Chapter 73: Jewelry Auction (part 4)

    "What?" Ye Qian was shocked and said: "This xiaozi must be bored to death, he had nothing to do so he decided to get into our business, "steal" what jewelry.?"

    Li wei shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently: "I don't know." looking as if he didn't care about the matter at all, from his expression, it looked as if he wouldn't be here with that xiaozi if it weren't for his having to protect Zhao Ya'r.

    There are many people outside that might believe that Wolf Fang was merely an mercenary group, but it actually wasn't that simple. During the time that Ye Qian lead the Wolf Fang, not only did they eliminate the previously so-called king of mercenaires, the "Blood Panther", the Wolf Fang also expanded their power to various business ventures . The reason for doing it was complicated, but the results from these past few years were quite decent, the power of Wolf Fang over the Clear Sky Conglomerate steadily increased, and the business under them were  involved in investment banking, real estate construction, jewelry making, movies and television entertainment and so on.

    In South Africa, Wolf Tooth possessed their own diamond mine, and the famous designer Mary, besides being the Y Country's royal jewelry designer, was also Clear Sky Corporation's director of design. So all the jewelry this auction was in fact all owned by Clear Sky Conglomerate, so  those xiaozi were actually robbing from themselves.

    Ye Qian helplessly shook his head, unable to figure out what those fellows intentions were, if they said that they were doing this to fool the insurance companies he wouldn't believe them,. The Wolf Fang was not so poor that they would resort to relying on the insurance companies to scrape a living. However, since they already made plans, Ye Qian also did not feel like butting in. Ye Qian already handed many matters of Wolf Fang over to Jack. It could be said that Jack was the Wolf Fang's advisor and think tank.

    Suddenly, Ye Qian felt a strong killing intent, he couldn't help but to slightly wrinkle his brows. This feeling is the same as that night when he was eating with Qin Yue, could they be after her again? Li Wei could also sense the murderous aura, both of them looked at each other, then Li Wei turned  and disappeared as he blended into the crowd. They've been working together for such a long time, they didn't need words to find out what the other was thinking.

    Last time he got away because Ye Qian was trying to lure him out. This time was not the same, the Wolf Fang elites were gathered here. If the enemy were to escape, then the reputation of Wolf Fang would be ruined. If that were to happen, the Wolf Fang wouldn't be fit to be called a domineering world-class mercenary group, might as well remove them from the list of world mercenaries groups.

    Even though Li Wei had a tendency to be frivolous and sloppy, when it came to real business he was not negligent. Ye Qian was absolutely convinced that he will not disappoint him. However, he was not aware of the reason who the enemy was, Ye Qian felt that he must go back into the venue with Qin Yue and Zhao Ya before making further plans. Too many people came and went in here so it was unfavorable to guard them here.

    "We are going in." Ye Qian walked towards Qin Yue's side, and said.

    She saw Ye Qian's serious expression, Qin Yue looked as if she could also sense something, after a short pause, she said: "The auction is about to begin anyway, let's go. Ya'r, come with us."

    Zhao Ya slightly pouted: "But.....Ke'r is still over there."

    "Ke'r is here too? Tell her to come with us" Qin Yue stared blankly for a moment then said these words with a very grave expression. Apparently she could tell something unusual was going on from Ye Qian's expression.

    Zhao Ya actually regarded Qin Yue with some awe, which was why she came to this auction with Hu Ke without letting Qin Yue know. When she ran into Qin Yue, she couldn't act freely like her usual self and felt quite restrained. But now Qin Yue had given an order and she didn't dare refuse. She took out her phone and texted Hu Ke, then she gestured towards a person in the distance.

    Not long after, a lady around twenty years old came out, leisurely walking over. She had a baby face and a shallow dimple, wore a spotlessly white gown and looked like a lovely little angel.

    The saying birds of the same feather flock together was true after all. All of Qin Yue's female acquaintances were gorgeous girls. With fixed eyes, Ye Qian stared at the girl they called Hu Ke, without blinking his eyes. At that moment, he was like a slow witted person, staring blankly at them. If one were to say that Qin Yue's beauty was the kind that was cold and suffocating, and Zhao Ya's beauty was charming and unruly, then Hu Ke's beauty was like a spring wind, fresh and pure.

    Qin Yue glared at Ye Qian, and she wrapped her arm around Ye Qian's waist and wrenched a piece of his waist flesh. Ye Qian felt a burst of pain that almost made him jump, Qin Yue turned her head and faced him feigning innocence. Ye Qian didn't know how Qin Yue could be so precise, she pinched the same spot each time. If he kept up his acquaintance with her for a long time sooner or later the cells on his waist would all die.

    "Don't get any ideas about Ke'r" Qin Yue whispered.

    Ye Qian didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, he looked at Qin Yue with a face full of innocence, as if he was saying, "I wasn't getting any ideas, you're wrongfully accusing me."  These were actually Ye Qian's true feelings, towards Hu Ke. Ye Qian really didn't feel even just a little bit of romantic attraction, rather he could only feel an intense desire to protect her.

    Qin Yue stared at Ye Qian afterwards and said nothing.

    "Big Sister Yue!" Zhao Ya sweetly called. She couldn't help but to look at Ye Qian's direction, obviously surprised to see Qin Yue together with this strange man. Zhao Ya moves to Hu Ke's side and whispered something. Occasionally they would look at Ye Qian's direction, obviously saying malicious things about Ye Qian.

    Apparently Hu Ke didn't seem to have the same opinion with Zhao Ya, she walked toward Ye Qian, slightly smile and said: "I am Hu Ke, it is nice to meet you." then extends her hand for a handshake.

    Ye Qian did not want to miss this opportunity, hurriedly he held Hu Ke's hand for a handshake and said: "I am Ye Qian, at your service." he said while slightly caressing his thumb at the back of Hu Ke's hand. With a clear thought, Ye Qian only realized why people from ancient times liked to use soft grass to describe a woman's hand, Hu Ke's hand was so soft and tender, as if there were no bones, the 10 perfectly manicured fingers. This person had the classical, womanly aura.

    Qin Yue and Zhao Ya could see Ye Qian's little gesture,  but Qin Yue only glared at Ye Qian and remained silent. Zhao Ya own reaction was certainly different, she grabbed Hu Ke's hand, stared at Ye Qian and said: "Pervert! What do you think you're doing?"

    "I am not doing anything, I'm only being polite by giving little sister Ke'r a handshake." Ye Qian replied calmly. He did not feel at all guilty over that small touch. Ye Qian was not the average shameless guy, the appellation he used to refer to Hu Ke already became very intimate.

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