Chapter 35: The Brotherhood

    "Don't think that laozi doesn't know who you are. Kao, you think laozi is an idiot. Let me tell you, xiaozi, daye is feeling nice today, so I won't argue with you. But if you dare to call again, I will flay you." Zheng Xin angrily replied. He was completely oblivious to the fact that it was really Zhao Tian Hao on the phone.

    Zhao Tian Hao couldn't help at being stupefied at being verbally abused by Zheng Xin. He thought that all the staff members of Tian Ya Conglomerate were refined and well mannered. He didn't expect that the security department would have such a person. Although the power of the security department wasn't large, it was still the representation of Tian Ya Conglomerate. For anybody who enters Tian Ya Conglomerate, the first person they see is the security guard. They represent Tian Ya Conglomerate's image. Zhao Tian Hao coldly snorted and ended the call. Then, he called his own secretary's number.

    "Pass a message for me to the security department's Cao Da Hua. Tell him to give the security guard, Ye Qian, three days off, and say it is my special approval. Also, find out who security guard who just answered my call was." Zhao Tian Hao said with some anger.

    His secretary had never heard him be this angry before. He couldn't help but wipe off some of his sweat, not knowing what uncautious person provoked the boss. He made successive replies of assent but Zhao Tian Hao had already hung up the phone.

    When he came out of the room, Zhao Tian Hua smiled slightly at Ye Qian, "Don't worry about it, I just got off the phone and got you that leave."

    Ye Qian stared blankly, and he said in astonishment, "You got me the leave?"

    Zhao Tian Hao nodded and replied, "Yes. I'm very close with your company's boss. Getting you a few days off was no problem." He knitted his brows then replied, "What I'm most worried about right now is my daughter. I'm afraid that those hitmen won't just come after me, but also go after my daughter. Ye Qian, won't you help me protect my daughter? If only she were safe, then I can really be relax when fighting with the opponent."

    Ye Qian replied in a low voice, "And what about you?"

    Zhao Tian Hao smiled softly and replied, "As long as I get safely home then it won't be easy for them to come kill me."

    Ye Qian was silent for a while. If the other Wolf Fang members were with him now then it would have been no problem; it would have been a great help. But Ye Qian still didn't want those xiaozi to know where he was. Now, he was even busy with protecting this pair of father and daughter. At the moment, Ye Qian was certainly in a tight spot. Ye Qian did not have a father, but he could feel from Zhao Tian Hao the concern and cherishing of a father to his daughter. If anything were to happen to the daughter, it would be have been a heavy blow for him. "Mr. Zhao, I know two people. If they agree to help, then I can relax and leave to go protect your daughter." Ye Qian replied after a moment of silence.

    "Oh? Who?" Zhao Tian Hao asked.

    "They're also like me. They are Tian Ya Conglomerate security guards, and their skills aren't bad." Ye Qian replied as he thought about Fu Jun Sheng and Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "They're also Tian Ya Conglomerate security guards?" Zhao Tian Hao couldn't help but be surprised. He didn't expect that his own company would have crouching tiger hidden dragons. He had so many talents that he never really discovered it seemed. Zhao Tian Hao understood clearly now that these people willingly became common security guards. He couldn't easily use his authority to command them to do his bidding; they would only come at the call of comradeship which bound them. If he were to expose his status right now, using his name to put pressure on them, it might produce the opposite of the desired result. He could only put all of his bargaining chips on Ye Qian. "Alright, please try. If they won't come, then so be it. I have methods to protect myself. As long as my daughter is alright then it will good." Zhao Tian Hao replied.

    Ye Qian nodded, he called the Tian Ya Conglomerate phone number and Wan Chun Hua picked up. When he heard Ye Qian's voice, Wan Chun Hua replied promptly, "Ye ge, you're awesome for skipping the second day of work. Brother prostrates himself before you."

    Ye Qian knew the conduct and morality of this xiaozi, he did not feel like continuing to boast with him, so he told him to give the phone to Fu Jun Sheng. Ye Qian only said a few simple words, asking him for his help. Fu Jun Shen was silent for a moment but quickly agreed. Ye Qian replied with thanks then asked him to also bring Zhao Tie Zhu over as well. Fu Jun Sheng did not know what was happening, but he still agreed. After determining the meeting location, Ye Qian then put the phone down.

    "It's all settled. Mr. Zhao, let's go!" Ye Qian said.

    Zhao Tian Hao repeatedly said words of thanks, and then followed Ye Qian out.

    When they got out, they called a taxi over, and it was not long before they arrived at the meeting spot agreed upon with Fu Jun Sheng. They had already arrived and were waiting for a while. Fu Jun Sheng and Zhao Tie Zhu were both present. Wan Chun Hua was also present. When they saw Ye Qian arrive, the three people hurriedly went to greet him. Wan Chun Hua said in a voice of ridicule, "Ye ge, because of you, all the brothers got into a big argument with that bastard Zheng Xin. After this thing is over, you will have to treat us to a meal."

    When he heard this, Ye Qian realized that Zhen Xing most certainly must have given them a hard time. But since they were all brothers, he did not have to say his words of gratitude. If he did, it would just ruin the sentiment of brothers. Ye Qian grinned and replied, "Of course I'll treat you. But this matter today is a little difficult. If we don't do this well, it could cost a life."

    Wan Chun Hua was taken aback. He apparently did not foresee that the matter would be this troublesome. Zhao Tie Zhu still had his silly smiling face. Nobody could tell what he was really thinking. "Say it, what is it?" Fu Jun Sheng asked. Even though he hadn't known Ye Qian for very long, Fu Jun Sheng understood that with Ye Qian's skill, if the problem wasn't extremely troublesome, he wouldn't have gone looking for them. Now that they were here and he explained that the matter was truly difficult, since Ye Qian called him over, it meant that Ye Qian trusted him, and he would not betray that trust.

    Ye Qian nodded towards Fu Jun Sheng. There were times that brothers did not need words. It was much like how Ye Qian and Fu Jun Sheng were now. Even if they didn't say anything, the other person would know for sure the deep feelings of gratitude of the other person. "Come, let me introduce you. This is Mr. Zhao. Mr. Zhao, these three are the three coworkers I told you about. This is Fu Jun Sheng, this is Zhao Tie Zhu and this is Wan Chun Hua." Ye Qian introduced them one at a time.

    "I have to trouble you all. Zhao is really very apologetic." Zhao Tian Hao greeted them all with handshakes.

    "Don't worry about it Mr. Zhao. Ye ge's business is our business of course." Wan Chun Hua patted his chest and said heroically. The three of them had been working in Tian Ya Conglomerate for a long time but had never seen the chairman in person. Now the chairman was in front of them, and they didn't even recognize him. If somebody told them that the person in front of them was the chairman, they probably wouldn't have a clue how to react.

    "Ye Qian, tell us the problem." Fu Jun Sheng said.

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