Chapter 34: Wolf Fang vs Seven Kills

    Even though he didn't know that Ye Qian was the leader of the Wolf Fang Mercenaries - Wolf King Ye Qian - he knew that the Wolf Fang members weren't easy to deal with. Now this person who was able to become the king of the Wolf Fang Mercenaries could now be revealed.

    "Alright, we'll do as you say." The masked man replied.

    "Ye Qian nodded his head and said, "It's a deal."

    The masked man took one more look at Ye Qian, and then turned around to leave. "Wait..." Zhao Tian Hao was about to open his mouth to call the masked man, but Ye Qian stopped him with a hand. "He is not connected to Luo Ya in any way!" Ye Qian said unhurriedly. It was because he knew the laws of the Seven Kills. When the masked man asked, he was only trying to find out if Zhao Tian Hao was a real traitor, making Zhao Tian Hao believe that he was Luo Ya's descendant. Unexpectedly, he was resigned to dying.

    Zhao Tian Hao stared blankly, he wanted to ask Ye Qian how he knew, but in the end he decided not to. Ye Qian slowly turned his head and looked at Zhao Tian Hao, "It's very late. If you don't mind, come to my place."

    Upon seeing the emblem on the uniform on Ye Qian's chest, Zhao Tian Hao couldn't help but stare blankly. He didn't expect that this young man would be a Tian Ya Conglomerate security guard. It made him shocked. "Very well, then I will trouble you." Zhao Tian Hao wasn't really an ungrateful person; he already heard the conversation between Ye Qian and the masked man. Even though he didn't fear death, it didn't mean he didn't want to live. Besides, he wanted to get to know this young man who was able to remain calm upon facing a hitman. He was even able to defeat his opponent. Why did he willingly get a job as a small security guard in Tian Ya Conglomerate? "I still don't know your name, I'm Zhao Tian Hao." Zhao Tian Hao said.

    "Ye Qian!" Ye Qian smiled slightly and nodded his head. "My house is up ahead, not far from here. Let's get going."

    "You seem to know that hitman?" Zhao Tian Hao said.

    Ye Qian smiled indifferently and replied, "Do you actually think that we're part of the same gang or something? You think we just put on a show to trick you?"

    "Of course not." Zhao Tian Hao replied urgently, "If you wanted to kill me you wouldn't need to trick me. I wouldn't be able to escape regardless. I just felt that you both seemed to know each other."

    Ye Qian did not make any confirmation that Zhao Tian Hao's feelings were correct. He only faintly smiled and said, "We've never met before, we don't know each other, but we've heard of each other."

    Zhao Tian Hao stared blankly, somewhat confused over Ye Qian's answer. Just a moment ago, when Ye Qian spoke with the masked man, neither of them revealed their names. How can they know who the other person was then? But Ye Quan did not wish to explain, and it was not the place for him to ask more.

    "You're a security guard in Tian Ya Conglomerate?" Zhao Tian Hao changed the subject and asked.

    "Yes, today was my first day of work." Ye Qian replied.

    "How was it? Are you getting used to it?" Zhao Tian Hao asked with a chuckle.

    "Quite well, salary and compensation isn't bad, food not bad, even have clothes to go with the job. Where else could I find these good things." Ye Qian replied with a smile.

    "You just demonstrated great skill and calmness in the situation earlier, don't you feel wronged that you are just a small security guard?" Zhao Tian Hao asked.

    "Not at all, there's an opportunity to become great in any trade. Besides, I don't have a good educational background or any technicals skills, if I don't work as a security guard what else could I do." Ye Qian replied.

    Those that are really talented are often hidden, perhaps this young man in front of him was a hidden young talent in the city, Zhao Tian Hao thought to himself. He had seen quite a number of young talents, but those with Ye Qian's bearing weren't a lot. Zhao Tian Hao thought to himself, if he made Ye Qian his subordinate, then it would certainly be a big help to him.

    "We're here. Mr. Zhao, welcome." Ye Qian opened the large door and did a welcoming gesture. "My house is simple and crude, please don't take offense, Mr. Zhao."

    Zhao Tian Hao laughed and said, "I won't, when I was young my living environment was also not that good, lived in a simple house built with concrete. Later on, I moved to Shanghai, and there I've experienced sleeping under a bridge. Ye Qian, don't call me Mr. Zhao, if you don't mind, please call me Uncle Zhao."

    Ye Qian laughed and did not say anything else, neither agreeing nor declining. Zhao Tian Hao didn't say anything more as well. After all, it was just their first meeting. It wasn't easy to make the other person familiar with himself. "Laodie is still in the hospital. Tonight you can sleep in Laodie's room." Ye Qian lead Zhao Tian Hao to Laodie's door and opened it.

    "Thank you!" Zhao Tian Hao replied.

    Ye Qian smiled slightly and said, "Rest early." Saying this, he helped Zhao Tian Hao into the room.

    On the morning of the second day, Ye Qian got out of bed early. Not following his usual routine, he decided not to go out to jog today because he didn't know when the Seven Kills hitman would pop up, so he couldn't leave. Not long after, Zhao Tian Hao also got up from bed. After waiting for him to freshen up, Ye Qian said, "Wait for a while, I'm going to make a phone call to get off work."

    "Alright!" Zhao Tian Hao said with a smile.

    Ye Qian pulled out his cellphone and called the Tian Ya Conglomerate's security department number. "Captain Zheng, it's Ye Qian. Something came up in my house, could I get three days off?" Ye Qian asked when the phone was picked up.

    "What? A leave? Ye Qian, you've only worked one day, and you already ask for a leave. Your work ethic is really bad. What kind of place do you think Tian Ya Conglomerate is? Do you think it's your house's vegetable garden? If you want to go you then go, if you don't then don't? Let me tell you, if you don't come in on time today, then you don't need to come back ever again." The angry voice of Zheng Xin came through the phone. Yesterday when it was almost time to get off of work he had heard that Ye Qian bullied Secretary Li. He had planned on scolding Ye Qian today, but didn't expect that this xiaozi would suddenly ask for a leave. What else could he say, of course he could only tell him to screw off.

    Ye Qian knitted his brows and coldly snorted as he hung up his phone. Ye Qian wasn't that interested in the job, and he only go this job to let Laodie feel relieved, nothing more. Now, the most important thing to do was to protect Zhao Tian Hao's life for three days. At first, he only saved Zhao Tian Hao because he felt that the latter was a very daring and gutsy person, but now there was another reason. This was now a competition between Wolf Fang and Seven Kills. If Ye Qian lost, then it would mean that Wolf Fang lost.

    When he saw Ye Qian's expression, Zhao Tian Hao more or less guessed what happened. "Lend me the phone. Let me make a call." Zhao Tian Hao said.

    He took the phone from Ye Qian and Zhao Tian Hao nodded to him. He turned around and went into the room, calling Tian Ya Conglomerate's security department, "It's Zhao Tian Hao, give the phone to Cao Da Hua." Zhao Tian Hao said.

    The one who picked up the phone was Zheng Xin. When he heard Zhao Tian Hao's words, he was stupefied. He looked at the phone display and saw that it was the number Ye Qian used to make his call earlier. Suddenly he roared angrily into the phone, "Kao, if you are freaking Zhao Tian Hao then I'm Zhao Tian Hao's daddy."

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