Chapter 44: Im her boyfriend

    When she heard Wei Chen Long's words, Qin Yue's expression became impatient, she said coldly, "I'm sorry, I still have things to do."

    It was hard to tell if Wei Chen Long didn't know that Qin Yue hated him or if he was just pretending not to know. His face still had a flattering smile as he said, "No problem I'll just wait for you."

    Ye Qian shook his head helplessly, and his lips curled up into a smile. He walked a few steps toward Qin Yue and said warmly, "Yue Yue, who is this man?"

    When she heard Ye Qian's intimate words, Qin Yue was stunned, but then she quickly understood that Ye Qian was trying to help her, so she played along and replied, "I don't know him." Her expression towards Wei Chen Long was full of disdain.

    Wei Chen Long was shocked into stupefaction, his eyes turned towards Ye Qian. He was no fool. When he saw that Qin Yue didn't react to Ye Qian calling her by a nickname, he knew that his standing with her was different from his own. He thought about how he had been wooing Qin Yue for so long, and he was naturally upset that somebody new came along to one-up him. A dark look flashed in his eyes but he quickly removed it and said to Ye Qian, "Hello, I'm Wei Chen Long. And you are?" If he weren't beside Qin Yue, he would have already beat Ye Qian up. However, because he wanted to give Qin Yue a good impression, he acted like a gentleman.

    Of course, Ye Qian understood that Wei Cheng Long was being insincere with his politeness. What man would be willing to let the girl they liked become another man's? He chuckled and replied, "Ye Qian. Yue Yue's boyfriend. I heard that you have been taking care of Yue Yue for a while, I'm really grateful to you."

    Even though Qin Yue had already approved of Ye Qian helping her, when she heard Ye Qian call himself her boyfriend, her whole body stiffened. However, she wanted Wei Cheng Long to go away so she didn't say anything. Wei Cheng Long took Qin Yue's silence as confirmation and anger ripped through his heart. He gritted his teeth as he controlled his anger, then he put on a smile and said, "Haha, it was nothing. It was just something I had to do." After he spoke, Wei Cheng Long felt extremely gloomy.

    Ye Qian laughed like he didn't see the momentary unpleasant look on Wei Cheng Long's face as he replied, "Mr. Wei, don't you have a girlfriend yet? Why don't I let my Yue Yue introduce somebody to you? Haha, but I don't think it will be necessary. Mr. Wei is pretty good-looking, you'll find somebody fast, won't you?" Even though Ye Qian's words were very ordinary as if he were chatting about normal, everyday things, when Wei Cheng Long heard the words, it was like Ye Qian was giving him a slap on the face. He refused to believe that Ye Qian did not see that the person he liked was Qin Yue.

    Wei Cheng Long swallowed the rising anger in his heart and thought, "Xiaozi, don't be so pleased with yourself. Sooner or later this daddy will finish you." But he still maintained a pleasant expression. If Ye Qian wasn't good at reading people, then he would have easily believed that this xiaozi was a magnanimous person. "Mr. Ye is very lucky to have Qin Yue as a girlfriend. Where does Mr. Ye climb the corporate ladder?" Wei Cheng Long asked. Because of Ye Qian's mature appearance, he didn't look like he was at the age when people studied, so Wei Cheng Long did not suspect at all the Ye Qian could be Qin Yue's student.

    "I don't dare do that. I only work as a security guard." Ye Qian replied with a laugh.

    Wei Cheng Long looked at Ye Qian in shock. She did not expect Qin Yue to become a couple with a mere security guard. It was a huge insult to him. He was the young master of the East Ascension Conglomerate. Wasn't he much better than a security guard? When he saw Ye Qian earlier, he was certain that he was a young master from some rich house, or a child of some official. Even though Ye Qian's outfit was ordinary, but he could see that they were branded clothes, so he had guessed that Ye Qian was some military enthusiast, how could he have thought that he was actually a security guard?

    Wei Cheng Long's expression slowly changed into a look of contempt. He said detachedly, "Oh so it turns out you're just a bodyguard." He had only been trying to give Qin Yue a good impression so he had been acting modest and benevolent, but now that he heard Ye Qian was only a security guard, his arrogance couldn't help seeping out. He decided to take this opportunity to show Qin Yue who was the better man.

    "It's just enough to get by. Haha!" Ye Qian seemed to not have notice the derision in Wei Cheng Long's voice and smiled as he replied.

    Wei Cheng Long smiled disdainfully. He knitted his brows and said, "Qin Yue, our company is holding a ball this weekend, come with me. Right, even you Mr. Ye, you can come as well."

    Of course Ye Qian knew that Wei Cheng Long wasn't sincerely inviting him, he must have some trick up his sleeve and most certainly he wanted to make Ye Qian lose face. However, Ye Qian knew how to deal with these brash gongzi, and that was to give them big slaps on the face, make them know that there are other people on earth besides them, and they shouldn't always have the attitude of "this daddy is number one under the heaven". Both slaps on the face will have intimidating strength.

    Qin Yue did not even look at Wei Cheng Long as she responded coldly, "Forget it, I'm busy this weekend."

    Ye Qian smiled and walked towards Qin Yue's side and put his hand on her shoulder in a very natural way, then said, "Yue Yue, since Wei Cheng Long is so sincere, we can't refuse him. Let's go, I have never been to a ball before." Ye Qian could play the part of the country bumpkin to perfection. Most importantly, this was a chance to touch Qin Yue; it would be a waste not to seize the opportunity. With a somewhat apologetic look, the hand that naturally landed on her shoulder slowly rubbed intimately.

    Qin Yue's whole body stiffened, and her brows knitted. This was the first time she had ever been touched by the opposite sex. No, it was actually the second. Earlier she had already been poked by the brute Ye Qian with his wretched region, but she knew that Ye Qian was actually helping her with this inconvenience. She knew that she couldn't get angry or else Wei Cheng Long would see through them and might come back to bother her in the future. However, Qin Yue couldn't let herself be taken advantage of by Ye Qian. She smiled faintly and grabbed Ye Qian by the waist and pinched it hard while saying, "Alright I'll go with what you want." To outsiders, they really looked like a pair of sweethearts.

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