Chapter 60: Negotiation

    "Who are you?" Ouyang Cheng knitted his brows. He couldn't figure out Ye Qian and Li Wei's origins. When he saw them drawing the matter out and ignoring him, he couldn't help feeling dread. However, he realized that his current predicament was not by chance and he quickly recovered his usual demeanor, putting on his bureaucratic air.

    "Does deputy secretary Ouyang Cheng really not recognize me?" Ye Qian looked astonished as he asked in a mocking voice.

    Ouyang Cheng was a little surprised by Ye Qian's words, but this man clearly knew who he was yet still dared to burst in at the middle of the night. Putting on his bureaucratic airs would not be enough to deter him. "How could I possible know who you are? What did you come into my house in the middle of the night for?" Ouyang Cheng asked.

    "Deputy Secretary Ouyang Cheng is quite forgetful. Wasn't it you who ordered the police to arrest me? Then you told them to shoot me dead on the screen too." Ye Qian replied indifferently.

    "You... you are Ye Qian?" Ouyang Cheng said in fear. He expected Ye Qian to be finding ways to escape the city after leaving prison, not burst into his room and show himself so openly. This was undoubtedly a provocation. Even though he looked down on Ye Qian, he was no match for Ye Qian in a physical struggle. After a short pause, Ouyang Cheng put on a righteous expression and said, "Correct, the order came from me. The World Expo is imminent and you suddenly murdered a civil servant. This is a direct provocation to the government. I had no choice but to use you as an example for others to preserve the peace in Shanghai."

    Ye Qian did not know whether to laugh or to cry. It seemed that a large dunce cap was on Ouyang Cheng's head. This old fellow refused to give in and still dared to pretend. "You know very well that I did not kill anybody, but I also don't feel like dealing with you." Ye Qian smiled lightly, swinging the videotape in his hands. "I wonder what will happen if I pass this video on to the CCDI?"

    Ouyang Cheng was starting to get alarmed. If Ye Qian were to really do that then not only would he be subjected to a shuanggui (extralegal system with the CCP for detaining and interrogating cadres who fall from grace), he would also lose the Municipal Secretary position. But Ouyang Cheng had been with the bureaucrats for a very long time and had long grown crafty. He naturally could not be easily frightened by Ye Qian's words. After a short pause, Ouyang Cheng replied, "This only concerns my private life. The CCDI would only give me a lifestyle examination. Besides, with my connections, taking those out of the CCDI would be a simple matter. I think that you didn't take such a big risk to come see me just for this. Then tell me, what do you really want?"

    "Kao, you still trying to put on those airs at me now? See if this daddy won't tenderize you to death."Li Wei glared at Ouyang Cheng fiercely as he spoke. It wasn't clear whether Li Wei wasn't very good at Chinese because he had lived overseas, or whether he was just pretending. Everytime he said the word "" (nong = to do, to play,  to manage) he said "" (nen = tender) instead.

    Ouyang Cheng shuddered. He was the deputy municipal secretary, it would be a shame to die by the hands of these nobodies. But he was fairly certain they wouldn't kill him, after all, when he was asleep earlier they had a very good chance to kill him but they didn't, instead they chose to exchange many words with him. Then what they must be after was a negotiation, and Ouyang Cheng did not fear a negotiation. After all he could agree to anything now. Come the morning of the next day the whole police force would be after them and would kill them on the spot. Dead men tell no tales.

    Ye Qian smiled lightly as he gestured for Li Wei to stop. Li Wei was a shady person, killing was nothing to him. It didn't matter that Ouyang Cheng was a deputy municipal secretary, hadn't they killed a presidential candidate before? But in Ye Qian's point of view, even though killing Ouyang Cheng was an easy matter, killing him in this manner would do himself no good. The Wolf Fang was going to establish itself in Shanghai, so he needed an identity he could make public. Ye Qian also knew that no matter in what country, one must make friends with the bureaucrats, even if it were only an alliance for mutual gain. Ye Qian actually had friends in the bureaucracy, Laoda and Laosan. If anything were to happen they would certainly help him; however, their current positions were still too weak so there were some things they couldn't do for him even if they wanted to.

    "It turns out that Deputy Secretary Ouyang is a straightforward person. Then I'll also speak frankly." Ye Qian said. "I only want say a few words to Deputy Secretary Ouyang."

    "What is it?" Ouyang Cheng asked with some surprise.

    "It's simple, I only want to  be friends with Deputy Secretary Ouyang. Don't know if Deputy Secretary Ouyang will agree?" Ye Qian said lightly.

    "Boss..." Li Wei stared in surprise and was about to say more but was stopped by a gesture from Ye qian. He was a little confused. Ye Qian was a vengeful person, why would he let Ouyang Cheng off so easily? But one look at Ye Qian's expression made everything clear. The boss was still the boss, he had not changed.

    "Friends? On what grounds?" Ouyang Cheng smiled disdainfully.

    "On the grounds that your life is currently within my hands." Ye Qian replied indifferently. "Besides, do you think we haven't done anything? We know all about the bribes you accepted and the selling of the government projects. I'm just a nobody, Deputy Secretary Ouyang is a high official, I think there is no reason for us to fight, don't you think?"

    Ouyang Cheng did not doubt Ye Qian's words. The records of his bribes he'd accepted were all hidden here. Ye Qian could really have gotten them. This wasn't the same as having those sex tapes exposed. If the world found out about the bribes then his career would be over. Ouyang Cheng gritted his teeth and and mulled it over. He only had to temporarily agree with this arrangement. After he got the evidence of his bribes back he could deal with them.

    "Alright, I agree." Ouyang Cheng replied.

    Ye Qian smiled lightly. He didn't sincerely want to work with people like Ouyang Cheng. He was only doing this to buy himself some time. In bureaucratic circles, who did not have a few friends and enemies? Ouyang Cheng was naturally not an exception to this. Ye Qian naturally already had something planned. "Deputy Secretary Ouyang really turned out to be a straightforward person. Then I won't say much anymore, having those words from you is enough. We'll take our leave now." Ye Qian stood up and made to leave the room, Li Wei stared blankly then quickly followed but Ye Qian suddenly stopped when he reached the bedroom door. He turned around, with a faint smile, he said,, "Deputy Secretary Ouyang shouldn't send assassins after me. I don't keep those information in my person. If I were to die then those materials would be delivered to the desk of the Discipline Inspection Commission. Oh, also, Deputy Secretary Ouyang is really old but vigorous, skill is really top quality." As he spoke, he waved the videotape in his hands. His meaning was quite evident.

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