Chapter 90: Hunter

    Li Hao was silent for a moment, and said, "I still need you to tell me where you are, I'll come and pick you up."

    "No need, it's enough if I go by myself, tell me the address." Ye Qian said.

    "Then that's good, today at ten in the morning, meeting place is at Jin Bi Bui Zhang, private room number 2." Li Hao said. "Remember, you absolutely cannot be late!"

    "Rest assured, I will be on time." After saying that, Ye Qian hung up the phone. Thinking for a while, Ye Qian fished out his cellphone and dialed a number on it, and said: "Li Wei, prepare a gift for me, it has to be expensive, but not so flamboyant. As for choosing what kind of gift, I leave it to your discretion."

    "Who will you give it to?" Li Wei asked.

    "Municipal Committee's Deputy Secretary, Wang Ping!" Ye Qian replied.

    "No problem, when do you need it?" Li Wei asked.

    "Before nine, bring it over to the Hyatt Hotel, and wait for me by the doorway." Ye Qian said.

    "OK, I'll go prepare the gift immediately." After Li Wei finished saying that, he hurriedly hung up the phone. It should be expensive, but not so flamboyant, it was a bit troublesome for Li Wei. Li Wei was most afraid of giving gifts, moreover if it was giving them to Officers, there are a lot of ways and methods involved, and inconveniences, not only has it have to fit their tastes, but it also has to be in accordance with their statuses.

    "You're already awake?" The moment Ye Qian had stood up and was about to return to the bedroom, he saw Lin Rou Rou standing by the bedroom's door, face wearing a foolish  smile, a sweet and happy smile.

    Ye Qian walked over, embracing her, softly giving her a kiss on her mouth, and said, "Are you hungry? I'll call one of the service people to bring up breakfast."

    Lightly shaking her head, Lin Rou Rou said: "I'm not hungry, are you hungry? If you want to go to my house, I'll cook for you."

    "I'm afraid I don't want any now, I have an appointment with Deputy Secretary Wang. How about tonight, tonight I'll go to your house, my mouth is very picky ah, you may have to mentally prepare yourself." Ye Qian said.

    "If you have something to do then handle that first, I'll be waiting for you at my house tonight." Lin Rou Rou said with consideration.

    Ye Qian laughed mischievously and said, "We still have time now, so let's be intimate for a while." After saying that, Ye Qian faced Lin Rou Rou and pounced. "Ah..." Lin Rou Rou shouted loudly, jumping and running away, the two of them were wrestling inside the room, whatever pillows and blankets were all thrown to the floor by Lin Rou Rou. Both of them were playing the entire time.

    Lin Rou Rou had never been this happy before, as she was last night and today, the girl's mischievousness and naivety was undoubtedly revealed. Finally, Lin Rou Rou still had difficulty escaping Ye Qian's evil clutches, she was embraced by Ye Qian, the both of them rolled onto the bed. Heads touching, the two of them quietly lay down like this, gasping for breath.

    "Ye Qian, throughout my life, I've never been as happy as I was these past two days, thank you," Lin Rou Rou said leaning over, and looking at Ye Qian.

    Ye Qian turned his head towards her, lightly laughing, and said: "Foolish girl, not only today, there's also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and all of the other days after that, I would let you be as happy as you are today.

    "En, I believe you!" Lin Rou Rou laughed happily, burying her face in Ye Qian's chest.

    When it was close to nine o'clock, it was only then that the two put on their clothes properly and left the hotel. From the room to the elevator, and when they reached the hotel's lounge, Lin Rou Rou had continuously appeared like a gentle and considerate young married woman, closely snuggled up to Ye Qian's body, with a  happy smile continuously plastered on her face, occasionally telling Ye Qian a bunch of witty and charming words, laughing at Ye Qian's tickling.

    Ye Qian really liked the way she was like right now, free from any worries, and having the mischievousness, cuteness, naivety and guiltlessness of an ordinary girl. Exiting the hotel's doorway, Ye Qian swept his eyes over the entire area, finding Li Wei over there holding in his hand a roll of paper that seemed to be a drawing of something, crouched in a very vulgar position, occasionally glancing at the young girls who passed by on the side with a pair of lecherous eyes, whistling from time to time, completely appearing to be gangster.

    "You know him?" Lin Rou Rou curiously asked.

    Nodding his head, Ye Qian said: "He and I are the same, we're both brothers of the Wolf Fang." Then shaking his head helplessly, Ye Qian pulled Lin Rou Rou's hand and walked over, kicking Li Wei with one leg, and said: "Have you brought the things?"

    Li Wei laughed mischievously, handing over the roll of paper in his hand that seemed to be a drawing of something, and said: "An authentic work of Tang Bo Hu, I asked around, Wang Ping is a painting and calligraphy enthusiast, so he would definitely like this one." He then turned his gaze to Lin Rou Rou, smiling vaguely and said: "Da Sao, our Leader must have performed very clumsily last night, right? I told him way back that I would let him practice ahead of time, but he didn't listen, ah, he definitely must have lost face last night."

    Where had Lin Rou Rou ever tried to be teased by a person like this, a blush immediately spread across her face, she wished she could find a hole and jump right into it.

    "Beat it, stop disgracing yourself here." Ye Qian said, one foot facing Li Wei, kicking him.

    Lin Wei hurriedly escaped and ran out in an instant, after evading Ye Qian's "attack", he turned around and laughed mischievously and said, "Leader is Leader, after one night his temper is still so much, looking at it now, Da Sao wasn't diligent enough last night." After saying that, he ran away smugly, he wouldn't stupidly wait for Ye Qian to come over and kick him several times.

    Looking at Li Wei's disappearing figure, Lin Rou Rou couldn't help but burst out laughing, "He's very cute."

    Ye Qian couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably, him, cute? Should Lin Rou Rou see how he is when he kills someone, she would definitely be unable to think this way anymore. "Don't look at this youngster's sloppy appearance, but when he has to do work, he is very diligent. Moreover, I completely couldn't learn his skill, his disposition is that of a hunter." Ye Qian said.

    When she heard Ye Qian say hunter, she didn't understand, a hunter should have the same keen sense of smell of a dog, the same craftiness of a fox, the same viciousness of a wolf, one would also need the skill of being good at trailing their prey, so Li Wei's disposition had these kind of skills. As long as it was him attentively watching the enemy, it would mean that almost not one of them would be able to escape from his clutches.

    He raised his hand and hailed a taxi. "I'll bring you over to the hospital first." Ye Qian said.

    "No need, I'll go back by myself, you have something you need to handle first, you don't need to mind me." Lin Rou Rou said with consideration.

    "No problem, anyway there's still time now. Let's go!" Ye Qian pulled Lin Rou Rou and got into a taxi, after telling the driver the address, the driver started the car and drove towards Ren Min Hospital.

    After he had brought Lin Rou Rou to the hospital, it was already close to nine-thirty, Ye Qian didn't dare to delay himself any further, and called out to the driver to take him to Jin Bi Hui Zhang. This was the first official meeting, after all, Ye Qian didn't want to seem to lack too much manners, Ye Qian had also thought that in the end, he'll still have to associate with Wang Ping a lot in the future, and it's always better to have one more ally than one more enemy, moreover an ally that is part of the Bureaucracy, in the future doing a bunch of things would end up being very convenient. No matter what country, the development of an organization enterprise cannot be separated from the Government's support. China is no exception. If Wolf Fang would want to expand in SH City in the future, it would certainly depend greatly on Wang Ping's region, even though Wolf Fang only appeared to be a kind of company that ensured public safety on the outside, however, Ye Qian's goal remained the same.


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