go home.

    Ye Qian was not one to conduct business at a loss. At that time they had rescued a lot of hostages, he couldn't just receive a reward from that financial adviser. The families of the other hostages naturally had to repay him too. When the family members of those hostages heard that their kin were saved, they did not care about money. They were extremely happy, eagerly depositing money into his bank account.

    As for Ji Meng Qin, he considered making her family pay the ransom. But when he heard that she only had a young daughter, his heart softened. So not only did he not ask for money, he gave her money too so she could return home. Ji Meng Qing had used that money to open this restaurant. Under her hard work the restaurant was starting to scale, but she understood clearly who gave her all of this. If it were not for Ye Qian, she wouldn't be having this kind of life right now. She would have died so much sooner in a foreign land and her daughter would have become an orphan.

    "Oh, now I remember. Don't call me "benefactor". Hearing it is awkward. Just call me Qian." Ye Qian said with a laugh.

    "Sir, once I arrived back in this country I looked for news for you. I wanted to repay you. But no information about you came at all. If today we never bumped into each other, I don't know when I'd ever be able to repay you." Ji Meng Qing said.

    Ye Qian thought, if you were actually able to find any news about me that would have been very strange. So many heads of state tried to look for me but couldn't find me, let alone you. He smiled slightly and replied, "Ah never mind that. That time was just good luck."

    "Even if it was good luck, my life was saved by you. Sir, if it's possible, I want to treat you to a meal, to repay you for saving me that day. Please agree or else I wouldn't feel at ease for the rest of my life." Ji Meng Qing said.

    Ye Qian replied, "Alright. When I have time I'll go for sure."

    "Sir, then how may I contact you?" Ji Meng Qing asked expectantly.

    Ye Qian muttered for a while, then replied, "I'll give you my number. When the time comes just call me." After saying this he gave Ji Meng Qing his own mobile phone number and Ji Meng Qing received it with solemnity. Then he replied, "We still have things to do tonight, let's talk again next time. Waitress!" Ye Qian replied and started gesturing for the waitress to come.

    "Sir, there's no need for that! This will be my treat." Ji Meng Qing said.

    "Huh?" Ye Qian stared at her blankly, said, "Isn't this too much?" This entire meal would cost about 30 to 40 thousand. Back then she had just heard from Ji Meng Qing that wasn't a rich person so he wanted to refuse. Ji Meng Qing had always planned to open a Western-style restaurant. At that time she went to F Country to observe the management and style of Western restaurants. Then she was inadvertently caught by the arms dealers. She had already considered herself dead, who knew she would encounter Ye Qian. At that time she wasn't rich, how can one woman who had to work and raise a young daughter have a lot of money. Ye Qian had given her an ATM card. When she had looked at the balance inside it was more than 55,000.

    Ji Meng Qing smiled slightly and replied, "This restaurant is mine. Waiving your bill is no problem. Please don't refuse."

    Ye Qian stared blankly at her then he laughed and replied. "So it's like that, then I thank you." Ye Qian wasn't that type of artificial person. Since Ji Meng Qing wished to give them the meal for free, Ye Qian would not refuse. But of course it was only because Ji Meng Qing was now in a much better financial situation.

    After they bid Ji Meng Qing goodbye, Ye Qian held Lin Rou Rou's hand as they walked out. Ji Meng Qing stared blankly after Ye Qian's retreating back. She could not understand why Ye Qian dressed so commonly. He also only drove a Honda. But then she decided that Ye Qian must be an easy-going, humble person. After all, how can person who casually gives away 55,000 to a stranger be poor?

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