Chapter 29: Do you know how to write the word "die"?

    Note: Heads up - there's a lot of bad-mouthed hooligans in this chapter for those of you who are sensitive to that - but that's just part of the gritty and mature backdrop of SSK, so we decided to simply keep it.

    While the four people were eating and chatting, four hooligans with hair dyed in multiple colors arrived. As they were walking, they continued to talk noisily and caused a ruckus. Mostly likely they were a bunch of class skipping truants.

    "Boss, grill four goat penises, eight goat balls, and prepare some vegetables. Oh right, some beer too, we want Qingdao ah." A hooligan with blonde-dyed hair loudly shouted after they found some seats and sat down. Then he continued his conservation with the other three hooligans, "Shit, don't you guys know, that girl is a big flirt, you would really be able to tell. Last night almost squeezed laozi dry."

    The other three hooligans smiled with vulgarity and replied: "Kai ge, don't you have a reputation as the Seven Times in One Night Youth? How can you not handle one yatou now?"

    Du Kai who had received this piece of praise said: "You guys don't know a damn thing, that yatou is really strong. During the first one, the whole time I was pressed under her body! Damnit!"

    "Kai ge, are her breasts big? Were they nice?" A green haired hooligan asked this vulgar question.

    "Very big, but a little saggy. The nipples were also too big so it wasn't that nice to look at. But, back to the topic, doing it with her is way easier than doing it with those yatou that don't know anything. In any position you put, front or back you could just thrust." Du Kai replied.

    "Can you also go through the backdoor?" The green-haired hooligan was clearly a little shocked and amazed. "Kai ge, when will you let us try too? I still haven't felt what it's like to go through the backdoor."

    "No problem. Let me tell you, next time let me find some of our classmates, we can all do it as a group." Du Kai said.

    "You really can't tell. In school she always appears so noble and virtuous. It turns out that underneath she's dirty/flirty." A red-haired hooligan said.

    "Those girls that are ordinarily so serious, you can't say for sure that behind it all they are **, there's nothing strange about it!" Du Kai said.

    The four hooligans said some more vulgar things, mostly which girls in school had big breasts, round bottoms, who was good in bed. Once the boss lady brought over the goat penis and other items, the four hooligans gave her a vulgar smiles. Their lecherous eyes roved around her breasts and bottom. The boss lady has seen many of this type of men before so she had already kept her face calm. They were all just children after all.

    Once the boss lady had turned around, Du Kai was still staring at her perfectly round and smooth bottom and clicked his tongue in admiration.

    "Kai ge, for real? You also like this type of girl?" A hooligan with violet hair said in a condescending way.

    "Kao! You don't know a damn thing. This type of woman is the best quality. Don't look at the scar on her face, I dare say, she used to be a big beauty. Don't you guys see her butt? It's round and perky, her hips are sleek and round, she is the best of the best quality." Du Kai said.

    "That was then, with her looks now, do you dare to bed her? In the middle of the night it would be like looking at a monster. I'm afraid that it would give me a heart attack so it's not worth it." The violet-haired hooligan said.

    "You guys don't understand this type of thing, women don't have to be that pretty. They just have to be good to use. What are looks for? Only need two breasts and a hole. Besides, at worst in bed just come from the back, you won't see her face. You didn't even think of this. Just imagine that she's Brigitte Lin or Maggie Cheung." Du Kai said.

    "Kai ge, after we finish eating are we going to that place?" The green-haired hooligan asked.

    "We can't go to that place tonight, I have already settled with da ge. Let's all gather at the meeting place at 9PM, there's something he wants us to do." Du Kai said.

    "Da ge is finally giving us a job? I've waited so long for this day I thought my hair was going to turn white. Kai ge, who does da ge want us to get rid of?" The green-haired hooligan asked with some excitement.

    "I don't know, da ge didn't say." Du Kai replied.

    "Zhao Xing, what are you getting so worked up for? If da ge really wants you to get rid of somebody, would you? When the time comes you might just pee your pants." The violet-haired hooligan said.

    "I... who says I don't dare. You'll be the one peeing your pants." The green-haired hooligan name Li Zhao Xing refuted. But it was obvious that his speech lacked confidence.

    "Alright, don't fight. We still don't know that the job is. What's there to fight about. If we're really going to kill somebody, let's do it. At worse, we just go to juvenile center. When we get out, we'll be the bosses." Du Kai said.

    Ye Qian who was sitting a distance away heard their conversation and couldn't help smiling. These youths didn't know that the sky is high and the earth is thick, do they think that the so-called black road or the criminal underworld was the same as in their movies? They think that just because they spend a few years in prison when they get out they are da ge? How can it be that easy. But this was somebody else's problem. Ye Qian wasn't their father or their elder anything, it wasn't his responsibility to discipline them. If you don't let these boys taste some suffering, they won't ever understand repentance.

    "Look look look, your mother is abnormal. Look at these bunch of tough guys. Is there anything good to look at? If you look again this daddy will beat you to death. You don't believe me?' Li Zhao Xing was upset by Huang Jin's ridicule. Not knowing where he could release his anger, when he saw Ye Qian looking at them, he cursed at him.

    Wan Chun Hua, Zhao Tie Zhu and Fu Jun Sheng all reacted differently. Wan Chun Hua's brows wrinkled as he hatefully glared at Li Zhao Xing, apparently very angry. Zhao Tie Zhu only looked at him and smiled foolishly, helplessly shaking his head, not uttering a word. He lowered his head and continued to eat. Fu Jun Sheng cast them an indifferent eye, his expression remained unchanged, still calm.

    Ye Qian snorted coldly and swept an eye at Li Zhao Xing, he said coldly: "Boy, do you know how to write the word 'die'?" Ye Qian originally did not want to argue with these brats. But these hooligans did not know had an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities, and insulted his own mother, Ye Qian could not help but feel his killing intent rise up. Even though he had met his own mother, in his memory he could only see her shadow, but this was a twisted scale of the fish that could be touched. If the hooligan had just cursed just Ye Qian, Ye Qian wouldn't have engaged him.

    TL: Twisted scales of the fish cannot be touched means a pain that was very sensitive

    Perhaps they felt Ye Qian's killing intent, Fu Jun Sheng patted Ye Qian's shoulders and said: "They are just some dumb kids, forget about it."

    Ye Qian snorted coldly and turned away. Since it was Fu Jun Sheng that spoke, Ye Qian gave him face and did not continue arguing with those brats. But Li Zhao Xing was not done nagging and disdainfully said: "My dictionary does not have the word 'die'. You are just a broke security guard acting like a tough guy in front of us."

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