Chapter 24: Old friend, we meet again

    From start to finish, Ou Yang Tian Meng did not make a move. It wasn't that he was emulating martial arts masters from movies that only showed their hand at the most crucial moment. It was also not because he was scared; it was because he felt that it wasn't necessary for him to do this himself. He had so many subordinates, if he personally handles his fights wouldn't it lower his dignity. To tell the truth, he really wasn't scared, his own father was the deputy secretary of Shanghai. All dogs have to listen to their masters, the people in Shanghai that dared to harm him were few.

    He did not make a move and Ye Qian also did not take the initiative to provoke him. After settling with the henchmen, Ye Qian slowly sat down and grabbed the wine on the table and slowly drank a gulp. He cast a condescending look at the wailing group on the floor and said: "Real **ing masochists."

    At this moment, Lin Rou Rou and Xu Ya Ying ran back. Lin Rou Rou asked with concern: "Are you alright?'

    Ye Qian smiled slightly, feeling very pleased at Lin Rou Rou's concern. He said, "Let me tell you a secret, since I was a kid until now I have never lost a fight."

    Lin Rou Rou glared at him fiercely, her eyes were filled with the concern of a lover.

    Zhao Xie on the side was looking very pitiful. He did not join the others when they ganged up on Ye Qian because he was very afraid. He had remained behind shaking in fear. But by accident a person Ye Qian kicked launched into him and his whole body had flown into the air along with him, breaking some of his bones, so now he was crying piteously on the ground.

    Xu Ya Ying ran to Zhao Xie's side and supported him against her. She glared at Ye Qian but was met with a look of sword-like sharpness from him that made her tremble. She turned to Lin Rou Rou and angrily said: "Rou Rou, what kind of boyfriend did you bring here. He's a rogue!"

    Lin Rou Rou was not to be outdone, replied: "A rogue? Well I like rogues. At the very least he's stronger than your boyfriend who's only a butt-kissing henchman.

    "You..." Xu Ya Ying did not expect Lin Rou Rou to suddenly answer back at her, and couldn't help staring blankly back.

    Lin Rou Rou snorted in disdain and said: "Xu Ya Ying, don't think that just because you've been hooked up with a civil service job you have transformed into a phoenix. A pheasant will always be a pheasant, it will never become a phoenix. Your dream is nice, but reality is cruel. Dream to become a phoenix and you will wake up to find that you have become a chicken appetizer to be paired with beer."

    Ye Qian did not expect Lin Rou Rou to be this gutsy and also stared at her blankly. He gave her a thumbs up with a "you're awesome" kind of look. Lin Rou Rou was pleased and smiled then threw herself into Ye Qian's embrace.


    Wang Hu  was a bouncer at "Bewitched" Bar. He didn't have a huge influence in this area but still carried a little reputation. Because of him, there weren't many people that caused trouble in the bar. He was just in the office making moves on a pretty girl when a little brother came over to tell him that Young Master Ou Yang had come. He knew about Young Master Ou Yang's big name very well. Even though there were some things his conscience couldn't stomach, when doing business, it was all about money and not about feelings. So he decided to go over to him to pay his respects. He did not expect to see trouble just when he got out. A group of people were surrounding one. He called out for them to stop. Who would have imagined that the person being surrounded would not give him face, with one foot he made all of those people collapse facedown to the floor.

    When he saw clearly the group of defeated on the floor he stared blankly. They were Young Master Ou Yang's people. There were not many people in Shanghai that dared to raise a hand at Young Master Ou Yang's people. Not to mention, if Young Master Ou Yang were to get any trouble in his own establishment, he feared that his coming days would not be good. Even if Young Master Ou Yang decided not to make things hard for him, bad incidents would still cause a dent on his reputation.

    He brought with him three little brothers. Wang Hu angrily rushed toward them. He saw Young Master Ou yang sitting peacefully and his heart finally relaxed. With a small nod of his head Wang Hu said to Ou Yang Tian Ming: "Young Master Ou Yang!"

    Ou Yang Tian Ming lightly nodded and said "En". He did not express anything further.

    Wang Hu turned his eyes to Ye Qian and said with a voice full of hate, "Brother's work is fierce. Don't know where brother is from? This pub is under my protection. What brother did went too far."

    Ye Qian looked at Wang Hu and inwardly smiled, thinking, this xioazi getting mixed up here isn't bad. And he replied: "This group just uses their power to do what they want, if I did not teach them a lesson I'm afraid that they would forever be bad."

    Hearing Ye Qian's words, Ou Yang Tian Ming's expression rapidly changed to a gloomy dread, but at the end he did not say anything. Wang Hu was stunned, he did not expect this young calf would not fear a tiger. What kind of supporters did he have so that he did not attach importance to Ou Yang Tian Ming and his people? After a moment, Wang Hu felt that he was in a tough situation, he wasn't sure of the situation of the opposite party so he didn't know if it was safe to recklessly offend him; But, Young Master Ou Yang must also not be offended. After a silent pause, Wang Hu's eyes couldn't help but turn towards Ou Yang Tian Ming.

    Ou Yang Tian Ming seemed as if he didn't see Wang Hu's look, said indifferently: "This is your territory. Do as you please." While his words were ordinary, but the meaning behind it was obvious. He was clearly giving Wang Hu a justification to do what he wanted.

    Wang Hu cursed in his head, "Goddamn, clearly it was all of you that caused this ruckus, now after being defeated you pass this problem on to this daddy, Cao." Wang Hu did not say these words out loud. He looked and Ye Qian and said, "Bro, what should we do here? At the very least you should give me an explanation. Otherwise it would be very hard for me to act."

    Ye Qian smiled slightly and replied, "Huzi (Tiger), you've now changed into an old grandmother. So you've also learned how to be a butt-kisser?"

    Wang Hu looked at Ye Qian in astonishment. He did not expect that Ye Qian would treat him this way. From his manner of speaking, it even sounded like he was familiar with him. But he racked his brains to try to remember but from beginning to end he couldn't remember where or when he had seen Ye Qian before, he asked at a loss, "You are..."

    "What? You don't remember me? When you got beaten up I was the one that saved you." Ye Qian smiled slightly and replied.

    Wang Hu stared blankly, and carefully inspected Ye Qian's face. He had a little feeling of deja vu. Suddenly, a figure appeared in his brain, Wang Hu cried in shock: "You.. You are Er Shao?"

    TN: Er Shao = second master/boss

    Edited by: patrick_father_of_dragons
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