Chapter 54: Return to the Police Station

    Qin Yue was already used to Ye Qian's smooth-talking. She continued, "Since you're Ya'er's bodyguard, then you can easily be mine as well. I'll hire you."

    "Really? You're not kidding?" Ye Qian asked.

    "Of course not," Qin Yue said, " Do I look like I'm joking?"

    "That's what I want, but I can't split myself up. There's no problem at school but what about after class? I can't protect the both of you," Ye Qian said.

    Qin Yue smiled mysteriously and said, "Well the truth is I'm secretly very good friends with Ya'er. We currently live in the same villa. So how about it? Can you be my bodyguard now?"

    All of these things were beyond Ye Qian's expectations. Stunned, he asked Qin Yue, "For real?"

    "This isn't a shameful thing, why would I lie to you," Qin Yue said indifferently.

    "Hehe, if this is true, then I'll consider it. But, that... hehe, you understand." Ye Qian said while rubbing his fingers together, the gesture representing money.

    Qin Yue looked at Ye Qian helplessly and said, "Money? Don't worry, I won't shortchange you."

    Ye Qian grinned and said hypocritically, "We're friends, so a little is fine, twenty or thirty thousand a month is fine."

    "You're a lion with a big mouth after all," Qin Yue said. "The price of a bodyguard is only about five thousand a month."

    "How can you say that. You can't compare me to other bodyguards. I'm the elite of the elites," said Ye Qian complacently.

    Qin Yue did not care about the money. Besides, she could tell that Ye Qian was only teasing her. She guessed that even if she didn't pay him anything this xiaozi wouldn't care. "Oh right. At the moment you're a suspect in a murder investigation, but you don't look worried at all. Aren't you even a little bit afraid?" Qin Yue said, changing the topic.

    "The upright body won't cast a slanted shadow. I didn't do it so I'm not afraid," said Ye Qian indifferently.

    "Since you didn't do it, that leaves only two possibilities. The first is that the police made a mistake, but the chances of this is quite small. The second possibility is that someone is framing you. It looks like your background isn't small," Qin Yue said.

    Ye Qian shrugged helplessly and said, "I just got back, how could I know who I provoked? I think it must be that the police made a mistake."

    Qin Yue smiled indifferently and said, "You don't have to pretend in front of me. Tell me honestly, what are you really thinking?"

    Ye Qian chuckled and moved close to Qin Yue's ear and whispered, "Yue Yue, I see that you are getting better and better at understanding me. Maybe we should go register ourselves at the civil administration office." Qin Yue glared at Ye Qian helplessly. Ye Qian continued, "Actually, it would be very easy for me to find out who's framing me. But since they have planned like this, I'm sure they have other steps laid out afterwards. I can only wait until the fox reveals his tail."

    "If you need any help, just let me know. Even though I don't know who you're up against or what background they have, getting you out of the police station would be easy," Qin Yue said calmly, as if the police station were her own backyard where she could come and go as she pleased.

    "Of course. In Shanghai, I only have one friend with beauty and brains. If I don't ask you who would I ask?" Ye Qian said with a smile.

    As he said this, they arrived at the entrance of the police station. Qin Yue accompanied Ye Qian inside and made a phone call. Not long after a group of tall men with straight backs wearing black suits arrived at the police station. Qin Yue bid Ye Qian farewell, leaving with her escort, but even as she was on her way out she exchanged a glare with Wang Yu for several seconds. Ye Qian shook his head helplessly, wondering whether or not these two yatou had enmity in their previous lives, or else why would they get along so poorly in this life.

    Because of what happened last time, the people at the police station did not dare to give Ye Qian a hard time. Especially since Wang Yu did not make things difficult for Ye Qian, it made the others decide even more firmly not cross him. When it was time for Ye Qian to go into the interrogation room Wang Yu followed him inside. After asking some basic questions, Wang Yu said, "Ye Qian, even though I despise you, as a police officer I don't want to accuse the wrong person of crime. However, according to all the information you've given us, you are the most likely suspect. There's also a witness that claims to have seen you with his own eyes last night killing Zhao Xie. This is very bad for you."

    Ye Qian wanted to draw out the person who was framing him, so he couldn't say that he was with Zhao Tian Hao last night. This made Wang Yu think that he had nobody to vouch for him. "Who's the witness?" Ye Qian asked.

    "The victim Zhao Xie's girlfriend, Xu Ya Ying. She was the one who made the report. She was also the one who saw you kill Zhao Xie," Wang Yu said.

    Ye Qian's expression became blank, he did not expect that  the witness would be Lin Rou Rou's classmate. It was very obvious that Xu Ya Ying was accusing him wrongly, she almost certainly must be receiving some sort of benefit from somebody to frame him. In other words, the most pivotal person right now was Xu Ya Ying. He only had to find her to figure out who the mastermind was. "What about you? Do you believe that I did it?" Ye Qian asked.

    Wang Yu was taken aback, she replied, "Honestly, before I left to arrest you, the Chief Zeng ordered that if you were to resist arrest we could open fire at you. Even though I don't know exactly what is going on, I know that it came from the higher-ups, otherwise Chief Zeng would never have given an order. In other words, it is very likely that somebody is framing you, and that this person has enormous power. They could even command the higher-ups to pass that order down."

    Even though Wang Yu didn't say it directly, her words were enough to tell Ye Qian she believed him. Ye Qian had a faint smile as he replied, "Right now I'm actually quite interested to know who is framing me. A person that  can think up such an ugly idea... must be very interesting."

    "You aren't worried at all?" Wang Yu asked, looking at Ye Qian in amazement.

    "When the boat reaches the end of the pier, it will go straight to the current (idiom: everything will be alright)," Ye Qian replied, smiling indifferently.

    After a silent pause, Wang Yu bit her lip and said, "Don't worry, I will help you. I won't let anything happen to you."

    Ye Qian looked at Wang Yu in surprise. He couldn't stop the smile from forming on his face, thinking, this yatou isn't bad, I should argue with her again next time.

    Edited by: Johnny Clune
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