Chapter 36: Who is the mastermind behind the scenes

    "I want you to help me protect Mr. Zhao. Three days. In three days we can't let any harm come to him." Ye Qian replied.

    Fu Jun Sheng turned his eyes to look at Zhao Tian Hao and asked, "Who are we up against?"

    Ye Qian replied, "An international organization's hitman. A Seven Kills Organization member."

    Fu Jun Sheng stared blankly. When he was in the army, Fu Jun Shen had heard about the Seven Kills. He also knew the creed of the Seven Kills. He couldn't help but look Zhao Tian Hao over, apparently wondering if Zhao Tian Hao was clean. Otherwise, why would a Seven Kills member be after him? But he didn't speak his thoughts aloud. Since Ye Qian had asked for help, he would naturally agree to help him. If he were to speak up now, then it would be a little inappropriate.

    "Kao, Mr. Zhao, what did you do? How could you offend such a scary person?" Wan Chun Hua said. He had never heard of the Seven Kills, but from Ye Qian's manner of speaking he could tell how formidable the Seven Kills were. After all, it was an international organization. How could it be so inferior?

    Zhao Tian Hao was not the least bit offended by Wan Chun Hua's crassness. He felt that this type of frank person was refreshing. He laughed and said, "I really didn't do anything. I just run a small business. I could have accidentally offended a few people. So these people could have sent a hitman after me."

    Zhao Tian Hao had said this in an ordinary manner, but even fools could tell that he wasn't running a small business. Otherwise why would a rival send an international organization after him? If one were to believe Zhao Tian Hao, what kind of small business, let us say laying a mat on the sidewalk to sell wares, even if he opened a small company, would the rival really do such a thing. However, even though they all thought this way, nobody said anything out loud.

    "Ye Qian, don't worry. As long as I live, not a hair of Mr. Zhao's head will be harmed." Fu Jun Sheng replied in a determined manner.

    Ye Qian nodded slightly, replied, "I leave Mr. Zhao to you." After saying this he turned his head, and spoke to Zhao Tian Hao, "Mr. Zhao, regarding this matter, don't you have any opinion? Who do you feel is most probable? If we don't know who the opponent is, defending will be twice as hard. If we know who the opponent is, it would help a lot."

    Zhao Tian Hua muttered to himself for a while, then made his reply, "I'm not entirely sure myself. But the most likely suspects is the Clear Sky Conglomerate, second is the East Ascension Conglomerate. They are my company's biggest competitors. Apart from them, I can't think of anybody else."

    "Mr. Zhao, what have you prepared?" Ye Qian asked.

    "Right now I'm still unsure of who the culprits are. So, temporarily, I can only defend. But, I, Zhao Tian Hao will not let myself be bullied. Heng. I will remember this, and one day I will find them and even the score." Zhao Tian Hao replied coldly.

    Ye Qian smiled slightly and replied, "Since Mr. Zhao is aware of the situation, then I won't add anything."

    Zhao Tian Hao nodded and replied, "Ye Qian, I leave my daughter in your hands. I believe that you won't disappoint me."

    Ye Qian was a little taken aback. He felt that Zhao Tian Hao's words were stranger the more he heard it, as though he were giving him his daughter's hand in marriage. Ye Qian nodded and replied, "I need your daughter's information. Also information on Qing Yun Conglomerate and Dong Xiang Conglomerate that you just mentioned. The more detailed the better."

    "No problem, I'll just call my secretary and have him prepare." Zhao Tian Hao finished speaking, then immediately dialed his secretary, telling him to quickly come over and bring all the information that Ye Qian required.

    Not long after, Zhao Tian Hao secretary's car arrived. He was a young man, not yet 30, wearing gold rimmed glasses. "Chairman, these are the things you asked for." The gold-rimmed bespectacled man pulled out a sheaf of documents in na envelope from his bag and handed it over.

    Zhao Tian Hao nodded and handed the files over to Ye Qian, one by one explaining the contents of the envelope. Ye Qian opened the files pertaining to Zhao Tian Hao's daughter, looked it over, the said in the shocked voice, "Mr. Zhao, your daughter is still a student?"

    "Yes, she is currently studying her second year of college in her French course. What's the matter? Is there a problem?" Zhao Tian Hao was surprised at Ye Qian's shocked question.

    "None!" Ye Qian shook his head and replied. In reality, Ye Qian longed for college life, but because of his home situation he stopped school after grade school. Later on he joined the Wolf Fang, and did not have the opportunity to continue studying, apart from the few necessary things to know. For example, the structure of firearms, customs of different places, languages, etc.

    "Then I'll let my secretary help you make arrangements. Ye Qian, I'm really grateful to you!" Zhao Tian Hao replied.

    Ye Qian smiled slightly and replied, "Really, I want to know, how did Luo Ya die?"

    Zhao Tian Hao was silent for a moment, and replied with some sadness, "That time, I and Luo Ya and partnered up to start a company. From a street stall with goods laid out on a floor mat we developed it up to the scale of now. One time, I and Luo Ya went together to T Country for business, we did not expect that we would be kidnapped by some militants, and be blackmailed for money. At that time, the militants, kept Luo Ya captive while they sent me away to raise the money. One billion US dollars. Even though our company had grown, it wasn't easy to collect that much money. Once I had finally raised the money and was about to pay the ransom for Luo Ya, I heard that this armed group had been eliminated by the government together with a mercenary group called the Wolf Fang. In the midst of that conflict Luo Ya was murdered by the militants. Luo Ya died because of me. If only I had paid the ransom sooner, he wouldn't have died."

    Ye Qian was dumbfounded. He remembered very same this incident. At that time he wasn't the leader of the Wolf Fang yet. The mission that time was to provide support to the territory's government army to eliminate the militants. The mission had completed without a hitch. Those militants were just a mob, and they did not have the capability to fight back. When you put it this way, the Wolf Fang was responsible for the death of Luo Ya. But, Ye Qian did not speak out his guilt. After all he personally did not know Luo Ya, he also did not know Zhao Tian Hao. Frankly speaking, Ye Qian did not consider himself a righteous person. He only felt that he had to do what he had to do. For example, take this current situation with Zhao Tian Hao, Ye Qian completely did not need to interfere, but he felt that Zhao Tian Hao was person worthy of being friends with, so he wished to helped him. Besides, this also was connected to the Wolf Fangs' reputation as the Wolf Fang could not lose to the Seven Kills.

    Ye Qian nodded his head slightly and replied, "Mr. Zhao, don't worry. No harm will come to your daughter as long as I'm there to protect her. But, whoever it is that is out to get you, the sooner I find out who, the better."

    "I understand, Ye Qian. Thank you." Zhao Tian Hao replied.

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