Chapter 75: Jewelry Auction (part 6)

    The old man's face paled when he heard Ye Qian's words, he stared dumbly, words unable to come out of his mouth. He did not expect Ye Qian to keep fooling around for this long. It must be that he had been waiting for him here on purpose. He hurriedly bid Ye Qian farewell and turned his head away, not daring to continue speaking to Ye Qian. Who knew what nonsense would come out of his mouth next?

    The young woman's face had become very unsightly, and the old man was currently in deep waters. He was certain that he did not know Ye Qian and he hadn't been to Beijing. Also, he did not participate on any birthday banquet of Vice-Chairman Cen, perhaps she will not believe it. In great panic, the old man instantly went to the young woman's side and whispered an apology, he explained continuously that he didn't have AIDS, and that he also did not look for a prostitute and or have any publicized stories. However, the young woman wouldn't let it go and continued to make a fuss, and the old man felt that his head was about to explode. In the end, he had to promise to buy her even more jewelry just to calm her down.

    As the auction started, the current mood appears very lively, those rich businessman, officials and aristocrats, for the purpose of amusing their women and keeping up their own appearances, eagerly participated in the bidding. Qin Yue, Hu Ke and Zhao Ya don't seem to have interest with those jewelries, and they watched silently as the other people bid, and they don't show even a bit interest.

    "The final item, Star of Love diamond necklace. Let's start the bidding at 5 hundred thousand, every time I shout there is a bid of a hundred thousand. Let's start!" the host enthusiastically rise and said.

    "Six hundred thousand, okay, number three bids six hundred thousand." following the host "initial bid", right after someone bid, the host instantly said. Ye Qian could help but look, only to find out that it was Wei Chen Long. Apparently he really intend take this Star of Love as a gift for Qin Yue.

    "Seven hundred thousand, ok, fifth bid for seven hundred thousand, will there be no one higher?" the host continued and said.

    "One million!" Wei Chen Long loudly said.

    "Ok, number three bids a million, a million, do we have another." the host said.

    "One million five hundred thousand!" a young man raised his hand and card in a loud voice and said.

    Wei Chen Long glared the young man for a moment, and said: "Two million!"

    "Two million, third bid two million, is there anyone who wants to change it?" the host excitedly said.

    The love for a star jewelry's value might be high, but it wouldn't normally reach two million. Some people were already withdraw their bids, although they knew that everyone still had several hundred thousands, buying a single jewelry for two million is somewhat extravagant. Even for the purpose of asking a woman for marriage purchasing something about ten thousand worth was enough.

    "Two million five hundred thousand!" a young man bid and raise his card again. Wei Chen Long was provoked and shot a glance at him, he obviously does not mind him.

    "Three million!" Wei Chen Long clenched his teeth and glared at the young man, he said while gnashing. Convincing himself that three million was just a small amount. However, this was a city in China, yet someone dared and challenge him, and he obviously wouldn't allow it. Money was nothing compared to his reputation.

    The young man wanted to raise his card, but somebody happened to do it before him, he heard him whisper from a table. The young man rose and glance at Wei Chen Long's direction, slowly raises his card and continue.

    "Three million, three million, third bid three million, anymore bids to change it?" the host looks at the crowd once in awhile and said, "Ok, three million once, three million twice."

    "Three million one hundred thousand, ' Ye Qian raised his sign at once and said.

    Qin Yue was shocked, she pulled Ye Qian's arm and said: "What do you think you're doing? You will be held liable with the price that you will bid in this auction, in that case do you have that much money?"

    Zhao Ya detested Ye Qian, she rolled her eyes and said: "Trying to be impressive, don't tell me that if it's time to pay that amount you will just tell them that you are with us, we know that you are a small time rogue and a swindler."

    Hu Ke was slightly surprised, however, she did not join and react. She just smiled and glanced at Ye Qian's direction.

    Ye Qian slightly laughed and said: "Calm down, I can manage to have that necklace, you are so anxious."

    Wei Chen Long glance all over the place, looking for the person who bid, but couldn't help but stare again at the direction of the young man who previously bid, who clearly offered a good bid a while ago. The young man seemed to be making fun of him, feigning innocence.

    "Four million!" Wei Chen Long exasperatedly bid. He couldn't help but act violently, however, for the purpose of proposing to Qin Yue, he didn't mind it at all.

    "Four million One hundred thousand." Wei Chen Long believed his success that time, yet Ye Qian once again stand and voice out his bid.

    Wei Chen Long already found out who he was competing with, he managed to find Ye Qian looking slightly distracted. A small time security guard, how much does he earn per month? He dared challenge him publicly? Anyway Ye Qian was with Qin Yue that time, Wei Chen Long then realized, he thought to himself that it was Qin Yue who intended to buy. It was just Ye Qian who was the one voicing out the bid and nothing more. With this, he was even more happy; it was obvious that Qin Yue would really like this necklace in the case he gave this to her. He was then even more unswerving to give it to Qin Yue. "Ten million!" Wei Chen Long excitedly shout. Everybody couldn't help but be surprised, and they found Wei Chen Long stupid, thinking, is this young man is crazy? Purchasing a necklace for ten million. Is it worth it?

    Calling it over, Wei Chen Long was pleased as he faced Ye Qian. As though the necklace were already his. "Ten million one thousand!" Ye Qian slowly said. Qin Yue was totally shocked, she really did not expect Ye Qian to spend that much for a necklace, but where will he get that much money?  Qin Yue was slightly affected, in her mind she was already calculating what to do if incase Ye Qian took that necklace. He will probably lose a fortune just to settle that. But this was good, they would just deduct this on Ye Qian's wages after, making Ye Qian work hard for his entire lifetime.

    Qin Yue didn't see any hesitation on Ye Qian. Ye Qian just opened his mouth to shout his bid, and Wei Chen Long couldn't help but be distracted. At that moment, he can no longer believe him, Wei Chen Long was slightly silent for a moment, but once again gave a bid. "Fifteen million!"

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