Chapter 56: Conspiracy

    Once Ye Qian was brought into the detention room by the officers on duty, the prisoners inside saw him and trembled. They had personally experienced Ye Qian's strength before, and this person had casually defeated all of them. The whole matter was outrageous and a little freakish. At the time that Ye Qian was released, they could all finally relax. At that point they would have rather been shot dead than face him again. Who'd have thought that this grandpa would be back after a few days. When they saw Ye Qian's ashen face their hearts sank and trembled. When this grandpa was in a good mood, he was alright, but when he was in a bad mood, then he would take his anger out on them. Who would be able to bear it.

    Note: Grandpa here is actually a compliment as older is better in Chinese culture

    Once inside, Ye Qian's lips curled into a smile and he said, "Hey everybody, it's been a while.

    "Grandpa, please have a seat. Please have a cigarrete!" Those criminals gathered around him and greeted him respectfully.

    Everybody was being so kind so Ye Qian began to enjoy himself. He leaned on the bed, smoking a cigarette, while some of the criminals gave him a massage. How was this prison? He was clearly living like a king. Right now all he lacked was women. "Grandpa, why are you back?" The criminal asked while trembling in fear.

    "I'm suspected of murder!" Ye Qian replied indifferently.

    "Murder? All the criminals stared blankly. In China, murder was punishable by death, but Ye Qian looked completely undisturbed by this. His lack of fear when facing death made these criminals feel inferior. Normally they acted aggressive, but they couldn't be like Ye Qian, who could remain calm at the thought of death.

    What was death after all, Ye Qian had already forgotten it a long time ago. To him who always wore his life at his belt, to him whose one foot was already through the Kingdom of Yama, to him life and death did not have much meaning. Like the people from ancient times said. What's the joy of living, what is the sadness of death. It wasn't that Ye Qian didn't fear death, it was that he could not fear death. Because in every mission he had to put his life on the line, if he had any fear, his chances of survival would be much smaller. Only by forgetting death could he defeat the enemy.

    Ye Qian started to take a nap as he leaned on the bed, enjoying the special treatment he was receiving from the da ge. By chance he saw Yang Wei, a mysterious expression on his face, walking over with a guard on duty. Ye Qian stopped the racket caused by the inmates and perked his ears up to listen.

    "Remember, find a way to get him near the door, when the time is right I'll make my move. Understand?" Yang Wei whispered as if he was afraid other people would hear him. He looked like he was plotting something evil.

    "Brother Yang, you really want to make your move in the police station? This isn't a joke. If things get out of hand not only could we lose our jobs but we could also be put in prison." The officer on duty said with worry.

    "What are you afraid of? This order from from the higher ups, we have to make sure he's in place. After the deed is done we won't be put in prison, and a promotion would be just around the corner." Yang Wie replied. "As long as we do well, and make it look like as if he planned to escape, and that we had no choice but to open fire, add to that the pressure from the people above us, even if the public security chief is his brother there is nothing he can do."

    "What about the other prisoners?" The officer on duty asked.

    "If you're wondering how to make them keep their mouths shut, then that's easy. Don't worry, as long as we follow the plan, nothing bad will happen. And even if something did happen, we have support from the people up there." Yang Wei replied.

    Ye Qian heard up to this but then understood everything. They were planning to silence him to keep him from talking, after all, dead men don't tell secrets. But after thinking about it, Ye Qian thought it wasn't likely. Based on Yang Wei's previous expression, even though he played the part really well, it seemed as if he wanted Ye Qian to overhear, otherwise they would have spoken elsewhere, after all, the police station was quite large, there was no need to talk near the entrance of the prison cells. If that were the case, the only explanation was they intentionally wanted him to try to break out of prison, then this would give them the opportunity to shoot. No matter which possibility it was, circumstances were looking grim for him. However, Ye Qian was not a person to yield easily. The reason he willingly entered the police station himself, not divulging the fact that he had Zhao Tian Hao as a witness, was because he wanted that person working behind the scenes to make his next move. Since now they were about to make a move, all he had to do was seize the opportunity, bringing that mastermind out would be a piece of cake.

    Now, whether Yang Wei's words were the truth or lies, Ye Qian felt that he did have to leave anyway. Firstly, he wasn't the type of person to sit around waiting for the enemy, thinking of ways to bring him out; secondly, once he left this place that enemy would certainly continue making his next move, then the chance he was looking for him to have an opportunity would become bigger. But, Ye Qian of course would not give them any reason to touch him, as for his method of leaving the police station, he had long made plans for that.

    Not long after, that officer on duty walked over, hitting the bars of the cell with his baton as he yelled, "Ye Qian, come over here!"

    Ye Qian smiled disdainfully and said, "Are you ordering me? If I go just because you told me to then I would lose a lot of face."

    The officer on duty stared blankly back, this fellow was really reckless, it's no wonder that there were people who wanted him dead. He was putting himself at risk for other people, only for the sake of scraping a living. Anyway if anything were to go wrong, he could still come out blameless. "My chief wants to interrogate you through the night. Come out!" His tone was still hard but much less severe than before.

    Ye Qian laughed in his mind, thinking, this guy's acting isn't half bad. Since he liked to put on an act, then he would match him with the same. Ye Qian smiled faintly, stood up, and walked towards the cell door. "Your chief is certainly very cautious. It's the middle of the night and he wants an interrogation? Such a good police officer of the people." Ye Qian replied sarcastically.

    Once the officer on duty opened the door, Yang We instantly rushed over, quickly pulling out his gun. Ye Qian was unable to think whether or not Yang Wei was really intending to kill him, he quickly dodged, his hand like a blade, it swung down in a chopping motion towards Yang Wei's neck. Yang Wei was immediately knocked out cold, collapsing in a heap. The officer on duty was shocked dumb, he didn't expect Ye Qian's hand to be that quick, he had thought that the moment the gun was pulled out time was already up for him. Then, similarly, Ye Qiang swung his hand at him with the same chopping motion, and he too collapsed to the ground in a heap.

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