Chapter 37: The Con

    Ye Qian smiled lightly as he bid his farewells to Fu Jun Sheng and the others. Then he got into Zhao Tian Hao's secretary Hu Ge's car, and they headed to the foreign languages institute. The way Zhao Tian Hao saw it, Ye Qian was a complete stranger, even though Zhao Tian Hao liked to believe in his kindness and benevolence, but he still set up preventive measure just in case. He had secretly ordered Hu Ge to send over some Tian Ya Conglomerate bodyguards to watch over his own daughter, Zhao Ya. Ye Qian did not know about this. However, thinking about how he was so old but unexpectedly going back to school, Ye Qian found it funny. Just a moment ago, Hu Ge had told him that he had made arrangements for him to enroll in the school, and it made him surprised. Then Hu Ge had laughed and said that it would benefit him in his future job. Ye Qian thought that it made sense so he did not refuse.

    "Is she a looker?" Ye Qian suddenly asked.

    Hu Ge was a little taken aback, then he quickly replied. "That she is!!" Even if Zhao Ya looked like a demon he wouldn't dare say she wasn't pretty.

    "What about her character? Is she easy to get along with?" Ye Qian asked.

    "Oh, um... she's a daughter of a rich household so she can't help being a little arrogant. But all in all, the young miss is quite easy to get along with. She's a kind person." Hu Ge replied.

    Ye Qian knitted his brows when he heard Hu Ge's words. It seemed like this business wouldn't be so easy to do. He couldn't easily believe that Zhao Ya was really as easy to get along with as Hu Ge claimed. He only heard that Zhao Ya was arrogant. He really was a person that looked for his own trouble. He was already doing alright as a security guard, but he still had to get mixed up in this business. It seemed he really caused his own hardships.

    But this was Ye Qian's character. He only needed to meet a person he felt comfortable with, and he immediately wouldn't mind going through water and treading on fire for them. Besides, he only had to protect one person anyway.

    When they reached the school gates, Hu Ge stopped the car. Luckily it was dismissal time. Ye Qian watched a group of students chatting happily as they entered the dining hall and felt a little sentimental. He had always dreamed of this life, a life on an ivory tower, carefree and without worries.

    Hu Ge said, "Mr. Ye, I've already made all the arrangements. You only have to report to the dean's office. You're in the same class as the young miss. Mr. Ye, do you have any questions?"

    Ye Qian asked in surprise, "Won't you introduce me? How can I know which is your young miss?"

    Hu Ge smiled faintly and responded vaguely, "This, uh... once you get in the classroom you'll know."

    Ye Qian looked at Hu Ge in surprise, it seemed as if Hu Ge were afraid of seeing that young miss. Was it possible that the yatou was actually ugly? Ye Qian believed in the saying, ugly people suffered from negativity, it was very likely that this young miss was difficult to deal with. He thought for a long time, then Ye Qian laughed mischievously and said, "I should give Mr. Zhao a call and tell him I want a switch. Yes... Tie Zhu, switching with Tie Zhu shouldn't be a problem."

    Hu Ge looked at Ye Qian, stunned. He did not understand why he would suddenly change his mind.

    After he said this, Ye Qian called Zhao Tian Hao, and told him situation. Zhao Tian Hao did not have any strong opinion. After all, Ye Qian was not under any obligation to help him. If Ye Qian wanted to withdraw now, he couldn't do anything about it. But Zhao Tian Hao was surprised, why would Ye Qian suddenly change his mind? But he did not speak his thoughts out loud.

    Ye Qian let Zhao Tian Hao pass the phone to Zhao Tie Zhu, when he heard Zhao Tie Zhu's voice, Ye Qian smiled mischievously and said, "Tie Zhu, I have something to discuss with you."

    "Whatever it is, tell me!" Zhao Tie Zhu replied frankly.

    "You still don't have a girlfriend right?" Ye Qian asked.

    Zhao Tie Zhu stared blankly, he couldn't figure out why Ye Qian would suddenly bring this up at this moment. But he still replied truthfully, "I don't. Why? Are you actually going to introduce me to a girl?"

    "Bingo, you guess it!" Ye Qian replied. "If I didn't come here I wouldn't have known, when I saw I was surprised. This college has so many pretty girls! It's too bad as I already have a girlfriend, so I'll just hand this over to you. Let's switch places, you come to this school to protect Mr. Zhao's daughter. Don't say your brother doesn't look after you ah. Don't let that xiaozi Wan Chun Hua know about this or else he'd want to come."

    He could scarcely imagine that at this moment Wan Chun Hua was right beside Zhao Tie Zhu listening in on the conversation. When he heard Ye Qian say this, Wan Chun Hua disdainfully snorted and mumbled, "I reckon he saw that the school is full of dinosaurs so he's conning us into going."

    Zhao Tie Zhu laughed and said, "Ye ge, you're so good to me. But would those college girls really be interested in a security guard like me?"

    "Of course, of course! Besides, you will also be coming here to study. How will they know you're a security guard. When they see how handsome you are they'll all flock to you for sure. When the time comes you wouldn't be able to choose! Once they find out that you're actually a security guard, they'd already be pregnant! You could even have kids! It would be too late for them to turn back at that point.' Ye Qian replied jokingly, exaggerating a bit.

    Hu Ge who was beside him felt cold sweat. This xiaozi was such a gangster. He couldn't understand why Chairman Zhao associated himself with him.

    "Hehe, I know how handsome I am." Zhao Tie Zhu said agreeably. "But those pretty girls always say that looks can't provide a meal. They want rich guys. It's too bad I don't have money."

    "Those are other girls, this college is full of rich girls. There are so many pretty girls that aren't vain. They believe that people are more important that money. Don't worry, brother isn't tricking you. If you don't agree now you'll regret it later. Later you'll be the one asking me to switch and I wouldn't want to." Ye Qian said a little anxiously. Zhao Tie Zhu was easy-going and docile, but why was he still so hard to con.

    Zhao Tie Zhu laughed mischievously and said, "Ye ge, don't con me, I won't go."

    "Kao!" Ye Qian exclaimed gloomily. It turned out that Zhao Tie Zhu was the one playing him this whole time. This xiaozi was only naive on the outside, but he was a traitor in the end! Now that things reached this point, Ye Qian could only press his luck. Damn, he was the leader of the Wolf Fang Mercenaries, why was he afraid of a yatou? He had to remain calm, even if the girl turned out to be some Salt-free Woman, he just had to think of her as a Diao Chan.

    He sighed deeply, Ye Qian then opened the car door and exited. He raised his head and looked at the XX symbol on the gates of the foreign languages institute. Mumbling to himself, "Can this really be a Jurassic Park?"

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