Chapter 70: Jewelry Auction (part 1)

    Ye Qian never expected that he'd run into Lin Rou Rou at this place. She was even holding onto a middle-aged man's arm, they looked intimate and were laughing and chatting. Ye Qian's brows knitted. Lin Rou Rou was only a nurse, how could she have the money to go to this place? At this place, even a normal outfit would cost her three months of wages.

    Ye Qian's expression turned ugly. He was a person who drew a clear line between love and hate. Even though he wasn't a particularly good person, if Lin Rou Rou didn't like him, she could just tell it to him straight instead of hiding things from him and doing this sort of thing in public.

    "What's wrong? Is she your friend?" Don't know when Qin Yue finished buying her clothes, but she was now suddenly beside Ye Qian, and glanced at Lin Rou Rou.

    Ye Qian was roused from his reverie by Qin Yue's sudden appearance and nodded, not saying much more. Qin Yue looked at Ye Qian, then looked at Lin Rou Rou, and more or less understood what was going on, but since Ye Qian did not volunteer any information she did not ask.

    After strolling through the mall, it was nearing 5pm. Ye Qian went to the carpark with Qin Yue while carrying various shopping bags, then they entered the car and went on their way to the hotel. Ye Qian did not speak on the way there; Qin Yue saw that Ye Qian's mood wasn't good and also did not speak, and the atmosphere was quite oppressive.

    After stepping out of the bath in the hotel, Ye Qian was starting to feel better. Ye Qian felt that he wasn't aware of the whole situation, so he shouldn't doubt Lin Rou Rou. After all, he knew that Lin Rou Rou wasn't a vain girl, otherwise why would she go out with a plain old security guard?

    Qin Yue also finished changing into her red evening gown. Her whole body exuded a high-class aura, making Ye Qian feel a little infatuated with her. "You look gorgeous tonight!" Ye Qian exclaimed in admiration.

    Women always beautify themselves for their loved ones, even though Qin Yue was confident with her looks, hearing those words from Ye Qian gave her a very pleasant feeling. But perhaps it was her natural disposition talking, Qin Yue only said disdainfully, "So I wasn't gorgeous before?"

    Ye Qian chuckled and replied, "Naw, you're always gorgeous, but tonight you are even more gorgeous."

    Qin Yue smiled in a carefree manner and said, "It's getting late, let's go!" Seeing Ye Qian who had changed into the Gianfranco Ferre suit, his mood a lot better, eyes sparkling like water from a clear mountain spring, the vastness of the heavens seemingly hidden in the depths of his eyes, with his body exuding an aura, made Qin Yue feel dazed. The saying "the buddha needs the golden plate on his body, and men need good clothing", was not wrong after all.

    When they reached the hotel parking lot, Qin Yue threw the car keys over to Ye Qian and said, "You drive!" Ye Qian cheerfully complied, he hadn't driven such a top-notch car in a while, of course he wasn't going to let this opportunity go to waste. He'll drive the car up to 170 miles per hour, then the Lamborghini Bat would be like a bat speeding through the night. The road was full of cars so Ye Qian became disappointed that he couldn't unleash the full speed of the Lamborghini, but the current speed they were on was already making Qin Yue very scared. It was a good thing Ye Qian was very skilled at driving, weaving through the traffic like a black flash of light.

    "To the Hyatt Hotel!" Qin Yue said.

    "Oh? We're not going to Wei Cheng Long's house?" Ye Qian asked in surprise.

    "Tonight at the Hyatt, the royal-darling and world-famous designer Mary's jewelry are being put on display. After the exhibit, the designer Mary will put the jewelry up for auction, all of the proceeds will go to charity. All the gentry of Shanghai will be there for the auction, so Wei Cheng Long moved the ball to that place," Qin Yue replied.

    When Ye Qian heard the name Mary he suddenly had a vacant look on his face which quickly changed into a smile, then he turned the car to the direction of the Hyatt Hotel. Mary's name was famous throughout all of Europe. Nearly all of the jewelry of the royalty in Y Country was personally designed by her. It could be said that Mary was the imperial jewelry designer of the Y Country royal family. But this was all the outsiders knew, for Ye Qian, he was more familiar with Mary.

    Three days had already passed and the Seven Skills still had not succeeded, so Ye Qian believed they had already left China. Besides, there was still Fu Jun Sheng and Zhao Tie Zhu to protect Zhao Tian Hao so Ye Qian was not worried. As for Zhao Ya, there was no harm in having Li Wei continue to protect her a bit longer. So in this way Ye Qian was able to attend the ball with a carefree heart. Besides, Ye Qian also felt that those bunch were all in China by now.

    When they reached the entrance of the Hyatt Hotel, two people instantly arrived to open the car door. Ye Qian casually tossed the car keys over to them, leaving it to them to park the car. The doorman was quite excited. A lot of rich people visited the Hyatt Hotel, but the people who drove Lamborghinis were few. Unexpectedly, he was now getting the chance to personally drive this top-notch car.

    Lots of people were going into the doors of the hotel one after the other. The women were all dressed in evening gowns and the men were likewise all dressed in suits. Ye Qian shook his head resignedly, the gatherings of high-society people were all the same. Back then when he attended the banquet of the royal family in Y Country it was like this as well, only the guests were a lot more imposing.

    After leaving the car, Qin Ye naturally held onto Ye Qian's arm, then they slowly walked towards the hotel hall. The Hyatt Hotel was a subsidiary of the Qing Yun Conglomerate, it was also the finest hotel in all of Shanghai. Calling the interior design luxurious would not be an exaggeration. As they were walking, the people who knew Qin Yue gave her polite greetings, eventually the would turn their eyes to Ye Qian and would look at him with some surprise. It made Ye Qian feel uneasy. Ye Qian thought to himself, they must be thinking that Qin Yue is an ice-queen that wouldn't do such an intimate thing (tn: the arm holding) with a man, that's why they are reacting this way.

    Qin Yue remained her usual cool and elegant self. She merely nodded lightly at those that greeted her, not really expressing very much.

    "Yue Yue, you've finally arrived. I thought you wouldn't come." When they reached the hotel entrance, Wei Cheng Long hurriedly went forward to welcome them.

    A look of disgust appeared on Qin Yue's face as she replied enthusiastically, "Call me by my name next time. Since I agreed to attend the ball, I would not go back on my word. Besides, there is also a jewelry exhibit tonight, even if you didn't invite me, I would still come."

    Wei Cheng Long smiled awkwardly and replied, "All the jewelry up for auction tonight is top-class. If you see something you like later, let me know and I'll buy it for you."

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